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Starting to go up pronto.


Work on these all seem to be done now so they're just sitting around curing. Guessing by the time they've done the back section these will have had enough settling time



Disaster's building has also come down very fast. Rumours are that Beetlejuice got an extra month or so at the park because Creative were playing around with plans after Supercharged in Hollywood didn't get great reviews. Hopefully this is something more than that. Especially with films confirmed up until 2021, would be nice to have a great attraction for the franchise.



Twister building is also being seriously gutted.


Apparently when complete it will have the Comcast building facade (which is now the Rockefeller Center) which is in New York so it'll fit.


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Visible work in the launch tube is also happening! 


This support without anything attached has also been in place for a very long time. I can't remember if it goes into the queue building but if so I guess that explains why and I'd assume they've been working on that for a while, especially as rumours point to that getting quite a big upgrade. Hopefully the body scanners will be incorporated better and that horrid outside cattlepen will be changed to some degree. 



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Not sure where this has come from. Universal has always stated on their site Hulk is a 2:15 ride. Never 1:30. Admittedly, the ride is only like 90 seconds and you are stacked on the block brakes for 30 ish seconds at times. Not because of bad operations, just because the ride launches instead of slowly rises like traditional coasters. The tunnel always had quite a nice story in it and it worked well, obviously, that will change in some way but from what I've seen posted elsewhere I'd go with there being something at the end of the ride before going into the station. Maybe a tunnel with a screen or something. Eh, all very exciting that's for sure, and I want to know about the queue but that isn't being talked about anywhere  :P


More track is going up though. 


Not much more to go now till they're building around the launch tube.


This area also seems a lot cleaner now


Will probably go vertical here very soon!


Lots of foliage going on at Kong.


Misty mountain painting is cool!


Sign is also really cool, not much of the rock work left to paint now either!


Volcano Bay wise, this will apparently be the main ride.




And apparently proslide are providing all the slides! Will be interesting to see how Universal make this into a water theme park, instead of the standard water park. Apparently, 2017 will see Fallon early in the year, it's literally gut the building and put in the hardware which is being made off site, then VB for before summer and F&F for later, maybe late summer? Or later. 

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I don't want the hulk to change too much as I'm going there next year and I don't want to have missed out of the original Incredible Hulk experience.

I just hope it has a launch but I don't want it to be a wing coaster as they're fun but not as intense as sitting coasters in my opinion.


Just wondering, is it still going to be a B&M?

Or are they going to change it to some other type of coaster?


Ill just set my thought straight.

I either want the incredible hulk coaster to return remaining as a sitting coaster or returned converted into a floorless.

I don't want to miss out on the experience the original incredible hulk coaster gave so I don't want it to return as something that is completely different from the original experience.


I will not be in the best of moods if they change it to a non-B&M


I feel like I've officially missed out on the Original Incredible Hulk experience.

Whatever it is though I'll be riding next year.


I'm glad it's still a B&M and trusting what Adam said I'm glad it's still a sit down.


So looking forward to July!

I'll be riding two fresh track B&Ms!


I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think you are, you never post about it! :P

I have done a few posts, I wouldn't say I never post on this topic.
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