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Tayto Park


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His* :P

But yeah, I think it's fantastic Ireland's getting a woodie. I've never been on one myself (please don't throw rocks at me) but they seem so intense! I hope it's the first of many theme parks/major attractions in Ireland; just having a fair visit your town once a year must be awful!

not all woodies are intense! Tomahawk at portaventura is not that intense! They can just be a bit painful *looks at stampida angrily*
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It's not just the wooden coaster the council are seemingly worried about...

Besides, it's likely this won't open till 2016 now...




PR from the park that was posted on Coasterforce:




2015 is shaping up to be a monumental one for Tayto Park. It opens to the public for its fifth season on Thursday, 26th March and today (Wednesday, 4th February) Tayto Park's founder Ray Coyle unveiled the first look at the rollercoaster that is currently being built in Tayto Park located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

The rollercoaster will have a strong Irish mythological theme and will not only be Europe's largest inverted wooden roller coaster but also the ONLY one of its kind in Europe. Ground was broken on the project on 10th of August 2014 and construction commenced on the 1st September 2014. Tayto Park has employed the services of globally renowned rollercoaster engineers The Gravity Group from Cincinnatti, Ohio who have created over 50 wooden rollercoasters around the world including the first ever wooden rollercoaster in China. A team of 70 engineers and builders have been hard at work to ensure that the rollercoaster will be completed by Summer 2015.

As the first ever inverted wooden rollercoaster in Ireland and the largest of it’s kind in Europe, it will boast epic proportions (in it’s category). With over 800,000 kgs of yellow pine wood transported from Southern USA, more than 100 tonnes of steel and collectively over 700,000 nails and bolts, the rollercoaster will reach dizzying heights of 32.05 meters with a stomach churning drop zone of 29 meters. Niamh Reynolds, Tayto Park Marketing Manager said today "We have been taking calls and emails from rollercoaster enthusiasts around the world for months, asking to be on the rollercoaster on the first day. We have even had someone asking to be on the ride on the first day so that he can propose to his girlfriend!"

Rollercoaster builder Jeff Mason and engineer Korey T. Kiepert from The Gravity Group have over 40 years collective experience both designing and constructing some of the worlds most adrenaline fuelled rollercoasters. Between them they have worked on over 73 rollercoasters around the world. Korey said today “We always try to make each ride the best ride possible for its size. When we have the chance to break a record – we go for it! When this ride opens to the public, its overbanked turn will give people a taste of going upside down – a first for a wooden coaster in Europe, so we are pretty excited about this.”

In addition to the rollercoaster, 2015 see’s the arrival of seven extra heart-racing attractions to Tayto Park which will all be up and running for Summer 2015. Taking its cue from world-renowned theme parks, the ‘Air Race’ will set hearts pounding and eyes bulging from March onwards. The Tayto Park ‘Air Race’ is the perfect way for adrenaline junkies to ease their way in to the park clocking up some pulse racing speeds. Next up is the ‘Rotator’, an incredible high speed spinning sensation that is sure to set you back a step or two when attempting to keep a steady stride afterwards. With only four in existence worldwide, this is a one-of-a-kind theme park hotspot for Ireland and the UK. The thrills and spills for little ones continue with the ‘Sky Tower’, a 10 meter vertical climb that will have little ones feeling like they are on top of the world. Other new attractions include a three carriage road train that will transport visitors from one end of the park to the other, a steam train track ride which will operate on a traditional track around Tayto Park and the only 5D cinema in Ireland, screening five and ten minute movies, depending on how much time you have to spare!

Adding to the impressive animal enclosure and perfectly timed with the 2015 release of movie Jurassic World, is the new ‘Dinosaurs Alive’ attraction, a tail thrashing, roaring and clawing exhibition that will delight visitors of all ages in a unique and fun learning experience. This awe-inspiring, life-like animatronic dinosaur spectacular will feature the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Dilophosaurous, Baryonyx.

Commenting on the rollercoaster and the brand new attractions for 2015, Tayto Park founder Raymond Coyle said “From bigger landscaped car parks to a stunning new admissions building we are aiming to give people the very best experience. We are very proud of the conservation work we continue to do with the animals in Tayto Park and our whole team is very excited about the new attractions not least the rollercoaster. The new attractions and new infrastructure represent a very significant investment of €26 million overall. We believe in Tayto Park and we absolutely believe that it stands alone in Ireland for offering all day entertainment and value".

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.... Get me to Ireland now!!!


Just to say though 26 million euro investment, for a park that no-one really had heard of until last year, that is amazing, and it seems that they are really putting the effort in to make this place as good as possible for this year which is amazing, plus here is some photo construction pics :D



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It's not going to be inverted, but likely to include inversions (Gravity Group did Hades 360)... Just a bit of vague over-exaggeration to the public who won't have the foggiest about the US parks with RMCs...


I doubt even Tayto realise how much UK excitement is being generated for this... Everyone will be over there at some point... Just goes to show what a smart investment can provide to a park...

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Benin, whilst I agree it is a fantastic investment for the park to add, whether it really is generating that much attention is unknown to me. Tayto park as a whole is very small, and doesn't contain many attractions in the park. A trip to Ireland just for one rollercoaster in the general publics eyes is going out of their way for nothing. There are many alternatives for the GP which contain as good or even better attractions.


Whilst I have no doubt this is causing immense excitement in the enthusiast community and in Ireland, stating everyone in the UK will be there at some point is a very broad assumption to make.

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I was talking about the enthusiast community... Who else would travel the world for one solitary cred? (And at least, this will be something substansial and not a Wacky Worm)


And I'm sure the Irish GP will be reasonably excited by it as well, given they have nothing of actual note there... But it could well affect the UK GP as well, perhaps changing the current out-dated and quite simply wrong view of wooden roller-coasters being old hat...

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I disagree, people do go to theme parks for one attraction, whilst Tayto lacks many, it is literally just over the pond and actually relatively cheap to travel there. Considering many people from here have already said they are interested in visiting based on this one investment, I'd say it will be very rewarding. Also consider it is extremely unique. I know it's different given we are enthusiasts, but wood + inversions seems to be 'insane' for the GP and it wouldn't surprise me if they travelled just for that.

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