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Thats why I said it sounds like it will be shut I'm not saying it will be shut, all I'm saying is that there is a chance that if its shut Saturday it might be open Sunday.

Well theres also a chance that if it's closed on Saturday that it could be closed until June?
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Stealth might not be opened on saturdayy 14 march !! it says on the website unavalible rides and stealth is on there ...I'm really annoyed ... ive been waiting 2 years to get on that ride and wen I can go I cant go on it :@ so on fair :D would it be open during the day ?

2 years?!Cripes, what are they doing to that ride? The last time I rode Stealth, and watched it, was October. I ain't seen a car fly over the top for months now, the longest period!
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