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  1. Maybe we'll see a clone at Thorpe for next year? Would easily be the best thing the park has gotten since The Swarm.
  2. I think a giga is plausible considering Firehawk recently went and Cedar Fair seem to not announce things until last minute (remember Steel Vengeance not being announced even though track was completely visible?)
  3. Remember when Thorpe used to be like the second best theme park in the UK? Well, past tense is fun..
  4. I think Vampire for now is safe, I don't see the park removing it for another 5 years or so and even then I don't think its too much of a maintenance nightmare (especially now with the vekoma trains.) I think the next ride to face the Black Buccaneer fate is gonna be Rameses; Its rarely open, not very popular and overall I'm kinda shocked they haven't sent it to the scrapyard yet.. I think Samurai will soon face that same fate.. Merlin really don't like flat rides..
  5. **Sorry for hyping up halloween in may** It seems like Tulleys have something exciting up their sleeve for this year.. I am very excited to see what this new attraction will be! I'm not gonna rule out a scare zone or another show but if this is the ninth maze then that is beyond exciting!
  6. Flat rides have seemingly been neglected by Merlin recently, quantum is just the tip of the iceberg.. Merlin don't seem bothered to add them either.. Flat rides give such good support so I really don't understand why Merlin aren't investing in any for their parks at the moment.. Its really a shame Quantum is taking so long to open, though I guess it doesn't seem hopeless like Black Buccaneer or Enterprise (rip).. I really think Merlin need to get their sh** together with their flat rides. Maintain your current ones properly and add in new flats, flat rides can draw in guests and aren't expensive to build.. Its that simple..
  7. I think some of the Six Flags ones look kinda bad like TC or Joker but I think besides those examples they look pretty fine. Wildfire and Goliath actually look better aesthetically than some B&M's IMO, Goliath's stall under its lift hill looks amazing. Remember too these things ride really well and are fairly cheap (Wildfire was no more than 9 Million)..
  8. You have to admit it was pretty funny seeing someone strut their VIP pass on a lanyard while acting like they're some sort of celebrity around the park, I think with that its sad to see the loss of free comedy that we all received from this incredibly idiotic product.
  9. In a ideal world next year the park would invest in a identical replacement and maybe spruce up the area while they are at it. I think that is wishful though, lets hope.. I wouldn't be upset if they re-did Tomb Blaster next year instead as that ride is currently a pile of garbage.
  10. JoshuaA


    Yeah I think if Valhalla is still in the mess it was last year then Hex easily is the best dark ride in the UK. I think Alton struck gold with Hex, using the parks history and location to build tension for a Vekoma Madhouse just works so well. The ride to this day still makes me shiver due to its eerie atmosphere (especially in the pre-shows) Alton is by far my favorite Merlin Park at the moment, I feel like Alton is very clearly the crown jewel in Merlin's UK lineup. But to be fair when its competition is.. Its not saying much (bar the dungeons, stuff them)
  11. They really pushed the boat out for this, like Europa style refurbishment. I bet it looks even prettier in person.
  12. If your idea happened it would be pretty random and probably would leave most guests with a "what the fu** is that theme about?" reaction. I would like a American Horror Story themed RMC with 8 zero g stalls, doesn't mean its ever going to happen.. What is the ideal ride for one isn't something that is going to appeal to the masses or/and not realistic.
  13. If Varney hates Chessington then he must seriously loathe Thorpe..
  14. I guess in many ways having a IP makes sense in the current UK market, look at Peppa Pig World, Cbeebies Land or even Thomas World. I think their best bet would try to use IP's from ITV that would appeal to the younger market because that seems to be where the money is. If this project ever comes to fruition I think it would be a hugely positive addition to the current UK industry. It would hopefully push Merlin to actually give a shi* about their investments (especially in Thorpe which wouldn't be too far from this park)..
  15. JoshuaA

    Top 10's

    Top ten before Cedar Point and Six Flags Great America (not gonna include rides from my trip to Over Texas as that was 2012 and my memory is sh**) 1. Shambhala: Awful park, great ride. Consistently my favourite. 2. Wodan: I love GCI, can't wait to get back on this thing soon. Not sure if I prefer Blue Fire though. 3. Nemesis: This thing was hauling ass the other day. 4. Blue Fire: IT IS A MACK. 5. Wickerman: Wodan but a bit smaller. Still amazing though. 6. The Smiler: Little rough but very fun and unique Gerst. 7. Red Force: Sexy ass launch 8. Silver Star: Fun in the back on the final bunny hills. Gives some floater air but depends on the day 9. Dragons Khan: Painful but intense and it looks sexy. 10. Inferno: My current favourite at Thorpe. Especially good towards the end of the day in the back row.
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