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Oh Lord. I enjoyed it the other day however thats because it was a staff ride and we were allowed to splash each other. Riding whilst open to the public means the ride is bloody awful and a waste of time. Everytime I've ridden with someone whos never been on it they come off with a look of sheer boredom.

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I love the random Duck theming on Bubbleworks, and all the quack noises is enough to mae anyone giggle like little school girls (=|). I hate riding it with people I dont know, its much better riding with friends as Holly said, its much more fun(ny).

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Impereal leather hacked it down with a knife and hid the evidence with either ducks...or bubbles.All the cheesy jokes the old bubbleworks used to have has been halfed. for example, the "ORANGE squash court" has been replased with..."squash court" But they still have some jokes kept in like the poster saying the area was highly imflamerbubble. All the cheesy jokes are what made the ride so damn fun.

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The sooner the better please!I'm quite interested to see what happens after the sponsership. It would be nice to see some effort to make it back to Prof Burp but it would probably be better if they came up with an idea for a total redesign of the rides storyline and theming. As long as the fountain finale stays I'll be happy :) It would be very cool to see some decent investment to make a new ride out of it as they have unfortunatly died out quite a bit lately in this country.

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