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Flamingo Land

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If this really has cost Flamingoland £20 million then they have well and truely had their pants pulled down. Good to see this park get a new coaster but £20 million for a clone of Colossus is them being taken to the cleaners given you could get a Mack multi launch, a GCI woody or an RMC for that figure. Whoever sold this to Flamingoland is laughing all the way to the bank.


Still, this from the same park that thought Hero would be a good idea!!.... 

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The £18 million is going on theming to fully enclose the ride so it feels like you are actually at THORPE PARK whilst at Flamingo Land. Evidently, it isn't cheap to recreate the back of XNWO's building and fill a pit with concrete, whilst also creating a lake with a SBNO old boat-come-scare maze.

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