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  1. If I recall they already state that RAP does not mean instant access anyway. But restricting it to wheelchair users only like you suggested is a fair more discriminatory system that the current one. Especially when there are immediate steps the parks can take to attempt to resolve some of the issues.
  2. That's not very fair on those who are disabled but don't necessarily require a wheelchair. You cannot force all disabled guests under one thing because it's essentially discrimination and removing independence (a very important factor for many who suffer from disabilities). In the same vein that's why I'm unsure if a Blue Badge requirement at minimum would be problematic in that not everyone who qualifies for RAP can qualify for a Blue Badge or PIP. Disability stuff is hellish to get through these days. As I say it appears to not be under anywhere near the level of abus
  3. Like when Legoland changed theirs. I think with Covid rules coming in a few of the exit access RAP have been changed to the Fastrack queue. That certainly would lead to some of the issues seen here (or for example, Thirteen at Towers, and Duel had zero disabled access last year).
  4. Should also say that Covid systems haven't helped either as a lot of RAP queues now share Fastrack ones. Fine when it's not being run of course but then....... Also when are Thorpe going to fix the Saw and Inferno lifts?
  5. It's a various combination of things. Easiest step is to bring the staff up to scratch on it. Start writing down times properly (they rarely do at Towers), and ensure the rules are being followed (saw mention of people not having the wristband holder with them? Like no guys you can go away). I remember explaining to guests clearly the rules (GS didn't tend to) and most were fairly happy, even if they arrived early and they had to wait. In terms of limitations it's variable. Whilst the 3 carer rule is fairly useful for groups (we use this to fair affect for example), Bl
  6. Looks like another great addition to the park, and very good to see that they're moving forward with next year's addition as well. Hopefully the next step is the Cobra and Edge area getting some themey goodness.
  7. Find it amusing that people will pay through the nose for a map that if you were sensible could find a PDF of online and print it off yourself. Or pay £10 for 2003 Thorpe Park.
  8. Probably won't mention the other one until May when the new area opens. I'm not too enamoured by this marketing. Though probably more because I'm not 80s obsessed.
  9. Blackpool is always a weird one. When it's on form it's a really nice park, but when it's bad it's really bad (much like Thorpe can be). I'd certainly agree it's the currently most well rounded of the UK parks. But a distinct lack of direction and removing fan favourites has been problematic. Icon was also just average as an addition. In terms of depressing seaside towns, Hemsby wins that argument.
  10. An indoor Vekoma suitable for families? What a preposterous idea, would never work.
  11. I think what doesn't help Thorpe is the way the entrance plaza has often evolved into a mess of temporary fences and queues. The plaza itself needs fixing more than the entrance itself (beyond a clean and repaint). It's not really the worst in terms of building and gates, just standard compared to other similar sized regional parks.
  12. I vaguely remember seeing it run from top of Loggers Leap (because it'd been broke all morning) and running over. I miss having an exciting new ride to look forward to.
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