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On 5/11/2018 at 11:02 AM, ChessingtonSam said:

As much as I absolutely love that colour, it still irks me a bit that the ride is called Fenix and it's not red.

I get you. I guess the idea is because the train is a Fenix which is flying, the colour reflects the sky, etc. I'm willing to overlook because I'm still in love with the blue though.


But anyways, here's some stuff even nicer than the blue, from the new entrance area...



Posted by Paul Oomen, the park's Technical Director, on Twitter.

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I still don't like the silly corner before the first drop, seems like they could've done something else (Gatekeeper's opening inversions for example, with the exit going into the airtime hill)...


It is also really short, which is a shame...

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Wow, I've been slack lately - rode this over 2 weeks ago and still haven't posted a review...


Fenix is decent. Good pacing, looks absolutely stunning and flows well. The turn into the dive drop is great as it really picks up some speed going into it; proper nice little whip round. The queue is beautiful (though, bar an extension, entirely enclosed, making it hard to gauge queue times since there's no info board). They're currently using a token system for front row rides similar to Swarm in its first season (you're batched up to the station), so be interesting to see if that works long term.


Two minor complaints - the pre lift sequence isn't ready yet (should be ready by end of season apparently), meaning it's effectively a shed at the moment. Also, the exit stairs from the station are VERY steep, and dimly lit, with a spinny turnstile thing at the bottom of the stairs. Definitely almost tripped down them more than once...


Merlin's Quest is nice, with a nicely themed indoor section. Maybe a bit too long.


Avalon does look beautiful, and I'm sure once it's settled down a bit more with vegetation growing, it'll feel really complete. The new restaurant, The Flaming Feather, is very nice too and reasonably priced!


Port Laguna is a great new entrance portal and again looks beautiful. They've got interactive wands you can buy (for an expensive 25 euros) to interact with the area more. And they've got an indoor attraction / show which shows the technology off more (I assume similar to Ollivander's experience at Wizarding World of Harry Potter?). We went through it (despite it being entirely in Dutch, obviously), and it did seem it needed some more work to it, as many people seemed very 'meh' throughout it. The park have actually since closed the experience to improve it.


So yeah, all in all, a fantastic investment for the park. The park was, unfortunately, very quiet, with Fenix effectively walk on by the end of the day. And the park have said to Looopings that gate figures aren't as high as they hoped after the introduction of the new areas. But it's hopefully just a slow bloomer for the park - after the risk they've taken with this, and their long term plans for expansion, I really hope it proves to be a success for them!

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Fenix is getting its pre show fitted for this season, as well as a new height restriction of 1.32m (previously 1.4m): https://www.toverlandfansite.nl/persberichten-2019/dit-staat-bezoekers-van-attractiepark-toverland-dit-zomerseizoen-te-wachten



New: darkride scene Fēnix
“Last winter we added more experience to the new Avalon theme area,” says head designer Peter van Holsteijn. In Avalon, the famous wizard Merlin, together with his ally Fēnix, ensures that good magic dominates. However, the evil ice witch Morgana is lurking. “Anyone taking a ride in the spectacular roller coaster Fēnix will come into contact with Morgana and her ice-cold followers in the mysterious dark ride scene. Morgana has been transformed into an evil ice dragon and Fēnix has to brave her before being able to make a flight through Avalon. From now on, visitors starting at 132 cm can ride the impressive roller coaster.





It's actually a bit of a darker feel than I was expecting. The indoor queue for the coaster is quite dimly lit, and has some creepy things, but this feels a bit darker and different (although maybe that's just me ultimately not getting the theming / experience I guess).


It's a shame they couldn't get it ready for opening last year - the shed view was poor - but great to see something which appears to be of high quality still. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Absolutely love Toverland.


I had a return visit on Wednesday and wow, it really is one of the nicest theme parks I've ever visited.  Troy is incredible, there's a fair amount of unique attractions, not one bad ride and the entire park just has such a lovely feel that resonates well with me.  A combination of the charming music, stunning landscaping/theming and quality of every single attraction and area... I can't quite put a finger on it, but there's something really special about the place.

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We visited Wednesday as well (12 April) and wow what a fantastic day rides were practically walk on all day and loads to do for a park that I thought was going be small, we had great weather and there was loads for my boys ,6 and 9, to do so much so we could have spent another day there . Troy was amazing and all of us loved it , but surprise find was the large inside slides the ones with the rollers inside , some where in the UK needs to have these!!! 

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