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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Finally got up to Blackpool yesterday and I will do a blog thingy when I've recovered from getting my brain rattled around on Infusion but I have to say.....Valhalla - bloody brilliant.  Ok I've not b

Blue Fire is the only Mack launch to get positive reviews? Lol Helix exists...   As always, not about the speed, but what they do with it...

As some of you will know. Kingy and I went to Blackpool to celebrate the Big Dippers 90th Birthday party. The following are some piccies that I took/. Sorry some of them are a bit blurred. They gave u

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Seat belts on most coasters exist usually either to reassure guests, or to help with evacuations (it allows staff to control the flow of people who get off the ride, especially if the system opens multiple restraints). 


Parks rarely add these things on later for the fun of it, so I wonder if it's something their own H&S team have decided to do to assist with evacuations, or if it's a feedback thing from guests? I'd guess (and hope for) it to be the former.


Hopefully it doesn't affect throughputs too much.

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5 hours ago, MarkC said:

I’ve heard that they’re going to be in terror tomb when it reopens at chessington this year! 

@MarkC I cannot wait to see what the collaboration between Chessington and Blackpool Pleasure Beach looks like when it it opens. Bradley Beaver may be the jewel theif. This will truly be a world’s first for Merlin as I have neaver known another Theme Park to have theming in a ride!! Roll on the 2021 season 

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach's new soundtrack is now available on iTunes and has also been uploaded to YouTube;


Full version;



Pop version;



I absolutely adore these soundtracks, it feels like they have had real care and attention put into them with so many PB sounds and quotes from the Thompsons integrated and the singer's vocals are stunning.  In particular the full version - just incredible.

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