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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    You can't see anything down monks walk but things have been done to Platform. A handful of things are changing up, just need to be patient and wait for official announcements!
  2. Fright Nights 2017

    New poster featuring the artwork that's used on the website is now up by the bridge, something about a 'a global phenomenon invades' is written on it too!
  3. 2017 Season General Discussion

    It's schools week so it's expected to be extremely busy!
  4. Fright Nights 2017

    PR invite only I'm afraid!
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    Blair isn't coming back, only Lionsgate IP they have confirmed is Saw as it was separate to the others
  6. Fright Nights 2017

    Smell pots are always in there 24/7
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    I joked about that with people last year, I do believe it's never been a serious consideration. Platform is returning as a maze, not a scare zone
  8. It's just a bit of fun... on Friday afternoon they'll be taking place of the infected too!
  9. The tracker probably didn't get you on the headset. Next time this happens just tell one of the hosts and they can do something to re-track it! It happens a lot, normally when other guests create an obstacle sometimes. I've been under the train numerous times... very interesting to watch 😂
  10. Fright Nights 2017

    Website is up to date for 2017 and also mentions scare zones - https://www.thorpepark.com/events/fright-nights
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Rumours, word of mouth, knowing the 'right people' etc. Nothing has been officially confirmed aside from the return of Platform, Big Top, and Saw!
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    I wouldn't expect to see anything of a large scale announced until late July/August as BaronC said. Especially in regards to any potential IP's