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Traditions At Thorpe Park

Ashley W

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Well I always arrive bright an early usually around 8:30 just so I'm at the front of the queuethen once we're in I run straight to saw maybe get 2 goes then we go to Colossus then to nemesis then XNWO then rush then back to Colossus or saw then maybe around that time its lunch well for me thats around 11:00 so theres no queues I usually go burger king for lunch but I seem to have been going to KFC lately but anyway after that we just go on rides that have the lowest queue time usually slammer or rush but thats when we kinda split up and the thrill seekers go stealth the others go Nemesis again or detonator then at some-point during the day theres always about 3 goes on loggers leap hardley ever go on tidal wave so yh thats my day ;) always go on saw at the end of the day just as the queues about to close ;)

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Get a lift from Staiiiiines with Marc. Go wherever first. Take random/funny photos (and have the same done to me). Lean forward on Rush when staff check the bars so they don't crush ma hips :) And get decent airtime!Wave to people on Loggers/say hello to it when on Samurai. Wave/say hello to people on Slammer, Detty, Rush, the lift hill and final turn on Colossus :PEat at Burger King (Chicken Royale with cheese). Hang around while Marc chats to Boyd :rolleyes:Wait in Marc's car at the end of the day and wait for Boyd. Nag Marc to get me to the station on time :P

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Always get there for opening timeGo on Stealth first, then Nemesis Inferno, then anything after thatAlways go on Rush, Nemesis Inferno and Stealth more than anything elseTry and get on every ride except Zodiac or Mr Monkey's Banana rideAlways eat at Burger king, sometimes KFCHave hands up all the way on Slammer, and legs out and hands up on Rush :P Wave to people whilst on ridesALWAYS go on Tidal Wave, no matter what the weather is like :P Give thumbs up to ride hosts when on front seatsGo on depth charge just before leavingOnly go on Colossus once or twice in a day. :) There's probably more, but I'll stop there :P

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