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Thorpe Park 2024 Map

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Wasn’t sure whether to start a 2024 topic or one just for the map. In any case…. The 2024 map has been released. 

2 main observations from me. 

One - seems strange to build the UK’s tallest coaster but opt for your map to be a 2D top-down view meaning you don’t see the height of the new ride.


Two - they’ve very clearly put defined areas back on the map again here, but haven’t put area names on. This seems really weird?! Either commit to the themed areas or don’t have any at all. I think it makes the layout confusing as to the average guest there’s no rhyme or reason why certain rides and shops are grouped together.


In any case, Samurai and Saw now constitute one area, hence the black repaint it’s getting. The teacups are considered part of Big Easy Boulevard. 



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12 minutes ago, MattyMoo said:

My biggest gripe is they haven't pointlessly renamed Vibes bar again, what on earth are they thinking?


Interesting that Detty says about a "finale" - some sort of fireworks related effect perhaps or reading too much into it?


Haha of all the years the re-brand Vibes again, you'd think this would be the one! 😅


Yeah presumably something fireworks related being added to Detonator - when you think about it, it's a firework in reverse as the ride's shooting downwards - maybe it'll be a firework test going wrong?!

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I kind of like the fact the they have separated the park into areas again. Like Thorpe have said many times, the areas are not going to go by their names again, but acknowledging that different parts of the park have different vibes to them and showing that with colour coding on the map is a good choice in my opinion.  

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I don't know, it just comes across as an internal battle between some people wanting themed areas and others not. So the compromise was not giving the areas names but just grouping the rides into colours, which is totally meaningless to guests. 🤷‍♂️ Like, it means nothing that they've lumped the playground in with the dome shops. And they're lumping Walking Dead with Ghost Train but have made sure the new Fish & Chip stand is listed as Amity, even though it's between Walking Dead and Ghost Train, so what's the point? I think either go hard on the themed areas or not at all. Maybe that's just me!


Ultimately it doesn't really matter of course, just a curious decision.

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I like the map, but I certainly see the criticism of how it makes everything flat and nothing stands out.


It's a bit of flip from a few years ago when they coasters looked (exaggeratedly) huge, and everything else looked completely pointless.


It's a very functional map and pleasing on the eye though. As I say, I like it. Though yes, it would be nice to see it evolve in the future to develop a more 3D-feel to it. Something towards a Phantasialand-style map would be awesome:


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It's certainly a choice to have your big new rides main point being the height then choosing a flat 2D style map.


Probably designed just to throw on the app first. Not like Thorpe really needs a map given the size.

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19 hours ago, ML27 said:

And the announced their new themed land as Big Easy Boulevard?! Like use land names across the park, not as and when it suits 


I was just about to point this out - the park have said they're no longer doing themed lands... yet in the same breath announced angry birds land is changing to big easy boulevard?! breaking away from themed lands is pointless in my opinion anyway, especially if you're going to continue grouping rides together that used to be in said themed lands! why does big easy boulevard get the privillege of being the only official themed land?!

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