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Tidal Wave


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^^ I'm sure the gas pipe was removed when Stealth was put in. So no more fire.Anybody remember this lovely effect??Posted ImageWhen was the last time that sign lived?Is there a reason why its off?

Open day 2004. Hasn't been on since. I feel so sad, I miss the days when it was just a number LED board.oh dear ;)
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Perhaps this is an issue for Guest Services! Let's inform them of this.Has the A in Wave never worked?

Does anyone remember when the oil tanker thing used to catch fire when the wave came?? Why doesn't that happen anymore? Also why does the wave NOT hit the SPLASHZONE?? ;)

Whiteknuckle correctly answered you question, but also to add, the wave does hit the Splash Zone, I've seen it hit right on target. This is on a day with no wind.
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Rumours are floating about that the Original Source sponsorship will soon be removed from the ride. Does anyone know if this is definately happening?As for the shower gel, well Tidal Rave may have inspired me to buy it, but if the sponsorship does end, I'll still keep using it - it's good stuff!

To be honest, I never really liked the Original Souce sponsership. I thought the sponsership logos and objects added around the ride detracted from its original themeing, and made the ride and area seem less like a new england fishing village. I think the ride was far better when it didn't have any sponserships, and just the theming alone.
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When I last went to Thorpe Park (May 10th) the section after the lift and the chute didn't have the water running which made it look really ugly.Does anyone know why?

If you're talking about the U-bend at the top, then that part of the ride doesn't require water to operate.
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