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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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On 2/29/2024 at 11:55 AM, ML27 said:

However the park have confirmed that the viewing plaza has now been cut 




Really, REALLY silly decision in my opinion. Likely been cut because of time (and possibly budget, considering they weren't originally planning on rebuilding the shop from the ground up - so that must've been a bit of a spanner in the works), but it really would've made the area something special.


People were vocal about a lack of supporting ride in the area, but I always dismissed it as I thought the viewing area would've compensated for it nicely - something extra to do, and something nice for those that aren't wanting to ride but wanting to keep an eye out for their friends/family etc.


The area isn't going to look bare with a massive 236ft rollercoaster in it by any means, but it certainly isn't going to be the majestic, elegant land that was initially proposed in the plans now.


Bitterly disappointed by this decision, I'm not gonna lie.

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The lack of viewing area is a real shame.


At the same time, it was always in a silly location, since it could only be located after going on the ride, or by going through the exit shop. So logistically it was a bit weird.


Still, that's not enough to have put a damper on it. Just wish it could have happened; overlooking the lake and getting the view of the ride would have been awesome.

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1 hour ago, Inferno said:

I wonder if you’ll still be able to see the splashdown?

if not, it makes you wonder what’s the point of that, since splashdowns really are better for onlookers than for riders.


Would be a different scenario if they were designed to get riders wet, but we know in all likelihood the water won't as much as graze the riders. Can't help but feel like Thorpe have made a lot of questionable decisions throughout this build process - but ultimately, as long as it rides nicely I'm happy enough.

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10 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Damn I'd forgotten about this.


Swarm was also meant to have a viewing area of sorts that took you up to the helicopter. 


There's a reoccurring theme here....


Think a lot of it comes down to blue sky concepts then those are the sort of "unimportant" aspects that get cut.


Not just a Merlin thing to be fair. But does happen regularly enough. 

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I think it’s probably driven by a time and budget constraint as many have said. 

Cost wise, I’d say it’s cost significantly more not only because of the shop, but also due to the changes incurred to get the planning permission. The sheer cost of infilling and then reinstating the lake has been massive, I was worried things would get cut as a result. 

Time wise, again, I’d say clearly behind schedule and struggling to hit the spring target, something has to give. 

However. The ride looks incredible. First drop is going to be terrifying in a great way, and from then on is pure forces from the looks of it. Clear. 


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4 hours ago, Inferno said:

Great news!  So excited to ride this.


I guess the next milestone will be trains, which I assume won’t be long now, closely followed by testing 


Trains could well be at the site this week. The park at one point said it could be as little as a 3 week turnaround from track completion go testing, so we shall see!


Also, some photos from me:


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You'll have to forgive a bit of a link dump, but during a BTS tour I got to see a bit more of Hyperia and some fun facts...




Some views of the site.

SRQ is confirmed. 


The ride will be complete in the next day or two, weather dependent, with trains arriving on site this week.


The exterior of the station building is complete. It was heavily suggested there will be some cool dispatch sequence in the station. 




No on board audio




Hyperia is easily seen across the whole resort.


There will be a backstory to the ride. Not clear whether it's just a short piece they've written to appease geeks, or whether it will be conveyed in the area / queue line. It's fairly basic. I can't share what it is sadly, but yeah, it's a simple story. The ride doesn't need it anyways. 


In terms of the viewing area. This was planned but has been cut because it was later realised that it would require a lot of fencing which would ultimately distract from the whole area and the view.


The ride's camera point will either be at the bottom of the first drop or prior to the splash effect.


One final thing. The early thoughts for Hyperia were coming together in April 2020. The ride was approved by the old Merlin exec (ie Nick Varney, etc). This means that Hyperia is a sort of hybrid of Merlin philosophies, old and new. Had it been a 'new Merlin' project, it's possible that things might have been a bit different, with more theming / styling present.

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Makes sense re the viewing area, I was initially a bit gutted about this, but it wouldn't have looked like the concept art with all the additional fencing required.


SRQ and front row queue in the station (as expected) is great news. If Stealth also gets a SRQ this year can see myself being at the park a lot...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock



here we go now, thank you for your patience, we are nearly there now, the Hype Train is soon to arrive



you are welcome for my updates, that told you all you needed to know, not always in the right order, but always in the most coherent way possible



now enjoy the ride when it comes, and from parm pap, have a lovely day



Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong

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24th May is the day then. Is it just me that thinks given the state of the site at the moment that's... a little optimistic? Tight?


The weather isn't exactly brilliant for the forthcoming week either - all critical at this point of things....

Screenshot 2024-03-27 150158.png

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I don't particularly want to "do" Thorpe Park...


Good to have a date, but it's a brave choice to announce it when trains have only just started arriving on park. So many variables which could impact completion. And we have seen issues like this affect Lego Racers coaster. I also wonder if it will therefore end up opening but not fully finished in terms of landscaping, etc.


Ultimately, 24th May is the latest they could open it for it to be ready for the half term. Opening it mid-half term wouldn't be ideal. So I guess that was the aim anyways.


In other news, the park have announced the Hyperia rooms, and that they're also doing a 'golden ticket' deal, where you can pay once and visit twice: once before Hyperia opens, and once after it opens: https://www.thorpepark.com/tickets-passes/day-tickets/golden-ticket/

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Agreed seems very brave of them to announce an opening date when they haven't sent a train round the track yet! 


Interesting what they've done with RAP for this - its essentially just working as a 1 shot fast track. Can only go on it once per visit and but won't be timed out for it. Sounds like this could potentially be open to abuse? Hopefully not.


Have pre booked for the 24th but may change that closer to the time. Not sure I can be bothered with a 4 hour queue and vloggers but would be nice to see it on opening day too.


Currently advertised as a 5 close for the Friday and 6 for the Saturday - hopefully these get extended to 7 or later. 7 on the Friday would tempt me! 

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