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  1. Taiga looks unfortunately like a poor man's Helix based on the POV...
  2. I assume going for a family friendly approach will involve getting rid of Walking Dead cred then? Constant reactive decisions aren't helping, and as soon as changes are made and aren't successful in a season (because a massive change like target audience takes time) they'll revert back...
  3. Adverse Camber sounds like a good name for a rock band.
  4. Metal detectors? Bit of an over reaction to loose items on rides there...
  5. Hate the location of it, the whole entrance of park to Cliffhanger is just so bad... Hopefully they'll run it ok, but as it's Mingo I doubt it... The park could be decent if operations improved even to just a standard...
  6. It will be the best roller coaster at the park... #damningwithfaintpraise
  7. Hansa is fab, really do need to get back there soon... Glad that they're still updating the old areas, wonder what's next on their list?
  8. Not sure if serious... (No idea who the other person is)
  9. Benin

    Top 10's

    Why? This isn't TST...
  10. None of these are unpopular...
  11. Child seemingly thrown off the Twister coaster today, from the pic I've seen it could well be midway through the circuit which either leads to restraint failure or height issues... Not good news for anyone...
  12. Fansites get free trip to Thorpe with nibbles and are positive about new addition they've been invited to review... [/Shocked.gif]
  13. Get your own choice of meme! It actually does look like something off a fun fair... I'm sure I've driven past this one many a time...
  14. Looks very RMC... Still dunno if that's good though...
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