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Tayto Park


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Yes this is a park which its sole theme is the Irish crisps company that own it. They are planning to install the 2nd biggest woodie in europe for 2015.


1.4kms long (4593ft)

32m high (104ft)

105kph (65mph)

2 trains with 12 seats each


8.5million Euro

It will take up 2.8 acres of space. The only coaster bigger then it will be Wodan at europa in dimensions (I think they have forgotten Colossos at Heide)

Fingers crossed this goes all to plan as it will be Irelands first big coaster.

Source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/tayto-park-could-get-europes-2nd-biggest-roller-coaster-in-2015-29888060.html


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A massive wooden roller coaster, which will be the second biggest in Europe, will be part of a €25 million expansion at Tayto Park planned for 2015.

The park’s owner, Ray Coyle, has confirmed that he will be lodging a planning application with Meath County Council shortly for a massive extension to the park near Ashbourne, which attracted almost half a million visitors last year.

The roller coaster alone will cost €8.5 million and will be a centrepiece of a development which will include new rides, a new entrance and additional parking and facilities.

The new development is expected to increase the workforce to 550 at peak times from the 220 which were employed there last summer.

The roller coaster will be the second biggest in Europe in terms of speed and length. “It will be 1.4km long, and 32 metres at its highest point, have a top speed of 105km/h and it will be able to take 700 people an hour,” he added.

There will be two trains on the attraction, each of them with 12 seats, and 25 per cent of the ride will involve travelling through loops.

The wooden ride, which will take up about 2.8 acres, has to be built specially in the United States to suit the site. The only roller coaster with bigger dimensions in Europe is at Europa Park in south-western Germany. The new Meath rollercoaster will be one of the 10 largest in the world.

Mr Coyle said that if planning permission is granted, he expects the new extension to be open for business in spring of 2015.

Wut? Is Ireland going to get a RMC? WHAT?

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Allow me to step in... Ahem:

The British Isles consists of these landmasses:

1. England, Wales and Scotland

2. Éire (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland)

3. The Orkney Isles

4. The Shetland Isles

5. The Channel Islands

6. Guernsey

7. Jersey

8. The Isle of Wight

9. The Isle of Man

10. St. Kilda

Great Britain:

1. England

2. Wales

3. Scotland (for now)

4. All other sovereign states (I.e. - Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man etc.)

The United Kingdom:

1. England

2. Wales

3. Scotland (for now)

4. Northern Ireland

In short 'The British Isles' is a geographical term used to describe the islands, not the countries. 'Great Britain' refers to all the nation states included within the largest of all the island in the British Isles (England, Wales and Scotland) and it's sovereign dependencies. 'The United Kingdom' is the politically-oriented term, referring only to those countries that recognise themselves and being under the British monarchy and identified by the Union flag or Union Jack |(England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).


This woodie sounds amazing. Big up the Irish and all that lark. And wake up Merlin.

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Extension of the existing Tayto Park facility on a site of approximately 18.1ha to include: a New Vehicular Entrance to Tayto Park from the R155; a new Roundabout Junction on the R155 at Robinson's Cross Roads and associated works to the public road including localised road realignment, street lighting, drainage and landscaping; an Entrance Arch feature; an Internal Access Road incorporating a Vehicular Bridge and a separate Pedestrian Bridge of the River Hurley; and a new Car Parking Area to provide a total of 1,917 no. car parking to serve the entire facility. The development also provides for construction of Complementary Visitor Facilities and Attractions within the extended area to include a 2 storey Admissions Building (1,396sqm) incorporating entrance hall, administration, ancillary retail and toilets; a Wooden Rollercoaster with a ride length of 1,081m, an overall plan area of 1.38ha and a maximum height above ground level of 33.3m, and all ancillary plant and development works to include a Station Platform (157.5sqm), a Storage/Maintenance Shed (157sqm); a Control Room (22sqm); a Motor House (22sqm) and an associated Retail Outlet (15sqm); an indoor "Dark Ride" attraction which is completely enclosed within a Hall (548sqm) with an overall height of 13.25sqm; an "Air Race" attraction with a maximum height of 12.8m; and a Toilet Block (76sqm). Associated and ancillary site development works including 3 no. Surface Water Attenuation Ponds; Pumping Station with Emergency Storage Tank, Supplementary Foul Water Storage Tank; Acoustic Barrier (at entrance from R155); Site Services; Landscaping; Boundary Treatments; Lighting and Walkways throughout the extension area. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been submitted to the Planning Authority in respect of this planning application

Woodie, air race and a dark ride, submitted! Tayto park are really going full board on this one!!!!

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