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RIP to that absolutely incredible launch!!


Even though Red Forces launch couldnt knock the skin off a rice pudding (meaning weak), I would personally still rather see that launch implemented to Dragster as opposed to ripping out a coaster that is visually iconic not only for Cedar Point but the coaster community as a whole.


This could also be good for the rides reliability as its a monsterous understatement to say Dragsters hydraulic launch is far from reliable.

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Rumours are confirmed to be a LSM launch with a 420ft spike being added. The ride will launch forward, roll back and launched up the spike before being launched forward again up and over the top hat. The ride will have new trains, worryingly only 3 trains of 20 riders. I sure hope the trains aren't like icebreakers at SeaWorld as they were some of the most uncomfortable trains ive ever been on. 

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The park have finally announced Top Thrill 2 themselves! I think many of us can agree it’s a crap name, but moving on from that, it looks pretty exciting! Just relieved to see the coaster that has been shut for the last 2 years coming back strong! Hopefully the spike makes up for (or acts as a good compromise for) the reduced launch power?


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On 8/1/2023 at 12:31 PM, Matt 236 said:

The name is one launch forwards, two launches back.


Things aside, I’m looking forward to what they do to this reimagined ride. 


I'm sure the park are too.

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