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Fright Nights 2013 [SPOILER TOPIC]


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Blair Witch was a complete disappointment, fortunately you don't really queue for it. My Bloody Valentine was decent, Asylum was pretty good - I was at the front of our group and realised one of my friends was working, they told me after they recognised me! - Cabin was by far the best with re-ride ability etc

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For me:

Cabin in the woods - Fantastic, love the idea behind it, its totally different to anything I've seen and its nice to see Thorpe again moving away from the conga line mazes and trying new things, for the passing it didn't quite work, but I think Cabin in the woods is a great idea and will only get better. Didn't get to the control room so looking forward to finding that next time!

Asylum - As ever its mad and crazy, the actors are very good at making the most of the layout and climbing all over the fences like the old days. Theres a few tweaks inside the main maze but the more noticeable changes are along the exit path which create a whole load of new potential scares, much better and chain saw man as good as ever!

Blair Witch Project - This was abit of a weird one, I thought they would struggle to pull off a secluded woodland but they have actually done this quite well, its quiet and mostly dark (although I feel could be darker in some places). Ive read reviews of actors being jumpy on here but I didn't experience this, I think this could be vastly improved with some dry ice maybe along parts of the walk and a facade on the shed to make it slightly less obvious!

Your're next Roaming actors - I guess this ones always hard to pull off - some of the props look abit to fake for me, but the actors only really go after the ones who look scared, and so for those who these scare I expect it works much better!

Park Wide - Theres no theming apart from the entrance which is a shame but you can tell a lot of effort has gone into other places such as park wide music which is possibly the best its been for fright nights to date and the mazes.

Looking forward to trying out MBV and Saw alive this year soon!

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Went to Fright Nights yesterday and thought it was okay.

Cabin - Best maze. Loved the first room with the trees even though I was forced to go first by my friends :P

My Bloody Valentine - We must have had a bad run through as this was the lamest of the lot. Shall definitely return to try it out again and see if its any better.

Blair Witch - Nice stroll in the woods really, and the finale was anti-climatic.

SAW and Asylum - same as ever.

Loved the park wide audio! Bring on my next trip to Fright Nights, whenever that may be, possibly the TPM meet :)

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Back home now guys as I've got coursework to do. <_< Cabin in the woods was OMG amazing. Me and my sister were in a group on our own so it was creepy. We got stuck in the room with the spinning doll at the end for a while until we worked out that we had hit a dead end. :unsure: The attention to detail was great especially with the lift shaft. Overall it was amazing.

My bloody valentine didn't scare me as it just felt as it I was being grabbed by civilians and rushed on to the next room as well as it being easy to see were the actors are hiding. ( Does each side have a tunnel now?) And I only saw Harry once as he was walking out of chasing the group in front but it was still a fun and dark maze with great themeing.

I loved the actors around the queue lines as it really helped to pass the time whilst waiting. Those miners and hill billies were great!

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Went yesterday but only got on

The Asylum

Cabin in the Woods

Saw Alive

We had planned to go on My Bloody Valentine but it was temporarily closed for some reason.

Cabin in the Woods probably would have been the best maze though due to my choice of rooms, the maze was over before I knew it and my memory of it is quite vague. I know If it is still around next year, I would love to give it another go. I can't remember what route I went but remember two actors jumping out of hatches in the wall and the old X spinning tunnel (though that could be there for all routes) Very good maze though the fact I wasn't in there for long enough means I can't rate it as highly as I wanted to. As a side note, the queueline actors were very good.

Asylum was the second maze I ventured into and was probably my favourite (It was also my first time). I have heard alot of positive things about this maze in the past and it certainly didn't disappoint. I was at the back of the line which only freaked me out more. Truly hectic with loads of actors rushing up to you and causing chaos. The best part had to be the strobe lighting in which you could see the actors get closer and closer and then disappear. My only concern was the majority of the maze seemed to just be walking through prison cells/fences. I think a few other scenes should/could be added to enhance the theme; a bit like the scene with the operating table.

We had planned to go on MBV though as it was closed, we were stuck with Saw Alive instead. This was strangely the longest queue we had to deal with. Overall, a very enjoyable experience. The SWAT team guys were brilliant and the actors did freak me and my group out and I give them credit for that. Of course it was blatantly obvious they were not attempting to play characters from the films. I think I only saw about two actors who were playing the part of a SAW victim, the rest were all jump scares who enjoyed sniffing and stroking me.To sum up, a very good maze but it was clear the actors only goal was to get as close as possible to freak you out. Not much relevance to the Saw films.

Overall a very successful night. I don't who whether they will go with it again next year though if they did, I think it would give them an opportunity to make the experience even better. The ride audio was a great start though maybe they should next focus on park wide theming among other things. Perhaps have park challenges relating to the deranged director.

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For those of you who want to know how to get the control room in Cabin, enter the left door that is opposite the fireplace. It will take you into a room with a wolf head mounted on the wall and floral wallpaper. The door to the control room is covered in wallpaper so it's pretty easy to miss. It's on the left wall right next to the Wolf head but it only opens periodically as it's on a timer. I guess you could wait around in the room if you wanted to because there's no actors in there and the door will unlock eventually.

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^ Thank you!

How many opportunities are there to 'choose your route'? Are you presented with a choice of doors more than once?

The only part I can remember with certainty is the first part. The main room has four doors to choose from, and two of them lead through the garden area and back into the main room... In the floral wallpaper room there is the door that leads to the control room and the door that leads to the mask room. From the mask room you can enter the basement with the doll or head on towards to the lab. The final door leads to a dark room and you can either go through the mask room or through a room with chains and a bed in it from there. All of the routes take you to the same place in the end.

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