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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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If anyone's interested, I decided to have a bit of fun this evening and cobble together a rough Planet Coaster recreation of Hyperia to gauge a rough idea of the sort of forces and speeds we might be hitting through some of those elements.


I'm aware that the profiling and such aren't perfect, and as such, I'd take some of the exact g-forces with a pinch of salt (for instance, I don't think we'll be pulling 5.6G at the bottom of the dive loop...), but I built the large elements to roughly the same sort of height as they will be in real life (lift hill 236ft, Immelmann 157ft, large outerbank 164ft, dive loop 137ft, small outerbank 65ft, final airtime hill 48ft), so I think it should give a rough ballpark idea of speed in particular. I hope you like it!


Here's a POV and some cinematic shots of my creation:


And if you don't want to watch the video, here is the heatmap of vertical g-forces throughout the ride:


As well as the heatmap of speed throughout the ride:


And the stats of the ride:


And just for fun, here are some shots of the layout in the day and at night:



In terms of speed and forces; I think it paints a very promising picture! If my recreation is at all accurate, it suggests that we could be absolutely flying through the Immelmann, with the ride maintaining a speed of nearly 50mph even at the Immelmann's highest point! The other two large elements maintain speeds of 35-40mph at their highest points. In terms of trimming in the splashdown; I erred towards the more fierce end of the trimming spectrum and went for a deceleration rate of 4m/s2, which reduced the speed by 10-15mph. And even then, the outerbank and final airtime hill still appear very potent, with negative g-forces of nearly -1G still being registered in both elements! So overall, then, I reckon Hyperia could pack some brilliant g-forces throughout and hold its speed really well!


I hope you like my recreation! I have to say, this has also reminded me just how much fun getting stuck into a good Planet Coaster build is... I really need to get back into Planet Coaster, as I haven't really had too much time for it as of late and it shows. I haven't updated any of my ongoing park projects for the forum in nearly 2 years!


If you'd like to play with my recreation yourself, here's the Steam Workshop link where you can download it from: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3113374891

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4 hours ago, loopdeloop said:

Anyone else disappointed that there doesn't appear to be an actual theme or theming happening? All of the other main coasters have theming / a theme... it's more of a style than a theme 

Nope, I like the shift to a much milder (and less dark) theme. Like you say it's more styled rather than theming. A little like Cedar Fair which I think that approach would suit Thorpe quite well. 

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It feels like construction has gone in ebbs and flows.


When the outerbank dive was going up, everything felt like it was flying. But then after that, it's felt like vertical construction slowed down. Obviously there's still been progress, but at this point, I would have expected work on the lift hill / drop and more high-up track, given that in October the outerbank dive was completed. 


I think March is an outside bet. For all the other Thorpe coasters which opened in March, I believe they all complete their first test run by January of the year they opened, and some of them had tight turn arounds to opening. 


There can be a quick turnaround from first test to riders, but it also depends on landscaping, queue construction, etc.


I think April-early May is the most realistic safe bet at the moment, but it certainly could be earlier than that.



I'm aware that this week staff who will be working on the ride (as hosts and operators) were told and allowed to share the news publicly, which is usually a sign that the park themselves have an idea when training can start. When that is isn't publicly known though.

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I can’t see track completion prior to end of February. Will take a good few weeks to fully assemble that massive structure for the first drop and we still have the Immelmann and dive loop to link which I think will be end of next week absolute best.

Then there’s all the mechanical and electrical installation and so I doubt a test is realistic until early march at best. 

I therefore see the ride opening in May. But that’s just my take. 

id agree about the construction ebbing and flowing. Although time of the year, heights and complexity of the structures all take their toll on a project of this size. 

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37 minutes ago, coasterverse said:


Just like to remind everyone that this was mentioned in the Project Sparkle video on Christmas Day... 👀


Personally, I'd hazard a guess that everything planned for March 2024 in the video only includes the work as part of the Sparkle Project. They also mentioned in the video that it is an ambitious timeline which could be affected by unforeseen delays (such as weather), which would make a March opening for Hyperia doubtful.


A Late April / Early May opening for Hyperia is my prediction at the moment!

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10 hours ago, ML27 said:

They did send out that newsletter saying book for 2024 and ride Hyperia. 

it would be misleading if it didn’t open in march? Plus why is Thorpe opening on a Sunday this year? 


Saturday is a dedicated day for all the social influenzas to get a ride on Hyperia before anyone else in secret innit xoxo


Jokes aside - even once track is complete, testing done etc etc. - there's a lot to do still in terms of landscaping, paving.... I would be pleasantly surprised if it's ready for opening day...

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