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I like that, is quite good, can see how it'd fit with the ride! "How nice of you to drop by" (from the Saw films?!) is definitely the best part, sounds nice and dramatic!Not so sure about the Glockenspiel bits and the girl from a couple of years ago, can't decide if they fit with the creaky tree-lightningy backing or not, but would be hard to find anything intresting to go in place of it really, so hmm at that one! Is definitely good to have something there though, breaks up the creakage nicely.Overall, I'll give it an A-. And two house points. <_<Hehe!Edit: Listened a few more times, changed my mind, s'all good! <_<

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Does anyone have any Thorpe audio they could send to me? I would like the one from Colossus that whispers power of ten, loggers wildest ride in the wilderness and any of the stealth countdown and launch ones. Also has anyone heard the new one on rush, that says 'hold on tight we're going to launch you really high' from fright nites this year ? Would someone be able to get a recording of this? Thanks

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