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London Meetup - Saturday 5th January 2013


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Where: London Waterloo - Under the clock:

Date:Saturday 5th January 2013

Time: 10:00am

Following the poll, Saturday 5th January 2013 was the favoured date so we will arrange the meet on this day :)

The plan will be to meet at London Waterloo at around 10:00am on the lower level of the station under the clock where we usually meet, from there we can catch the tube to do Tussauds and the Dungeon's, which I expect will be many peoples last chance before they move in March!

From there we can head back towards Waterloo, do the eye and those who want to we can also head over to Winter Wonderland. Of course meals will fit in in-between the activities!

Please drop me a PM to confirm your attendance! :)

Attending (10 + 1):








Pluk (+1)



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What an awesome day it's been, it was nice to meet people as well as do all the attractions as well as Winter Wonderland in the evening, and we all stayed as a group! Woo! :P Thanks to everyone who attended and thank you Peaj for organising / running the meet so well. :) I look forward to more TPM meets this year!

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Yes, many thanks to Peaj for keeping the rabble together. Apologies for general rubbishment on my part for arriving last (no AP £), leaving first (branch line last train at 10 to 10 silliness) and being with a rather unsociable friend. But great to meet a some of you again and a some of you for the first time, hopefully I'll be a bit more with it next time!

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Oh ****sake. I completely forgot about this. How about reminders on the days up to it? Could've totally come as well!

PMs were sent to all who were attending a couple of weeks ago - There has also been contact with those who have had questions - so there has been reminders. Plus there has been an announcement on the site about the 5th on practically everywhere you go on the site at the top of the forums. So there has been plenty of notice and reminders. I'm sure you are old enough to take responsibility for your own planning and actions ^_^


Thank you everyone for such an awesome day. It just seemed to flow and it was nice and relaxed and basically an all well round bunch of people. It was good to see the familiar faces once more but also great to see the couple of new faces also. To be honest I'm totally knackered now and the photos that were took will probably not be on till Monday, so will write about the day more in detail then. However thank you once more and chin chin for everyone keeping together today!

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Today was an absolutely fantastic day and possibly the best London meet ever :) Massive well done and thank you to the lovely Peaj for helping keep everyone together (and in fact, to everyone else for sticking together!) and for taking loads of photos :D Can't wait to see them!

I will do a proper trip report tomorrow (hopefully!) as I am exhausted after a long day. You know that thing where you close your eyes and feel like you're on a ride/moving? Yeah, I feel like I'm back in the Alpine Hotel fun house on that rolling floor thing as soon as I close my eyes :lol:

But for now, thanks to everyone for a great meet, was nice to see both old and new faces and I can't wait for the next meet now! ^_^

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PMs were sent to all who were attending a couple of weeks ago

Two weeks ago is too long - the announcements are so, so easy to ignore because they're blue on blue. Just do not stand out at all.

I genuinely had every intention to going, I knew it was January but didn't realise it was the first weekend otherwise I would've come!

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I can see your point, however I don' t see why you couldn't have set yourself a reminder? It has been in my calendar ever since I knew I could come so that way I didn't make other plans. This is lazieness on your part I'm afraid, there have been more reminders than previous years and I think the PM was the best form of reminder possible.

Edit: The posts about there not being enough publicity for the meet have been moved to the dedicated topic here as suggested by Mer.

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Right, time for my trip report!

Got up later than planned due to going to bed late, so I missed the train I planned to get but luckily didn't miss the next one (which I thought I would)! Got to Waterloo just before 10 and met Peaj, Mark9 and Luke, then Tommy, Daniel and Dan. No sign of Marc...derp.

We decided to make our way to the Eye and SeaLife first as we were already at Waterloo and wanted to save The Dungeons until last. Not really much to say on these really, had a nice chat on the Eye though! And something random about cheesecakes and muffins with spinach in :P SeaLife wasn't too bad, one of those attractions you can only do once in a while. The layout is different and seemed more interesting than the last time I went and the penguins are cool!

Walked over to Westminster tube station which was nice as it was midday and we went past Big Ben chiming, it was like it was New Years Eve all over again! Oh and gotta love Peaj banging his head on the ceiling of the train when we arrived at Baker Street! :lol:

Next up...Madame Tussauds! Love this place! Spirit of London gaaah! Some random photos from the ride:

Plague scene:


CREEPY FIREMAN! Not so creepy when his mouth is covered up though...


Samuel Pepys (random)




I know the flash ruins the pic, but Luke is there!


Moar peeps in the final scene


Peaj enjoying himself on the taxi ride!


Luke's onride photo was brilliant - he was on his phone, should have taken a sneaky photo of it!

After this we went to eat at Nandos, which was nomaliscious! Really quick service too! Was absolutely stuffed afterwards! After mentioning it before in chat, Peaj taught me a few steps of the jive, but I ended up feeling a bit silly, being in a restuarant an' all :P

Now it was time for the Dungeons! :D Really enjoyed it a little more than usual, probably because it's the last time I'll go there at London Bridge. Gah I even love the name "Tooley Street"! I won't go through it all in detail as most of you here will know all the scenes and it was the same as usual, I just personally enjoyed it more.

However it was a shame the light and smoke effects in the Great Fire of London scene didn't work (the video cracks me up though - "FIIIIREEE!") and the Freeze Fog scene was just...what. Where was the fog?! LOL it was lights out, random inflatable things appearing around us and some audio about a lost boy. The actor beforehand was funny though, deliberately talking in a voice where we couldn't understand what he was saying, like mumbling etc, can't really explain it hmm. Oh and Vengeance...ugh. So glad it's not going to the new Dungeons, the queueing experience is just horrific and too hot and arrgh!

On a lighter note, Extremis was a great bundle of fun as always, really do love the whole experience :D I always get nervous before it, as nervous as I do before Detty, because the drop always gets me :blush: I really hope it remains as decent at the new location!

Scariest part of the Dungeons was this:



Met Jaymie outside the Dungeons then it was then time for Winter Wonderland, where we to be joined by Pluk, his "unsociable friend" and Holly, woo!

Had loads of fun here, love the atmosphere and everything. We did Wild Maus, Air and Alpine Hotel.

Wild Maus - well, it really was wild! Not as intense as Blackpool's wooden one but deffo the best steel one I've done. The queueline is like a mini fun house, loved it! The ride was as I said, pretty insane, I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole ride, so much speed, great drops and tight corners! Glad I tried it out!

After this we did Air. Now, I'd already done Bling once at Blackpool and found it really dull, lacking in speed and intensity. But after hearing positive things about Air, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did! It was FAR better than Bling, pretty intense and again, I couldn't stop laughing! So much fun! Attempted to jive again whilst queueing (as you do) but I went all shy again :blush: Oops!

We then had a sit down and some drinks in the awesome Carousel Bar and sat in the waltzer seats, yay! Good laugh in here, they played great 90s music too! Had a laugh when Luke was randomly joined by a group of girls in his waltzer seat, and when this little baby came up to him!



Finally we did Alpine Hotel. I've done this once before with my step brother and thought it was great, but as I was with friends and wasn't having to look after a child, I appreciated it much more this time around! Loads of laughs in there, like abusing people with that punch bag thing after the bit where you walk through the ropes (best description I could give!). The scenes after the fun house part are random and the puppet in the pub scene is rather creepy! Big lips :lol: Well themed throughout though and so good how long it lasts!

We then said goodbye to Pluk and his friend and went off to search for a pub, woo! Dropped Luke off at Marble Arch, then said goodbye to Dan and eventually found a Wetherspoons that had an empty table! Not really much else to discuss on this, was a nice way to chill at the end of a long day though.

So yeah, after that we gave the goodbye hugs (woo!) and trotted off home!

A few final words:

Firstly, it was really lovely to see everyone and again and to meet new people :)

Secondly, I'm not sure why but I feel like I should say this; I really do love spending time with you people on here :wub: And also really hate having to say goodbye and go home :'(

And finally but most importantly; thank you again to Peaj for a fantastic meet and thank you to everyone for sticking together, and to everyone for all the laughs in general :)


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I didn't know there was a ride n Madame Tussaud's?!

Also I love the Waltzer seats in the carousel bar :P they are so cool and so low down aswell'

P.s the irrengarten mirror maze is better than the Alpen hotel! Both are great but irrengarten is like Alpen hotel and then with a massive mirror maze at the end! We were stuck in there for ages :P there is also a bit where you have to climb through ropes and this moving escalator which makes you like fall off :P

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Hello all, here is my picture story of what happened on the lovely day in London - It was a briliant day and here it is in pictures :D

Part 1 of 5

At the beginning of the day, the group has these wonderful glasses on ready for the London Eye Experience (Talk about first impressions)


As the experience with the seagulls has finished Mark9 looks like he has some serious doubts coming onto the London eye! :unsure:


Dan9 thought it would be a good idea to scare Turtle. :o


Because of this Mer thought she would plot her own evil masterplan... :ph34r:


And some lovely chatting followed ^_^


After the chat Luke_A became thoughtful and reflected on what was said :P


Here is a random view from the top of the eye :wacko:


After the eye we thought let's go Sealife. Naturally Tommy sprawled himself over the floor to look like he was floating :blink:


Here is a Jellyfish :glare:


And to finish Part 1 I thought I'd pop into a photo with everyone with some fishes in the background ;)


Part 2 will most likely be up on my lunchbreak tomorrow :closedeyes: (Plus have not got the foggiest atm how to make the pic's nice and big like Mer's so until I do you'll have to put up with the smallies for the time being)

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Woo love it ^_^

In terms of my photos, I uploaded them to Facebook then linked them into my post. Are you adding them straight into the post via the forum thingy? That's probably why they've gone small ;) Even though it takes a little longer, uploading them to Facebook (or Photobucket or something if you didn't want to clog up Facebook with all the pics you took :P ) will mean they are "nice and big" ;)

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Hey all because of the great help received to me in getting the pictures up properly, I thought tonight I'd give you Part 2 of 5 of the London trip (and basically so I can catch up and be on track once more) You may remember we left the story with a few of us smiling in front of fishes - well the story continues....

Into the depths of SeaLife, Tommy (a bit nervous on the wheel) and Mark9 (with glee) found a motorcycle to help us through our journey :mellow:


After the motorcycle lift we found a Blue light which hypnotized everyone with its spinning spiralling coins... :wacko:


But not Luke_A...He escape the evil claws of the blue light and laughed at us in a trance ^_^


Good thing though Luke_A was on the board so we could warn us about the CROCODILE!!!! :excl:


However we escaped with our life as it was no match when faced with the Wall Of Ice. :P


Penguin! :ph34r:


After SeaLife we decided it was time to go to Madame Tussauds - however on the way to the tube New Years Eve happened all over again... :blush:


On the tube Mark9 has some crazy urges for the Spirit of London which leaves Mer scared :blink:


However no need to fear - Mark9 is only a Light Flyweight (however the scales were broken that day so who knows) :huh:


To finish Part 2, I thought it was fitting to show how much love Mer & Luke_A have for Boris Johnson! :wub:


Hope you enjoyed Part 2 & Part 3 will be released tomorrow to find out the next chapter of what happened on the TPM London Meet :D

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