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Say Something About The Person Above You

Garry Williams

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Thinks I am not good with computers for some reason.


May I ask, why do you think that?

Well it was mostly a joke. I think questions like "How exactly do I extract the zip file?, "How do I link the site?" or "I know how to take the screenshots, but how do I put them in the post?" might have been mostly responsible for this  :lol: 

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Has the last post on pretty much every topic like this one which is annoying as he is bored and wants to revive one of these topics because he is bored and he doesnt want to be bored anymore so wants to play a forum game in order not to be bored because he is bored he also seems to have shed all use of punctuation which is weird as he used to be considered as a grammar freak on this website but he doesnt use punctuation anymore because he is bored when if he was at Alton Towers or Chessington he wouldn't be bored but hes not so hes bored.

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