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Tayto Park


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Interesting comment, given that Twister has plenty of airtime throughout the course...


It sure does, but for me the restraints dampened most of that airtime by pinning you into the seats - little chance of bum-off-seat action to be had. It's a shame to have awesome layouts coupled with trains that prevent you from fully enjoying them.


I've had similar experiences with the Maurer X-Car trains. Those too are comfortable and can offer a smooth ride, but the huge weighty lapbar tends to mean more suffocation and less floating  :(


That said - am still excited to have a new woodie being built so close to us in Ireland!

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Magnificent looking coasts <3 <3 some people are saying that this "inversion" is just a very overbanked turn and some are saying it's a corkscrew so we will have to see what happens in later construction updates but it already looks so so good!!

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Some positive reports coming out of the media day today (THERE'S a shock, especially with enthusiasts there)...


Hopefully a POV will come out of it, though it does appear that the 'inversion' is a really over-banked turn (like, +90 degrees style)...

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