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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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1 hour ago, Coaster said:

It'll be fairly busy as they have a 10pm close on, a few tips;


Although the park will be busy, if you arrive early enough the first few hours will be quieter due to most people still queueing at the ticket centre to get in.  Bear in mind you'll have to arrive much earlier than 10am to take advantage of this rather than being stuck in the ludicrous queue that builds later on.


If you manage to be in the park by just after 10, I would recommend getting some of the lower capacity rides (which will have crazy queues later on) done in the first 90 minutes.


We usually start our day in the following order;


- Ice Blast (if there's already a queue we skip it)

- Alice Ride (as above)

- Nickelodeon Streak

- Avatar Airbender

- Avalanche (opens at 10:30, we aim to get there 10 minutes before.  This ride gets a ludicrous queue later on due to running less trains than it used to and Speedy Pass slowing ths operations down massively).

- Revolution

- Steeplechase

- Skyforce (if walk on, otherwise skip)

- Icon

- The Big One (If both trains are open we'll do this before Icon, but it seems to take longer to open with both trains full these days than it used to)


So many people wait for Icon to open first thing but (despite looking long) its queue is usually one of the shortest by 11/12 ish because most other rides at PB have low capacity whereas Icon shifts the queue well.  It also crawls round first thing in the morning.


Big Dipper is a queue shifter, you'll probably have to queue longer for Grand National/Valhalla/Infusion but at least it's a longer day.


Another thing to mention is that although the park is open until 10, lots of rides (such as PMBO and Icon) close their queues at 9 due to the fireworks.  Also don't trust the 9pm sign as I've seen them close the PMBO queue at half past 7 on one of these events before.


Hope this is somewhat helpful!

Very helpful thank you! I'll be visiting alone tomorrow, so good to know where to head first!

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