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Couldn't find a topic, so I started one.

Shanghai will be Disney's next big stand alone park, which will feature a lot of different takes of the classic Magic Kingdom design such as no Main Street, a Tron themed motorbike coaster (instead of Space Mountain) and a whole area dedicated to Pirates Of The Caribbean.


Above is construction of the new pirates ride, which so far looks hugely impressive (as you'd expect from Disney really).

The parks opening in the first half of 2016, which has seen a delay from the originally planned December 2015 date.

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So lots more concept/details have been revealed!


First Tron.


Pretty trains


Lovely area (just will lack in physcial attractions compared to the other tommorowlands apparently)




Mickey's avenue instead of Main Street.





Pirate Cove like we know,



And what looks by far the best...


Adventure Isle!!!!


Home to the E-Ticket rapids Roaring Rapids. Not based on an IP or anything.


Animatronic for it.



Castle comparisons.



Video covering more.



Mr Iger is very happy.

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As much as this all looks predictably amazing, why on earth would you design a Tron themed ride not to be dark?


I believe the majority of it will be a dark ride, only that one little portion will be visible outside... Possibly to show off the ride to riders...


It doesn't have that typical Disney feel, perhaps after Hong Kong's initial failings Disney felt that this angle would more suit the market...


Definitely room to expand, the park map has a MASSIVE green area between Tomorrowland and the main entrance... Definitely room for the park to add more attractions, as it does seem to lack a lot of 'filler'...


Guess the E-Tickets will be fab though...

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This all looks potentially exciting stuff for Shanghai Disney.

Adventure Isle looks lush with that sheer scale of theming, and that Rapids ride looks to be one of the best and original ride ideas by Disney since Mystic Manor.

The Tron ride looks pretty and very different from other tommorow land coasters we've had so far (all of which have been Space Mountain), as long as there is a decent chunk of dark ride it should be a very good coaster.

That castle looks massive here though! Never realised Hong Kong bad the smallest Disney castle (Paris's being around the middle in size) and apparently there's going to be a jungle cruise like ride underneath it or something.

Mickey's avenue I'm not too sure on that as a starter,which will be very different from the main street approach but the fantasy gardens sounds a loverly area for a park.

Apparently the tommorow land here will be pretty small (at least to begin with) as apart from the coaster, there's only a jet pack spinning ride (orbiter), Buzz Lightyear blast ride and a stage and couple of meet and greets, no star tours or autopia (mark9 is probably happy about that though).

Despite Fantasy Land being the largest area, there might not be an it's a small world either, although they will be cloning Seven a Dwarfs Mine a Train from Magic Kingdom.

This will be a very different style Magic Kingdom type of park.

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So this park is opening in June. 16th to be precise. But not all the stuff will open apparently with stuff opening in a trickle fashion as they're ready. YAY! 





Seven Dwarves.






Interestingly, Shanghai apparently have the rights to show the new Soarin' film first. So let's hope that it's ready to go, otherwise it will impact the reopening of it in Orlando. 


Disney park hype.

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Do we know if Shanghai is getting a standard Haunted Mansion or will it get a Mystic Manor??

They certainly won't getting a Haunted Mansion clone, due to their views of the afterlife, but never say never about a Mystic variant though.

Park on the other hand looks a stunner like most Disney parks, especially that Buzz variant. Let's hope this staggered opening thing isn't too major though otherwise I can't see the park being too popular on its opening year.

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