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  1. As great as it is looking, they really need to speed up the process it is taking to build this. It has been a construction site for four years now and there is definitely some work they still need to do before the hopeful 2020 opening.
  2. There were definitely much worser I.Ps they could’ve chosen, which is why I am quite happy about this. And as an added bonus it’s a British I.P and isn’t actually a dark modern horror theme for once.
  3. Actually looks a decent coaster layout and hopefully with the concept art, we could actually have one that looks pretty too. Everything they have added since Hyperion just looks so much better and permanent.
  4. The colour looks great because not many UK parks use yellow track on rollercoasters anymore.
  5. Finally went to Fright Nights this year, so I’ll drop a few thoughts. Creek Freak: Great lighting and theming Decent length maze, just about right Queue ok but seeing abandoned Loggers is sad surprise finally 8/10 Living Nightmare: Lacking actors and scares Nothing new or interesting Anticlimactic finale (lack of finale) Set pieces still great 5/10 Platform 15: Noticeably different beginning and finale Feels atmospheric Some interesting effects around and leading upto the abandoned CCR train Tunnel felt noticeably longer this time felt a more rounded experience 7/10 Amity High was a short but sweet dance show where actors dressed in American high school outfits danced to numerous cheesy/spooky songs. It wasn’t anything spectacular but still made a nice change and difference from just having mazes. Didn't have time for Do or Die or Blair Witch, so if I return I will give them a try. Event seemed noticeably better this year, especially compared to 2018’s disaster, but there is still much room for improvement. Could see a few more roaming actors perhaps and some better lighting around the park would go a long way. There needs to be more zoned audio in the park too as it seemed to be lacking for this year’s event. It was a shame to see Saw Alive abandoned, even if it was not the best maze.
  6. Thanks for another great meet up guys, especially Matt Wise for organising this.
  7. My Thorpe Park wouldn’t exist because I would be sacked as divisional director before I even got it off the ground.
  8. Two major coasters by next year? Well that is impressive. Magic Mountain might no longer hold the most coasters in the future for all we know.
  9. Wicker Matt

    The Blade

    I can’t remember Toadstool or Buccaneer becoming scare mazes of late, but I suppose there is still time.
  10. Wicker Matt

    The Blade

    Going on their track record of Loggers, NST, Bucaneer, Toadstool, IAC and the like. I have total reassurance it will be dealt with effectively.
  11. Wicker Matt

    The Blade

    Towers desperately needs new support attractions. If you discard the Coasters and Beeb Land, your really just left with Hex, Duel, a now bland Rapids and ageing Enterprise.
  12. I really hope this doesn’t happen because this would be a disaster for Cedar Fair parks and a large chunk of the American park industry. Ive seen and heard so many negative things about Six Flags parks, whether that be operations, maintenance, park reliability and the like. Cedar Fair have their imperfections but I definitely think they are the better operator. Their parks look cleaner and better maintained although some of their rides and bag policies are questionable.
  13. If no one is visiting the park, then that would explain why they have such low numbers then. I’ll get my coat.
  14. I reckon Belgium will be the place with the most development in Europe in the next decade, like the Netherlands have been this decade and Germany somewhat around the last. All three countries are actually progressing with their parks. Walibi and Plopsaland are really pushing the boat out and there’s no denying Bobblejaan and Bellewaerde are also seeing more development too,
  15. Wicker Matt


    As much as getting a plus one might be, some of us may have more important plans anyway. Like going to Poland or seeing Tornado Springs. The Park needed another (small) coaster anyway.
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