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  1. Looks cool. I do think Alton is the better deal this year (especially when it comes to prices). I hope Thorpe let some of these actors have some humour this year, it would be nice to have laughs in the scare zones. I always found Thorpe to lack the humour that Tulleys or even Scarefest has/had. Even the roamers are always so try-hard.
  2. The 25 quid I pay to get in better go towards the RMC Hybrid the park is building I STG.
  3. I got about 5 rides in this season on Samurai, and yeah agreed, it is running brilliant. It seems to be consistently on a decent cycle, it also seems to be dead at certain times of the day as well so you can grab plenty of rides in. I'm glad its still going strong
  4. I know times are rough, though I do find this a bit of dramatic move. Sure the park passes had slight pricing issues, and sure pre-booking was a pain in the bum due to how limited they were, but completely ceasing their current offering honestly is a bit of a knee jerk reaction IMO. IMO they should of bumped up prices on the standard passes by a bit, they are currently stupidly priced. And then perhaps allowed a few more slots for MAP on quieter days, especially when the park was unlikely to reach capacity and it when it wouldn't really affect their profits. Honestly I see thi
  5. Could be completely random, though I do believe Merlin should work with RMC soon. They are basically the future of roller coasters, and they do not have a bad coaster to their name. I'm sure if the park got any type of RMC it would easily be #1 in the park. But lets be real, we ain't getting a coaster here for a while. I can still dream about Alton though lol.
  6. I miss Wild Mouse lol. Lowkey the best coaster in the UK when it was open. I remember Revolution being great though, even if it was brutal, the airtime made the ride great. I think BPB have a decent lineup of coasters, I haven't ridden ICON yet though. But certainly nothing on Alton. Avalanche and the Woodies slap though, Avalanche makes other Bobsled coasters look really boring in comparison. I need to get back there. Agreed on Big One though, its a kiddie coaster after the drop. You could probably check tinder and update your Facebook status while on it, its that boring.
  7. I think they have been over-hyped a little, but I do think next year will see the model gain some steam. 2018 was the testing of waters, It might help we're actually getting confirmed raptors next year. Jersey Devil, Silverwood's, Kentucky Kingdom's, and the one that was due to open this year in South Dakota (probably will open next year). From what RMC have said in interviews, I believe they are just testing the limits of the Raptor first. Look at Jersey Devil. They wanna test all the options, and sell a few to smaller parks as their price point is a steal (Silverwood, Kentucky K
  8. Double Post: Silverwood (a small park in Idaho) are getting a RMC Raptor, a clone of Railblazer and WonderWoman. The ride has a neat theme, and has a pleasing red and white colour scheme. Certainly going to be give the park a elite coaster, a great compliment to their two woodies, their classic arrow, and their Vekoma Giant Boomerang. Certainly a park to visit now, as their lineup is pretty unique. I honestly pinned Silverwood as a good candidate for the next RMC, considering RMC have actually constructed most of Silverwood's coasters and re-done the track for Tremors. It really wa
  9. I have a lot of family in Austria, and I agree to an extent. Though honestly Bavarian Germany and most parts of Austria have interlinked culture anyway. My uncle makes Lederhosen for example, and Oktoberfest and Beer Tents are huge where my family live and the accents aren't too drastically different either. It sounding Austrian is not bad at all IMO. Very minimal difference, most people really won't care. I agree with this. Yodelling isn't really something that I would consider big in Germany or Austria, I'm not sure what was going through their mind. Not bad, just stra
  10. Its a bit hit/miss, the queues are about a hour during mid-day, though later on the day the queue times can be a bit bloated/exaggerated. Yesterday Stealth said 45 minutes when it was about 10 minutes. And it still said 45 when it was walk on for a fair while. Swarm is similar, it said 70 minutes when it was 20. Honestly I recommend not 100% trusting the reported queue times, especially in the afternoon. Though in the morning you may have to queue for a while for the major rides, especially Saw, which seems to be closed more than its open.. So anyway I went on Wednesday/Thursday, s
  11. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Taron (new) 3. Maverick (-1) 4. Shambhala (-1) 5. Wodan (-1) 6. The Smiler (-1) 7. Top Thrill Dragster (-1) 8 Goliath (Great America) -1 9. Black Mamba (new) 10. Wickerman 11. Nemesis 12. Blue Fire 13. Millennium Force 14. Magnum XL 15. Silver Star Post Phantasia rankings.
  12. Sounds like an average evening in Staines to me.
  13. Yeah I'm similar with capacity. As marmite as Euro-Mir is, I bet it has a better throughput than Winjas's put together. Yeah not gonna lie, even though Bench is kinda bad, I still find it charming in a weird way. Definitely agreed with some areas being better than others, China and Crazy Bats could be bulldozed and I don't think anyone would shed a tear lol. Coasterwise I guess Phantasialand has the edge on quality. Though honestly my main reason for liking Europa more is the atmosphere, theming, and operations. Also a huge dark ride fan. I think it really depends on how much y
  14. I actually quite like the lineup considering covid. The pricing however, yikes. I get the park is limited capacity, and they wanna make money. But juicing annual passholders like lemons feels a little wrong.. Charging to get in and then for the mazes as well.. Passholders already had it kinda rough having to book weeks in advance to even get in. This feels like the nail in the coffin, if you weren't already pi**ed off that you could barely ever get the date you wanted during the summer, now for FN you have to pay more than ever to get in which doesn't even include the mazes. As said the worst
  15. Thanks for the info. Yeah it certainly is unusual, the Berlin area definitely is the most entrance like. And yeah either of those would be good tbf. The China area is meh, and Crazy Bats is just hilariously bad. I guess we're just getting FLY though. Who needs the gym when you have Maus lol?
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