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  1. The tracker probably didn't get you on the headset. Next time this happens just tell one of the hosts and they can do something to re-track it! It happens a lot, normally when other guests create an obstacle sometimes. I've been under the train numerous times... very interesting to watch 😂
  2. Website is up to date for 2017 and also mentions scare zones -
  3. Rumours, word of mouth, knowing the 'right people' etc. Nothing has been officially confirmed aside from the return of Platform, Big Top, and Saw!
  4. I wouldn't expect to see anything of a large scale announced until late July/August as BaronC said. Especially in regards to any potential IP's
  5. Yes it's new for this year!
  6. I believe that they're now keeping the DBGT queueline open until 7pm because of all of this...
  7. I can confirm they weren't telling the truth
  8. Where did you get £40k from? Because it's not £40k
  9. angery react
  10. They only use the 1 infected as normal in scene 2 for the moment but would like to do the 3 infected tunnel sequence!
  11. I had the pleasure of riding this last Monday and loved it the first time around, but the second time around it was even better. The upgrades to the audio quality both in the actor scenes and on headsets really helps the immersive experience and the 2nd VR and scene 4 really have changed this ride. I was thoroughly disappointed when I rode it last year, I was really rooting for it but left feeling underwhelmed and a bit mugged off. But this time, everything seems to just... work? On Friday reliability was fab, including walk on at the end of the day! It's still not one of my favourite theme park experiences I've been on but it's definitely something I'll happily queue for again. Regarding shut down now, I'd leave and come back at end of the day, hopefully the issue will be sorted by then
  12. Press event is well underway with celebs such as Nicholas Hoult, Jake Bugg, Alesha Dixon and Sophie Ellis-Bextor at the event! Creams have also supplied an extra spooky freakshake especially for DBGT:ROTD. Reviews in so far saying that it's packing much more of a punch than last year with lots of scares and that the 2nd VR section is fab! I'm sure many more reviews will come out tomorrow...
  13. yeah I've got a platform 15 fright nights cast of 2016 hoodie xoxo