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2020 Trip Plans

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It's that time of year again: what parks / attractions are you planning to visit this year?


For me..



-UK Merlin Quartet


-Europa Park (finally!)

-Port Aventura (finally)

-Gardaland (finally)

-Movie Land Italy




-Blackpool (finally!)

-Flamingo Land

-Lightwater Valley



-Heide Park

-Hansa Park



-Skyline Park

-Legoland Deutschland


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The Merlin Parks







Heide Park

Hansa Park





Flamingo Land



Disneyland Paris 

Walibi Holland



Legoland Billund


Fantasy Island



Just a provisional really as who knows where this’ll all go. I don’t have 2020 vision.




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Flamingoland is a definite.


Other UK parks may happen, depending on time available.


Looking at Poland but there's no real good cheap time to go by my reckoning atm. Annoying. Phantasialand will be happening as Cologne is perfect Stag Do location.


Honeymoon is Vegas and Southern California, so that's something to keep the darker months of the year (November) a bit brighter.


Might try and sneak a cred run in the UK somewhere, and maybe Tayto Park but it's all up in the air really as most of my holidays are taken up by the big trip.

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Not an overly impressive list but here it is



Thorpe Park

Alton towers

Tulleys farm

Siam park (does that count..?)


I'm going to assume Brighton Amusements doesn't count either 😁



A European theme park not yet booked (hopefully Europa park)


(Very) Long shots

Orlando parks (may have to wait a while for this trip though...)

Parc Asterix (trip report still in the making from previous visit in October...)


Cedar Point


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Phantasialand wintertraum (2 weeks to go yay!)

Phantasialand summer season

Blackpool pleasure beach




Hoping to do a tour around German theme parks so:

Holiday park, movie park, Serengeti park, Tripsdrill, Belantis, Bayern Park


Vienna Prater




Europa Park(hoping to work there on the ESP!)


Toverland halloween nights

Portaventura christmas season




Orlando parks, might try this September but more likely looking at 2021.

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Phantasialand in a week! So, so excited

Thorpe Park, a lot

Alton Towers, a couple of times during main season and then hopefully a few for Scarefest and Fireworks too

Chessington a few times



LEGOLAND during Fireworks


Paultons Park



Liseberg, me and a friend have mentioned it a couple times


Heide Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Flamingo Land


Maybe (but probably not)


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My theme park trips in the last few years have been bitterly dull. Last year only consisted of Thorpe, Towers and BPB. The year before that was even worse with only Thorpe and Towers I think.

And the year before that was not much better, yes I did go to Phantasialand and Disneyland Paris (no studios 😭) but both were with some sort of youth music group so time was limited in both. I did a trip report on both of them a while back if that interests anyone.


Annoyingly last year when I went to Krakow with the uni chamber choir Energylandia was only open on the weekends, we were there on week days 😤.


Oh... and that Cedar Point trip never happened as the money for that went to various other places.


Boy do I miss 2016, that was a golden year for me and theme parks.


This year hopefully will be a step up. Though I don’t think I’ll go Thorpe as much giving they’ll probably get nothing new (plus working there over summer made me lose my love for it).

I’ll probably go Towers as that’s a reasonable drive from uni (and I’ve now got my car there).

Same goes for some other northern parks I’ve yet to visit, I’ll definitely have to go Flamingo Land.


My uni orchestra are doing a tour to Cologne this year so if there’s enough free time hopefully I can get in a visit that is more successful than the last 🤞.


Now for the summer, me and a few uni friends are considering a trip to PortAventura. It’s not been booked or anything but it is looking promising and I will persevere as much as possible to make it happen. Plus it’ll mean I can finally get back on Shambhala after 6 years and see if it still remains at number 1, no pressure!



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Double post sorry.


Out of curiosity are there any theme parks in Europe that can be done in one day without staying over (I.e. quick and relatively easy to travel to) and is this something people have done before?


Reflecting on my last post has made me realise how much I miss going to new parks abroad and I really want to get back into it.


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35 minutes ago, Charlesberg said:

Double post sorry.


Out of curiosity are there any theme parks in Europe that can be done in one day without staying over (I.e. quick and relatively easy to travel to) and is this something people have done before?


Reflecting on my last post has made me realise how much I miss going to new parks abroad and I really want to get back into it.


I've never done it personally (but know of people who have), but Plopsaland is feasible if you are down south and can drive.


Either get an early morning Ferry or EuroTunnel to Calais (or Dunkerque if Ferry-ing), then the park is less than a 45min drive. Then travel back in the evening. You could probably do Bagatelle in France in a similar fashion if you wanted (not that I'd recommend that mind...).


I'm sure I've also heard of people doing Walibi Holland in a day. There's early morning flights from Stansted to Eindhoven and if you hire a car you can arrive before opening (it's about a 90min or so drive), and there's plenty of evening flights back.


I guess you could do Tayto Park too but I don't know what flight times would be like. At a push you could even do Walibi Belgium in a day if you got the EuroStar to Brussels and travelled by public transport to the park, but you'd almost definitely arrive a couple of hours after opening and so would have to go on a quiet day.


Off the top of my head, anything else would be a stretch tbh, usually because most parks are far enough away from airports that travelling between the two eats into valuable park-time. There's also the fact that a one day trip is quite expensive for what you're getting.


If you're willing to stay one night, that opens up plenty of opportunities. It means you could do one and a half days at city parks like Liseberg or Linnanmäki, for example, and don't have to worry about the faff of hiring a car.

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Legoland Billund is another shout, the airport is literally over road.


Plopsa is definitely doable. Though I'd probably get a second driver just to share the load as last time I was dead (left home at like 5am to pick everyone up). Least Plopsa is very much a chill park in my experiences.

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Parks that are potential 1 day Trip material:


Liseberg- there’s a bus from the airport to the centre

Tivoli Gardens- train like from the airport

Parc Asterix- bus from CDG Airport T3

Plopsaland again, if you can drive it, however it can be a long tiresome day if there’s just one driver. Me and few others did this a few months ago and due to the intense schedule and ferry delays, we didn’t get back until 5am.


1 day trips may work out cheaper in the long run, but remember you will be working with a short and intense schedule and if there are any noticeable delays on the way, that trip could be drastically affected or even ruined.


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4 hours ago, Mark9 said:

Disneyland Paris for Pride

Disneyland California and Californias Great America for Honeymoon. 


I'll end up at Paultons at some point.


I should go to Alton Towers and Thorpe Park because I need to remember how low the bar does go.



Need to come visit me so can introduce to the joys of Mingo 🤨

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Nothing booked for any of these yet, but these are my intentions anyway:


Likely / Planned:

- Europa Park

- Phantasialand 

- Toverland 

- Efteling


The above would be a week-long trip, which I've wanted to do for my 30th birthday.



- Alton Towers

- Thorpe Park (probably Fright Nights)



- Tivoli Gardens


It's been since 2016 that I visited a new park, so I'm keen to hit Toverland and Tivoli for that reason, but the later might not be possible due to time constraints.

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