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TPM Christmas Meet 2019 - Sat 14th December


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Hello TPM Peeps,


Christmas is yet again rapidly approaching and that means time for the last TPM meet of the year

The date has been set as Saturday 14th December.


10:15 - Meet inside London Waterloo Station under the clock by WHSmiths.

11:00 - London Eye. 

12:30(ish) - London Dungeons 

2:30(ish) -  Wetherspoons for food and drink ("The Metropolitan Halls" next to Baker Street Station)

4:30/5 onwards - The main event - Winter Wonderland


All TPM meets are great fun and everyone is welcome whether you have attended virtually every meet or you haven't been to any at all. Please don't feel put off if you have never been before, everyone is friendly and everyone gets included. We had two new members join last Christmas that enjoyed it. If you have any queries please PM me.


Please message below or PM me if you are coming.



EpicSmatty (LD onwards)



Kerfuffle (Spoons onwards)


Martin Doyle (LD onwards)



Mr. Fish



Wicker Matt

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In case anyone on the forum who hasn't been to a meet before is considering coming to this one and is a bit nervous, I was in exactly your position last year, the 2018 Christmas meet was my first ever TPM meet, and I don't regret it for a second. Within minutes I felt a part of the group and had a wonderful day! So much so I've been to plenty of meets since then! If you're considering coming, just go for it!

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I can safely say that meet-ups are a fun and great occasion, whether your brand new to this forum or have been a user for years.


quite a few of regular attendees were in that position once too, but have now become staples to many of the meet-ups. 

whether you are an avid park fan or just like the social side, all are welcome. 

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I myself have only been attending since March 2017, and I echo what has been said above, I felt a part of the group by the second ride of the day. Come along and see for yourself. Try it once, if you enjoy it come again, if not then at least you tried it and don't have to again! It's just like the advice I give to those who are scared to go on a ride. They then go on and say it's awesome!

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