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Heide Park


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Ok so did Heide Park last week, on my phone so I'll keep it short.

Entrance area is really nice, as are the Pirate and Transylvania areas. The rest of the park looks like a slightly nicer Thorpe Park, full of Merlin touches.

Desert Race is really fun, miles better than Rita in terms of smoothness and actual airtime. Also the guy on the unload station was cute. Flug was decent but SO bumpy and all pace was lost after the Immelmann loop. Good music though. Limit and Big Loop were dire but I wasn't expecting much.

Krake was really fun. Drop is great and the layout flows well. The music is also good! Colossos had an AMAZING first drop and the airtime is great but the areas with positive Gs are quite rough which hurt your back if your weren't prepared. Water rides were meh, flat rides were also meh and the Top Spin was just so uncomfortable it was funny.

Overall the park is decent but nothing to write home about in my opinion! Worth visiting once though for Krake and Colossos :)

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I strangley found Colossos very bareable and the music is great! I overall really like the park and I agree Flug isn't the best I still find Swarm better! Krake is a good ride. I quite liked Big Loop maybe because it had Corkscrews old trains from Alton Towers which made it special for me! The top spin is actually run pretty well and I like the Huss section of the park! Desert Race is great also, I am not a fan of SLC's and this one is no exception, painful throughout! Scream is probably the best drop tower I've ever been on, it really is an incredible ride with an incredible soundtrack!


Overall though I really adore the park!

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At least Merlin are utilising a current brand with their Dreamworks deal! Taking it the third film isn't coming out until 2018 now and how well received both films are it is definitely a living IP. Shame it is only a smaller investment and primarily a kids area. I'd love a park to build the Isle of Berk with a rollercoaster swooping around, a dark ride about the battle between Toothless and the Alpha maybe. Feel like if it was done properly that would be sublime but only Universal or Disney would probably have the budget to go all out on that level. I can dream.

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