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Fright Nights 2021 - Spoilers


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It's that time of year again!


Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2021 Twenty Years Of Fear | Theme Park Guide


Tonight is the Press Night for Fright Nights, and so I fully expect some spoilers to start floating around social media from later this evening. From now on, please post anything spoiler related here. The non-spoiler thread will remain open and available.


Also, of course, everyone's favourite Thorpe Park fansite will be there and posting updates throughout the afternoon and evening. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter in particular! ;)



On a final note, here is the entrance feature to Trailers, from Jack Silkstone...


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So let's post the official review from TPM then: https://thorpeparkmania.co.uk/news/07-10-2021/Fright+Nights+2021+Review


And now my personal review.



Trailers is great. Starts off with 2 pre show sequences which feels a little unnecessary, but they work and do the job. You then, as expected, go through scenes from seven different films, which themselves are references to previous Fright Nights attractions. A nice little touch is that each film takes place in a different 'screen' in the cinema, and the screen numbers are the year each maze opened (eg: Bozo's Playground relates to The Big Top, which opened in 2015, and so is in screen 15).


Once you get through that, you go into the Project Room of the cinema, which has all the characters leave their films and come to life. It features some good spark effects and air cannons, but it needs a little bit more oompf. Something to really just cap it off. I'm not sure what exactly - maybe just more sparks and more air blasts would do it. But it just needs something.


Trailers has lots of good effects (many are button operated by actors for added effect and good timing). 


From a story perspective, I still don't really *get* the electricity motif. Like it's said that there's power surges and outages and stuff, which kinda explains why the films are coming to life. But it feels very removed from the idea of the films coming to life themselves. It's like two separate ideas merged into one.


Creek Freak Massacre

The same as 2019 pretty much, bar a couple of minor practical changes. It's good, people will enjoy it, but not my thing.


Platform 15: End of the Line

Another new story and new lighting package. A really neat animatronic of children in a playground near the start too. Aside from that, more of the same.


That's off slow and gets better throughout. Couple of good jumps near the end.

There's lots of audio throughout the maze explaining the story, making it feel more like a tour. I know others liked it, but not for me - felt very lazy.


Crows of Mawkin Meadow

Nice use of space, and Saw Alive is completely hidden when you're there. It's fine for what it is, but I reckon this will struggle during normal operation.


Birthday Bash

This is actually very similar to Fearstival Arena last year, just with a birthday theme rather than a creepy carnival theme. Lots of dark humour. Show is good, maybe a bit long, but easy to dip in and out of. Really strong characters and actors here too.


Amity vs LycanThorpe

Nice new dance routine. Features full length songs though with the schools 'dancing off' against each other; think it might flow better if the songs cut over one another.


Swarm Invasion

More props, more actors. Needs a bit more time to bed in but it's decent and fun, and will grow and get better.


Creek Freaks Unchained

Dialled back from last year now the maze is open; lots of good photo opportunities though.



Currently not ready. Not sure when it will be ready. Hopefully the park handle it's lack of ready-ness well, and it is ready asap.



Very much an overview review for now - will hopefully give some more thoughts later in the event. But simply put, Thorpe have created a great parkwide atmosphere with lots of different themes and ideas. It's had the time, thought and money put into it this year, and it's a great event. Are the mazes worth £10? Probably not. Are they of good enough quality that upcharging in its own right feels justified. To be honest, I'd say yes.


In any case, Fright Nights is pretty fab and well worth the visit.

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Here’s my review from last night thanks @JoshC. for the template:



Nostalgic, really quite cool to relive some great moments from over the years however still lacked a few of my favourites like experiment 10. I enjoyed the story and the carpet was really cool it was nice to see a maze not just themed to blood and gore but an all round theme and great design piece, will it hold up over the coming years though? Perhaps they can change some of the scenes in and out.


Heres my issue, I’m happy paying £10 once for this, however this maze needs repeatability to take it all in, the first time for the unexpected and surprises. 2nd to work out all the themes and perhaps a 3rd to find all the Easter eggs. At £10 a shot this just isn’t simply worth it and nobody is going to be racking up £30 on one maze… so that’s my disappointment.


Highlights include being operated on at the dentist and being placed into the prison.Also the sparks at the end are cool although the actor forgot to trigger on the 2nd run through.


Creek Freak Massacre

Weaker than 2019, no longer worth the £10 price point, perhaps Covid has made it a little less intense?


Platform 15: End of the Line

A nice walk in the woods, enjoyed the lighting, some of the actors chose to just stand still instead of scaring which is odd. By the end section the timings where completely wrong and we were in a big group of 30, so not the best and definitely not worth £10 will be happy to see it go for that RMC they are building lol.


Crows of Mawkin Meadow

Highlight of the night for me an excellent transformation of the Saw Alice area, saved the event for me especially being a free attraction, the crows are cool but this won’t cope with crowds at all.


Birthday bash:

Show was meh but the character interactions seem good due to the cast selected to work here. Personally I preferred the carnival theme from last year and am surprised that Thorpe allow such violence to occur on the stage.


Amity vs Lycan:


Didn’t see the show, went over looked like they had a fun time. But this is the thing fright nights is supposed to be scary not a family event, this just screams families come and spend money to me. I hope they scrap it.


Swarm Invasion:

Better than prior years however it seems like these actors have drawn the short straw, with Tim foil hats, bottles of urine and chalk they will be bored with in there roles by the end of this weekend.


Creek Freaks Unchained

Less actors, this won’t fare well on off peak nights if there are any this year.



Is this attraction already a ‘Legacy’ attraction. It’s worrying that they didn’t have anything to show for previews, suggests that there must be an issue. However I think we may only get one showing and that will be on Silkstones YouTube channel after fright nights has come to a close.





Overall, it’s good however lacks the charm it once did, realistically a person will do 3 mazes on the night and still be cheesed off that they have had to pay £30 on top of park admission. I think Thorpe has trapped itself into a family event corner to please the families with deep pockets however I do miss going on an off peak Thursday and being able to redo mazes over and over to experience and find ever single Easter egg myself I guess I will now have to leave that to the YouTube POV’s.

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I thought Trailers was honestly great. Some excellent references to previous mazes with a very reasonable length too. Not necessarily the scariest maze, but still lots of fun. Glad to see them using this area for mazes again. Definitely got some Stranger Things type vibes here.


Creek Freak Massacre I found to be very enjoyable as always. Missed this maze a lot last year so it’s nice to have it back, especially since it’s based on me turning into some hillbilly!


Platform was perhaps the weakest last night, but yet still performed to what was perhaps it’s strongest level since opening. The actors really set the scene and I loved the animatronics at the start, which looked great and not like something you’d find in Asda!


I strongly enjoyed the Crows walkthrough which was different and the parkwide soundtrack is decent enough. 

My only major gripes during yesterday’s event was the entrance process wasn’t greatly organised and there were few food options open. Even KFC and both BKs were shut, with Infinity only serving hotel guests and some outlets closed despite being advertised as open.

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On 10/8/2021 at 1:08 PM, Glitch said:


Is this attraction already a ‘Legacy’ attraction. It’s worrying that they didn’t have anything to show for previews, suggests that there must be an issue. However I think we may only get one showing and that will be on Silkstones YouTube channel after fright nights has come to a close.


Maybe Legacy has been installed by the same people involved with the new for 2021 Tidal Wave fire effect 🤔

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This doesn't contain spoilers, I just wanted to warn folks about what happened today (Saturday 9th) at the park because it's been pretty atrocious with the maze situation. 


My dad and I are staying at the hotel so we're really hoping tomorrow will better. 


We were told online we could purchase the trio maze package at a discount as hotel guests at the park, got here, were told they're sold out and there's nothing they can do other than sell us each maze ticket individually for £10 each. 


So we already lost out on the discount because the staff member we spoke to online said there would be availability to purchase at the park, but the worst part is, we didn't get to choose our time slots for our individual tickets. So we paid £60 for both of us to do all 3 mazes, and they gave us time slots 1 hour apart. Tickets say they are only valid 30 mins from the time slot. 


Our first ticket was 6:30pm for Trailers. The queue was so huge that we didn't technically get into the proper queue line until about 6:45. We didn't get to leave the maze until 7:55. We then dashed to Creek Freak (our entry was supposed to be 7:30pm) We just made it there around 8pm, but the queue was also over an hour long...


Our Platform 15 ticket was 8:30pm, but we didn't get out of Creek Freak until 9:02pm The park queues close at 9pm... So despite then dashing to the Platform 15 entrance, we were greeted by a barrier and staff who told us it was closed. They told us to speak to island help and information on the way out. 


We did as instructed, and were told that maze tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We told them we will be here tomorrow because we're staying at the hotel, but that didn't make any difference. They said all they can do is exchange it for a ride fastrack voucher valid any time within the next 12 months for a one shot fast track valued at £10, trying to tell us that it's equal value... 


If you've come specifically for Fright Nights and scare attractions, a one shot ride fast track is not equal value to a maze entry ticket! We wouldn't ever pay £10 for a ride fast track. We paid £10 because we wanted to do the maze, despite being very on the edge about that with knowing how crap Platform 15 can be! 


The group in the queue behind us piped up, they had the same problem. They had spent over £50 between them on maze tickets and were issued tickets with only a 30 minute gap in between each maze. They didn't stand a chance. 


They were told the same. You can get one shot fast tracks. That's it. They said take it or leave it pretty much. We said well there's no choice then, we'll have to take it. But we then went to make the same complaint at the hotel reception and the manager happened to be there. To her credit, she instantly got on the phone and tried to aid us. The result was that she said if we take our unused Platform 15 tickets to the fast track/ticket kiosk near Nemesis Inferno tomorrow, they will exchange them for new maze tickets, and if we have any issues, to tell them that hotel management told us to. 


But not everyone is gonna have that option. The group behind us were forced to give in with no compensation because they explained this was a rare trip for them, and that they weren't planning to visit next year, so the fast tracks for rides were useless. They basically lost £50 one of em said. And then there were others behind them with the same problem. A queue had formed outside and it wouldn't surprise me if they were all there for that reason. 


We would never normally visit on a Saturday because we know queues are crazy, but we figured since we had the hotel booked to go Sat/Sun, we'd get to do everything. 


We didn't expect to have to queue for just under 2 hours for mazes that we paid £10 for and had time slots for. I can only assume they massively oversold tickets. It just doesn't make sense because the maze queues were as busy as they've been in previous years on weekends when free to enter and you could repeat them as much as you like. They were rammed from opening until closing, and when I checked ride queues on the app around 7pm ish, they were still 90 mins for stuff like Saw and Stealth, so basically everything was rammed. Presumably at or over capacity


So our day went:


Arrive just before opening at 10am.

Queue 35 mins for The Swarm. 

Queue 20 mins for Stealth, breaks, queue empties. 

Queue 45 mins for Nemesis Inferno, stops for essential cleaning, wait an additional 25 mins. 

Go to guest services to get priority passes for Stealth breaking. Passes given but took around 20 mins to be seen. 

Go to Costa in the dome, zero queue time but took 20 mins to get 1 large mocha, staff seemed very confused and stressed out. 

Queue 30 mins for Rush. 

Queue 30 mins for Vortex, breaks, wait an additional 25 mins. 

All queues say 90+ mins aside from Walking Dead ride which states 25,got there, sign says 25, app says 60.

Head to Samurai since it says 35 on the app and is lowest queue time in the park. 

Queue 45 mins for Samurai, breaks, wait an additional 25 mins. 

Use priority pass on Saw the ride, still have to queue for 30 mins. 

Go to check in at the hotel, took around 30 mins due to more queuing. 

Go to Amity kebabs for dinner, 40 mins queuing. Poor person in front had a screen shot of meal deal purchase for 4. Was told by staff he must show with an internet connection. The dude explained that he can't connect, he tried, it wasn't loading. Staff said they couldn't help him then. 

Scoffed food, dashed to Trailers to try and make our time slot. And you know what happened from there. We only got Trailers and Creek Freak done before park close because the queues were so huge.


Didn't see any roaming actors aside from when we walked through the Crows area. 


Legacy show still not operational. Staff told us they don't know when it will be. 


Not exactly a great start to our break here >.<

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Sorry for the double post, but this one does contain spoilers. I figured I should separate them! 


Trailers: Enjoyed this despite the long wait and gigantic group size (17 people) Pre-show was super rushed and didn't catch much of what was said. Loved all the tribute rooms, especially the part for Big Top because that was a favourite of mine so just hearing the soundtrack made me giddy. The group behind us swiftly caught up and formed a rather large blob of a group trying to squeeze through with a lot of swearing about being squished going on. By the time we reached the second room with a long speech, we were crammed in wall to wall like sardines. It certainly didn't feel covid safe in the slightest. Then we were ushered out. I'm not sure what the finale was supposed to be because there wasn't really one. 


Creek Freak: Seemed largely the same as previous runs in the past only with less actors. Not a lot really happened. 


Platform 15: Didn't get to use our ticket for it as stated above. 


Crows: Pretty cool idea but most of the actors seemed half-asleep aside from the last guy, who was pretty awesome. 


We didn't manage to see any of the shows or spot any roaming actors. 


Legacy show not in operation. 

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Just to update on the maze queue situation, queues are pretty nonexistent today (Sunday 10th.) Hotel guests got free unlimited maze entry on 2nd day between 3pm and 4pm, and in that time, we managed to do Trailers x2, Creak Freak x2, Platform 15 x1. We only queued 5 mins for Trailers, the other two were walk on pretty much. So it's just a Saturday issue I guess! Even now, we just passed Trailers, and the queue is only like 15-20 mins long. I guess the queues could possibly be an issue during half-term also, but today has been fine. Less actors in Trailers today though compared to yesterday, maybe about half. 


And Legacy still not operating. 

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2 hours ago, Coco said:

Just to update on the maze queue situation, queues are pretty nonexistent today (Sunday 10th.) Hotel guests got free unlimited maze entry on 2nd day between 3pm and 4pm, and in that time, we managed to do Trailers x2, Creak Freak x2, Platform 15 x1. We only queued 5 mins for Trailers, the other two were walk on pretty much. So it's just a Saturday issue I guess! Even now, we just passed Trailers, and the queue is only like 15-20 mins long. I guess the queues could possibly be an issue during half-term also, but today has been fine. Less actors in Trailers today though compared to yesterday, maybe about half. 


And Legacy still not operating. 

Hopefully the hotel ERT and quieter Sunday has made up for it. Go to guest services and ask for a refund regarding if the slots arnt long enough due to queues the teams should know and you’d hope keep the mazes open longer.


make noise about it rate them on trip advisor/ trustpiolot  

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3 hours ago, Martin Doyle said:

Correct me if I am wrong


But unless the upcharge for mazes is just the cash grab I said it was last year, isnt the whole point of upcharge timed ticked maze admission to STOP long waits?

The boards outside mazes do state there will be waits for mazes and it’s not instant access, queues will i suspect remain shorter than they would if they were still free mind.


Have had similar issues at towers where the queues are so long it makes making the others a real rush, not ideal but hopefully they will adjust accordingly when they better learn the throughputs especially trailers.

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I mean, we fully expected Saturday to be somewhat horrific in terms of queues, we just didn't imagine that they'd sell us tickets for mazes with time slots that were impossible to make with the sheer crowd levels, and then point blank refuse to do anything about it at guest services at the end of the night. 


Our experiences with guest services in the past has always been pretty good. Problems have often been resolved with relative ease. But it's like staff had been told under no circumstances offer a refund for maze tickets. 


It's not like we arrived super late at Platform 15's entrance either. Yes, our slot was 8:30, but we were in the queue for our previous ticket too long to make that. I think my dad said his watch read 9:04 when we got to Platform 15, but the staff were adamant it was now closed and just told us to go to guest services. 


The person we spoke to there just said that the maze tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Even when we said that we're in the hotel and will be in the park the following day. They just said it's impossible to do anything about it aside from exchanging it for an equal value £10 one shot fast track. It's not like we gave in immediately either, we stood there explaining why that wasn't acceptable, and the person just kept repeating that it was take it or leave it. The group behind us argued also, but got nowhere. At one point, my dad made a joke about staying there all night unless something was done about it, and the person threatened to call security and have him removed o.O At no point was my dad rude, he didn't even raise his voice or take an aggressive tone! I just couldn't believe this person's attitude. 


I get that it's a ****ty job being stuck at guest services at the end of the day when you're likely dealing with 99% complaints, but there was no need for them to be so standoffish with us. 


And yet when we spoke to the hotel reception staff about it, they immediately fetched a manager, and she agreed it was unacceptable and went to try and sort it right away. There wasn't anything she could do with it being so late, but she told us what to do the next day. So we did as she said and went to the fast track booth by Nemesis Inferno on Sunday afternoon, explain everything again, and the person there just took our Saturday Platform tickets and printed us new ones for Sunday! I know that's not gonna be standard proceedure, but both the hotel manager and fast track booth staff were happy to help. The person we spoke to on guest services on Saturday night just made us so angry. It made my anxiety shoot through the roof. 


But yeah, Sunday was a much better day. We barely had to queue at all for mazes or rides. Even the general crowd was nicer, quieter, and seemed more mature overall compared to Saturday's rowdy masses. 


Having gotten to experience much more on Sunday, my opinion has also changed on The Crows. They were so fantastic in there that we wandered through 4-5 times. And the actors around The Swarm were also doing a brilliant job of interacting with and chasing people. 


I was also pleasantly surprised with Platform 15. It's been pretty hit or miss over time, but we did enjoy the various changes made to it. And it was so quiet that both times we went there (light during hotel hour + dark with our exchanged ticket) we were on our own. I'm still not sure it's worth a tenner, but it was better than it's been in the past. I actually preferred the finale scene during the day because the actors there were performing more up close scares compared to the more theatrical version at night. 


I had my favourite ever run of Creek Freak (I realise I spelt it both Creek and Creak in my previous posts, which is because I thought Creek was correct, but our purchased maze tickets had 'Creak' printed on them, so that made me second guess!) since it was quiet, the actors had more time to play with everyone, which lead to me being isolated for a while to the point that it actually got my heart racing, something which hasn't happened to me at a scare attraction in a long time, haha. Again though, I'm still not sure it's a maze that's worth £10.


I would say that Trailers probably is worth a tenner though because there is a lot in there. The theming is nice, the story and nostalgia are fun. It's just got a lot more to it overall. I wasn't bored of it after 3 runs anyhow. 


But yeah, I feel like if you go on a quieter day, it'll be a fantastic time because we did have a blast on Sunday despite lots of stops on rides again (Colossus and TWD were especially bad, but they did bring management up to Colossus to give everyone priority passes since it was well and truly buggered after a long wait.)


Just avoid the really busy days at all costs I guess because Saturday was just a lot of stress and standing around going nowhere. Even fast track wouldn't help that much because of the sheer volume of people there + fast track seemed to have been oversold. The fast track queue for Nemesis Inferno at one point was trailing all the way back to the electronic notice board. And as I mentioned, we still queued 25-30 mins in the Saw fast track queue with our priority passes that we got from guest services when Stealth and Nemesis died. 

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Just to chip in a little here, the Trailers queue on Saturday was held up massively when it opened. My group had tickets for 3:30, we were turned away when we arrived and told to come back closer to 4. Cam back, joined the queue at 4 and waited for an hour and a half due to technical issues with the maze. 2 - 3 groups would be batched in and then about 5 minutes later all of them returned back out of the entrance. Wait 15 mins, they all go back in, back out again in 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

Looked like once they had worked out their issues things returned to some form of normality, and of course we were compensated Merlin's favourite, some free fastrack ;)

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Great behind the scenes tour of trailers for anyone interested. 

Interesting to hear that when they were originally planning the maze one of the options was having the maze in containers, so I can imagine the containers being used again in the future especially with no Platform 15 next year.


Unpopular opinion but some of my favourite mazes have been in the containers so would love to see the return of them in the future. 

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Just saw Legacy. I'll leave spoilers out, but it's a nice little show. One thing I can say is it has Jack Silkstone and Co's fingerprints all over it, and is absolutely lost on anyone who isn't a fan.  Lots of very confused faces. But it's a decent show and a nice extra.

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12 hours ago, ChessingtonSam said:

Just saw Legacy. I'll leave spoilers out, but it's a nice little show. One thing I can say is it has Jack Silkstone and Co's fingerprints all over it, and is absolutely lost on anyone who isn't a fan.  Lots of very confused faces. But it's a decent show and a nice extra.


Europa has Ed Euromaus

Efteling has Pardoes

Liseberg has the bunnies


Thorpe has Jack Sickstone

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I guess by 'has Jack Silkstone's fingerprints over it', that's a reference to the fact the show is effectively a throwback to a variety of attractions, past and also present? Archie Stephens also did the music for it. How much creative involvement they had is something is not clear - were they approached by Thorpe and told "This is what we want, do this please", or if they were involved in deeper discussions.


In any case, the whole point of Legacy is that it's a fire and light show that was set to music from old attractions. 


As for the show, it's...fine. I think that's harsh on the show in many ways: a 7 minute long show with fire, lights and loud music is always going to be good. But it's perhaps one of my least favourite such shows that I've watched.


Let me explain. Most of these types of shows go one of two ways.

The first way is that they tell a story. The fire and lights and whatever else add to that, but the story comes first. Examples are the fire show at Phantasialand's winter event, and the end show at Movie Park Germany's Halloween event. Both fantastic.

The second way is that they don't care about a story, and just go "Here's a ton of fire, lights, music and whatever else, enjoy". Example are Tulleys' Wastelands show, and even the mini fire show at the Fearstival Arena at Thorpe last year. Again, both great.


Legacy tries to have it both ways. There's an introduction from a character (Fear I think), which is a bit difficult to hear with the voice it has. I don't really get the story still, but it's basically 'Fright Nights has been going for 20 years, here's the legacy of it'. Then after that, you have 5 minutes of fire, lights and music, which blends and bootlegs/mixes different Fright Nights soundtracks and soundbites. Then you get story again, and a terrible ending of Perfect Day playing (which is meant to be like an exit song, but no one realises the show has finished, so are still awkwardly waiting for the finale which has already happened).


The trouble is, with the 5ish minutes of fire, lights, etc, it has too many lulls. These lulls happen when they're transitioning from one attraction's audio to the next usually, and sometimes contain some vague story idea. Lulls and breathers are fine in these types of shows if they serve a purpose. But they don't here - there's no story happening, and there's not been enough preceding or superseding it to justify it. 


So that's my main issue. They've tried to merge two different ideas for a fire and light show, and got the weaker parts of both of them. That still creates a decent show. But still misses the mark for me personally. I also think it's a bit too fan-servicey, which will confuse many people.


After the first show, I overheard a lot of blasé and disappointed reactions. We also saw the 9pm show and it was very thin with numbers. Harder to know what the reaction was. But with a terrible ending, there's certainly no applause.


It's important to note it's still be tweaked. With the delays, they only had one proper test run of it all, so it will change and improve. 


As I say, it's fine, and it's great to have a proper fire and light show at the park. But I'm unsure how well it will resonate with the wider audience. And I think it's too fan-servicey for it to truly be a hit. Hopefully it's popular enough to justify bringing back a similar idea on the beach next year, but maybe a bit more polished.


tl;dr - I enjoyed it, it's a good addition to the line up, but not my favourite thing.

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I’m going next week so really looking forward to seeing it in person.


From the videos I’ve seen online though, it seems like a good show - something different at Thorpe.


It’s a bit unusual isn’t it?  I think it’s the ending for me that makes it odd, and the lack of crowd.


I always think Thorpe struggle with shows. Apart from their fireworks years ago, their shows are always a bit ‘out there’ and nearly always poorly attended. I have a lot of memories of the Sun Scream shows, like the bike stunt show in the arena and the various live music things they’ve done in the past, they all have very small audiences for some reason, and always seem a bit of an after thought compared to the rides and mazes.

even recently, Big Top Showtime barely had a crowd ever. 
Shame isn’t it. 

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I still don't understand why perfect day is now seen as the flagship song of fright nights.

The You're next characters were neither amazing, something to be remembered or a Thorpe IP.

Rather a film with an IMDB rating of 6.6/10 why is this now seen as the best music ever present at Fright nights. TBH I would much prefer the ending to be some crazy rendition of the Thorpe Park happy birthday music. 

In my opinion, although I won't be able to see the show due to pass restrictions the show looks like its seriously lacking visual screens and perhaps some dancers, but not of the PG amity kind. 

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4 hours ago, JoshC. said:

I guess by 'has Jack Silkstone's fingerprints over it', that's a reference to the fact the show is effectively a throwback to a variety of attractions, past and also present?

Mainly a reference to the fact that the ending is practically his intro lol, I'm assuming Perfect Day has some kind of connection to Fright Nights but I can't find it (admittedly I've only been going to Fright Nights for two years so I'm probably not the best person for it).It's also not necessarily a bad thing that he's had some involvement, but it does run the risk of becoming too obscure in places

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Yeah the Perfect Day is an odd one isn’t it. I remember hearing it a few times at FN that year because it was the theme song for that terrible film, but it doesn’t stand out to me as iconic at all, especially as there were only a few roaming actors.


I would have said Asylum’s “other” theme tune was more iconic than that to be honest.



Or maybe Studio 13’s queue music (although hardly a banger for the show, granted!)



The one that stuck in my mind as “THE” Fright Nights song was always this one from My Bloody Valentine. (Skip to 1:25 🥲)



It’s all subjective though isn’t it 😊 I guess it depends what you hear when you’re at the park, what you were doing at the time it played, and what sticks in your memory!


I’ve had a huge wave of nostalgia listening to those just now!  I miss the “old days” (not that it was that long ago!)

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Very much agree about Perfect Day tbf. It was only used at one Fright Nights (albeit a good one), and wasn't the best fit then. It's a choice which is lost on everyone except a select few, which makes for a terrible ending. I wonder how widespread knowledge is even of the Director character too. It was only really used for 2 seasons. Obviously a recognisable name/character amongst enthusiasts, but beyond that, do people remember...or care? 


The MBV and Studio 13 soundtracks would have been good additions (that Studio 13 soundtrack is from the MBV film score...wonder if there was some potential issues using it?).

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