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Yes it is almost 3am but this just needed to be said.

Having got the blu-ray today, I just finished watching The Lion King for the first time in... way too long. And wow. Seriously. Just wow. It felt like I was watching it again for the very first time... and wow. I can't even comprehend it's genius. The story, the characters, the emotion, the music, the landscapes, the humour... it's just pure cinematic joy and perfection from start to end. Nothing comes close to it. Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing NOTHING.

Anyway, Disney-gasm part two tomorrow hopefully!

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Ok, so in the end, I managed to get around to watching Frozen!

I'm really not sure how I feel about Disney betraying me like they did

That Hans bloke...I wanted to hit him!

...But it was amazing!!!

A very simple plot, but executed to perfection, with some really laugh out loud moments! Sven and Olaf make a perfect comedy duo and have to be the best two characters in the entire film!

Also...a very strange thing for me to say, but how did Disney make two leading characters (Anna & Elsa) so...attractive?! :blink: Absolutely beautiful animation, and the soundtrack is just :wub:

Frozen = 10/10 for me.

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I have recently watched two Movies in the last week these being:

All the boys love Mandy lane very predictable but has very unique uses of the Camera and the angles used. 5.5/10

The second one I watched was Orphan it has a very creepy tone some brilliant acting for all the characters especially the child actors it has a rather unique twist some really well done scenes that build up and do not disappoint any way it's a must watch for all fans of Horror and thrillers 8/10

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