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Annoyingly, they've said the Dive Coaster will open in the "summer". I want to book flights and hotels by January or February, so hopefully they'll give an actual date before then!


New photos from the Efteling Facebook page, also a possible colour scheme? Construction is moving super fast, which is a good sign!









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Big news about this, with some beautiful concept art released via the park's Twitter:



Translation of the accompanying tweet:  "The name of the new attraction is known: Baron 1898! The dive coaster gets a mining theme. # Baron1898 #divecoaster"


So the ride is to be themed around a (gold) mine!  A really nice theme idea I think.


Also, here's a Dutch article about this all - http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/2953/Efteling-onthult-eerste-tekening-nieuwe-achtbaan-attractie-krijgt-duister-achtergrondverhaal.html  One interesting thing from it:




 Then follows a show where visitors come face to face with adventurer Gustave High-Courage, the main character of the attraction. In the show will be spoken. Much because of the international nature of the ride The legend recounts that Gustave ever found a nugget of gold in the mine. 'Weird Sisters', mythical creatures that look like ghostly mist, warned him not to take the gold. Note But Gustave was greedy and did not listen. He took the gold with it and bought the whole area. Then he called himself "My Baron 'and he recruited miners who were working for him. One, however, one they were livid resurfaces:. None dared to stay long in the goldmine"And we ask soon to visitors: you go to the tempting offer of the Baron?" says director Imagineering Olaf Vugts in De Telegraaf . "Test your courage and you descend as a miner down to the inexhaustible source of gold? Or put you succumb to the power of the Weird Sisters?" The roller coaster is called Baron in 1898 . He is not for everyone that there is a height requirement of at least 1.40 meters.


Ignoring the slightly odd Google translate, it seems to set up a really nice story.  Looking forward to seeing this!

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Is this not the official layout then?

From a few posts up...

In case anyone is a bit confused, the layout previously posted were confirmed over Efteling's Facebook to not be the official ones, but more to show the location of the coaster. The exact quote was:

Please note, this drawing shows the location of the new pure roller coaster again. The exact shape and size is not displayed here.

(Sourced from Towers Street).

So we have no idea on the layout - exciting times!

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What we can confirm is that there'll be a full helix and a banked turn with a small hill surrounding the queue line, there will be a vertical drop, and a small tunnel.

These are some specs released by B&M (I believe)

Height: 37,5 m
Tunnel: 7,5 m deep
Top speed: 90 km/h

Also, here's a slightly better picture of the final part of the layout and queue plans.

(source from RCTland, Dutch RCT fansite)


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Jamie that was the original plans circulating for oblivion, surprised you mistook that for eftelings real thing!!

Supposedly it will have an immelmann and either a vertical loop or zero g, as well as a helix. So its definitely more interesting then oblivion...

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^ I would say the theme is still menacing though! Although I completely get your point, this theme is not as ridiculous as some of Merlin's.


Hopefully in the queue, they'll be a smoky/misty room to help tell the story of the 'Witte Wieven' warning the main character. 

I'm so excited for this!

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