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Fright Nights 2013 [SPOILER TOPIC]


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Also nice to see the park looks no different to usual, it's so depressing that our two major parks don't bother with actual physical Halloween theming... And rather unfinished to boot...

I'm clinging on to the hope that this is because today is NOT actually a public FN day... Fright Nights doesn't actually start til tomorrow, so maybe the park will be decorated for that?? Don't forget that You're Next apparently takes over after dark, so this could yet change :)

I agree that some things don't look finished though. Digger & lighting cables in Blair Witch? All the crap dumped next to MBV?

I'll save my judgement til I have been there myself next week, or at least seen Towers Nerd's photos of tonight.

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I'm pretty sure the incredible woodland theming section was the first door on the left in the first room, Jack may correct me though. But this bit was brilliant, you had to duck under and in between trees to get through with an actor going for you.

The woodland section was in the back left door and then entered the first room in the door next to it.

So basically, if you go in TCITW, always go through the back left door and then you'll go back into that room and get to choose between the two remaining doors!

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The first room I went in on Cabin in the Woods was white and had a chair in the middle.

I did like the white mask room, even though it was fairly small. The doll in the door room was a bit pointless, although I reckon that the door in there leads to the control room (not sure though - but I really want to find this room!)

Really hope that both My Bloody Valentine and Cabin in the Woods get queueline music of some sort though.

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