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  1. Yeah I remember across the exit they had a decent amount of teasers for new "journeys", its a shame they didn't really deliver on that.. I'm glad its gone, VR I think just doesn't work at theme parks though Galactica wasn't quite as bad as DBGT though.. Hopefully the VR mess at Thorpe is next.. I was two years off but close enough 😉
  2. So Fjord is getting some TLC after the fire, looks fab. Fjord was brilliant in itself, they could of just rebuilt the damage and it would of been great, but somehow they managed to make it look even better. *Found this on our enthusiast god TPW's FB*
  3. Happening: Chessington Thorpe Legoland Europa Maybe: SF Great 'murica Cedar Point Probably a longshot: BPB Alton Paultons
  4. Its not exactly a unique attraction though, isn't it? London, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Warwick, the dungeons as a whole are pretty repetitive and the fact that we're getting this when the park has no supporting lineup just shows how driven Merlin are to make a quick buck. Furthermore, there is not much this can do to not be a awful cash grab that just highlights the lack of supporting rides at the park. When you have the other bigger dungeons that have similar content whats the point in having a smaller one at a park that is desperate need of flat rides (besides money)..
  5. So I visited yesterday and overall operations were kinda meh. Ride ops on Scorpion and Dragons were pretty slow with Scorpion dispatching every 3 hours. The winds didn't help either, a lot of the coasters were down (all 4 were at one point) so that didn't help the queues. Not bad though for the first day,, Vampire was running surprisingly good today, the staff really seemed eager to load the trains which meant the stacking wasn't as bad as usual. Room On The Broom was closed for technical issues everytime I went over there so didn't get to experience it sadly.
  6. I think its all about just going out and doing it. Its really good fun being with a bunch of fellow enthusiasts (they sure as hell isn't a shortage to talk about) and just not overthinking it. You'll meet some awesome people, they don't bite. Just don't turn up like 30 minutes late like I did 😂
  7. Nice to see Seaworld working with RMC. Knowing RMC we will probably have a smaller one pop up at a Six Flags Park next year alongside Zadra and this. I think this could be Steel Vengeance tier with a good layout, I really need to get my lazy a** down to Florida.
  8. Eh, I wouldn't say its original. I just find it funny how we got the whole fire and wood thing going on again. I guess props to Heide for actually refurbing and reopening the ride, I just don't think we needed any extra bells and whistles, the ride is probably the best coaster there so it reopening really is enough. Also give it a few years and that fire effect will be running every blue moon 😉
  9. Looks great, very original theme.
  10. I struggle with long queues but Europa is actually pretty manageable. I wager Silver Star has a similar throughput to Inferno and Swarm combined.. The queues can get long but they usually move much faster and some have great theming too (Wodan is the only ride where I want to queue!) I honestly don't know why someone would buy AUFT, I find Thorpe boring after half a day, going everyone weekend would bore me to death. I guess each to their own, but at least at Europa its hard to get bored as there is a stupid amount of stuff to do and some areas are so lush you can sit down on a bench and feel utterly immersed.
  11. JoshuaA

    Logger's Leap

    I think in its current state it would of been a lost cause trying to bring it back anyway, I think in its current state its just better to bulldoze it and start from scratch. The park letting it get to that state in the first place though is wrong and the ride certainly was a true classic that Merlin decided to write off as it probably needed a bit more upkeep than Rumba or Storm Trash. Loggers was easily one of the best log flumes in the UK and in no world was it "losing its magic", I think what Thorpe really mean is "we were losing money".. Unlike Rattlesnake I don't think Loggers in its current state was in anyway salvageable, its so derelict honestly I would agree with Thorpe just bulldozing it for something new. I think the sad thing we probably won't see a replacement for a long time because Thorpe don't seem so sure on what they want to do with the Loggers space. At least with Wickerman we knew from 2016 that Flume was being removed for a new roller coaster, it was also heavily rumored beforehand too so we knew that space was gonna become SW8. With Loggers we just got 3 years of vague statements..
  12. TBH X:No Way Out post the change in market was pretty dead anyway, I remember it always being dead and people weren't really fans of it. The theme idea was cool but there was barely any themeing, just black walls and the occasional very random object that I would barely class as "theming". The ride itself was uncomfortable with a bunch of backward jolts and the darkness just made it kinda boring, every memory I have of the ride is just chavs behind me saying "this is boring". I don't think X:NWO will ever come back to frank, when it left nobody seemed to really care because the ride was very just beyond its sell by date. When Nemesis, Colossus, and Stealth were added I think X just kinda lost its relevance, I don't think changing it back would be something Merlin or Thorpe would even consider.
  13. Okay Icon is their new ride but there is 9 other coasters at the park and a good supporting lineup, there is other things to do at the park. If Icon was shut I would just lap Big Dipper and Revolution. Sure Icon probably is the best ride there but technical issues happen. Technical issues on rides happens at every park. Well, bar Europa.
  14. 1. Mack: I adore Blue Fire and can't wait to ride the even more amazing looking recent projects from Mack. Overall I think the restraints on their bigger coasters are very comfortable but allow for a lot of freedom for airtime and inversions (that heartline roll on BF 😍) 2. RMC: Only ridden New Texas Giant but overall I remember it being a glossy smooth ride full of airtime and fun banking. New Texas Giant was the first RMC and probably the least innovative out of all the RMC's, I can't imagine what the other ones are like! New Texas Giant was pretty flawless in itself, Steel Vengeance must be insane! I think RMC will be dominating the industry for years to come, they currently seem to be the hottest manufacturer in the US right now so once they start building more over here and in Asia I think they will be perhaps even better than Mack. RMC is the future. In ten years time I wouldn't be surprised if every park had to have a RMC in their lineup. 3. B&M: Solid and stable, though anything that isn't a Giga or Shambhala I think are just kinda eh at this point in the industry. I think they need to really introduce a new model soon or something new, I think after RMC got big innovation has became the key, B&M besides their Gigas haven't really done anything different to their designs or approach in the past five years. 4. GCI: I have only rode Wodan but if the other GCI's are anything like Wodan then wow. I absolutely love Wodan's fast pace and how it never seems to lose speed, Troy looks even more epic, can't wait to ride more of these. 5. Intamin: I haven't really rode many good intamins. Furius Baco is probably the best Intamin I have rode if I'm being honest.. I have put them on the list as they do innovate quite a lot, but recently that innovation has really just became becoming a counterfeit RMC..
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