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You will all be pleased to know that it will come in 3 stages today :P .... I wonder if I should even bother posting it. Not sure. Posted Image- ELECTRIC ELLE - 6PM Action video + POV video - 8PM *Hopefully* Download - Not that anyone is bothered on here.EDIT For 6PM.Posted ImageRide Info:G-Force: Tested in the 4 corners of the train. Max Vertical G's: -0.5G's to +5.2G's.Lateral G's: 0G-roll hits a yellow for 10 milliseconds only in some seats.Other:- Tunnel tested.- E-Stop Safe.- Through-put is 1536pph.- Pre 2000 style trackwork. So I attempted whippy trackwork.- A few jerks, but nothing I can fix.- No track tools.- Track Packager needed to run the file.( www.coastersims.com/nltools.asp )- Downloadable around 8PM, because I need to get it on my dads server to host it.Now its time to turn your volumes up!! :P- ELECTRIC ELLE - Action Video -

Posted Image
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I agree, its a really bad name, but you weren't wrong about the pre-2000 layout, its traditional old-fashioned B&M: the sharp, compact layout in which the biggest elements aren't done first with just a pethetic bit of track at the end. The elements stay balanced throughout the ride, with decent track section between the inversions. Well Done Leigh :P

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Coar. I'd love to ride Elle.:PBut in all seriousness, besides the slightly poop name and infuriating countdown thing, you actually did a pretty good job there! All I've watched is the action video thingy, but it does look like a pretty darn good project you've put together, well done. :PNext time though, if I were you, just upload the videos, the track etc. and show people, you don't want the endless 'advertising' to mar the actual ride you've created, which it has in this case (see Chaz above for evidence!). I mean, if you'd just wacked the links on here and been like 'Hey guys, this is a thing I made with No Limits, what do you think?' everyone would have just been like yeah nice one that's really good, there wouldn't have been any of the negativity surrounding it.Anyway, that's next time, all in all job well done, nice one. :P

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You guys just remind me of what a harsh world we live in. I'm nasty at times but I've definitly been relegated to Bronze position there. :P As for "Elle" I'll start with the cons first.1. The pre-lift section, a nice try at an Inferno type start. That works because it goes into a tunnel, yours doesn't and just seems to meander for a bit.2. The first drop and the track directly afterwards is again, a bit dull and as it takes a while to get to the first inversion it doesn't seem very "B&M" to me.3. Directly after the Vertical loop, theres a section of track where the train comes to a bit of a dead spot.. goes very slowly (kind of like Inferno actually)The Positives1. I like the inversion order. I also like how you haven't gone overboard with the inversions either and haven't used the same combination as other Inverters. An immelman turn (I believe) also works well after the inline.2. Nice colour scheme3. Nice surprise lay-out. Theres several moments where the ride goes where you don't expect it, such as the surprise wing-over.Nice attempt. RCT is more my field but thats a good effort. :P

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