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1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

Nemesis track is being painted black along with Rocky Express which is moving to Forbidden Valley for 2024 and being renamed Phalanxpress.


Thats actually a fantastic name for a kiddy ride in Forbidden Valley. 


1 hour ago, Benin said:


The Duel retheme is far more important. 


Who cares about a brand new B&M?


Snowy and Emily built Mandrill mayhem as they loved going to the Zoo and seeing the Mandrills. 

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14 minutes ago, ML27 said:

Cant wait for the Ghost train viewing platform, exodus viewing platform, ,closed season viewing platform and to pay £25 for the privilege 


Don't be silly, they only do things like this for rides that people actually care about.

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Considering the track could be completed any day now(unless the rumours that the last bit of track was sent back to Ohio are true) testing could start very soon I think . But regardless, I would assume it would open with the park on opening day next season; unless there’s some big delay I don’t see it opening any later.

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I love Alton Towers, but must admit that yesterday was one of the most underwhelming visits I’ve had in recent memory.


Aside from light crowds and no Nemesis, there was no real atmosphere or lively vibe like previous ones, even with the apparent ongoing Octoberfest event. The park looks rundown in a number of places (especially X-Sector) and the staff were probably the most miserable I’ve ever seen them. Which probably explains the current managing Operations there. 

No Hex & Skyride was definitely noticeable, especially as the group would’ve appreciated less walking. Not to mention we basically completed the park around 2pm (without rushing). Having Sub-Terra back, somewhat helped a little. Though not spectacular, it WW a fun experience and hilarious seeing the reactions of those around not knowing what to expect. 

Also stayed in the Enchanted Forest, which was nice for what it was. But I certainly wouldn’t pay the high season I’ve seen from time to time. Convenient location. 

Whilst I doubt all the creases will ever be ironed, hopefully having Nemy back in 24 will help boost the lineup, maybe with those other mothballed rides. Maybe. Retro squad has outstayed its welcome. Think I’ll bail on Scarefest and fireworks this year.


Nemy 2 is looking visually stunning I must say though.

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