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Which past Thorpe ride do you miss the most

Exodus Matt

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Wicked Witches Haunt, annoyingly I never got to ride it but from what ive heard and from pictures it looked really good. Also Thorpe really needs a decent dark ride/ghost train type of ride maybe a scarier version of Over the Hill at Adventure Island at Southend. I'd love to see CCR make a return in the next few seasons as well. It'd be brilliant if they'd re-grow all of the bushes and make the Flying Fish how it used to be as well.

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For me, it's too hard to choose what single ride I miss the most.

WWH was just one of those ride which everyone could enjoy (even if the finale did scare me...), and it's a true shame it burnt down. I do wonder how long it would have had left anyway, but that's beside the point.

Then the original Flying Fish was just amazing. From the old-style trains, the fish fountain and all the foilage around. Despite the new Fish being the same, it can never replace it the old one, and I think the lack of foilage and ponds is the main reason. I wasn't expecting the same level of foilage, nor was I expecting it straight away, but I hoped it would grow into something similar - 6 years after opening, that just has not happened...

Then there's CCR, which I just adored. And also the Jetties to and from the Farm. Maybe not a ride per se, but it was something which I really enjoyed and has a lot of nostalgia for me.

So yeah, no one single ride I can pick out that I miss the most, and a lot of that could well be down to nostalgia I guess.

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Would the Original X be one for this poll?

The main reason I didn't put X in the poll is because though the ride has received quite a lot of changes (trains,forwards,theme (to a degree) and lighting) is mainly because the ride still exists. Feel free to vote other though if there are any attractions missing in the poll with the stating of the attraction below.

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Double Post but its been at least a week.

In terms of the most missed rides at Thorpe, here's the final results.

The winner of the poll was Wicked Witches Haunt with 11 votes is officially the greatest missed Thorpe ride. The ride held great nostalgic memories to many people including myself in which the ride was greatly themed. It's a great pity the fire destroyed this ride because if it aren't, there would be an extremely high chance the ride would still exist however it would most like like tomb blaster but with ghosts and the like.

The Flying Fish (original) was voted second and though shrubbery is now noticeably better on the new one it is still not near as amazing as it was on the old with its head choppers, fountain and arguably better looking train also.

Other is the third popular answer with variants including Space Station zero and a various mixture.

Fungle Safari, Tropical travels, Calgary Stampede,Octopus Gardens and Bumperboats received no voters but that doesn't mean they're not missed as at least two of those are believed to be missed by many and without these removals we would have Inferno, Samurai or StormSurge ( :/) at the park.

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Though I am a huge fan of Stealth, the original Flying Fish is definitely missed to this day! Used to love speeding around that helix REALLY close to the bushes!

Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari is also on my list, as it really did give me my first feeling of adventure (as this was before I had my first time at Chessington). Both of these were my favourite rides at the park until they both closed in their desired years!

Must say though - Fungle Safari closed when I was 8 years old...after I had my first few times on Nemmie! :D

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As much as I appreciate X is better for the park as it stands, I MUCH preferred X:\NWO. :P


Interesting how my opinion's changed on this..


I did like X:\NWO, possibly due to the fact that it was 'that bad it was good'.  However, I do prefer X now; much more fun and rerideable as well.  As much as I'd like to have just one more ride on it, I don't miss it.  


Still, my opinion hasn't changed about me missing WWH / CCR / The Flying Fish, as well as the jetties, equally..

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