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I think that they are waiting for a new part to be honest.

Personally I think it's a bit ridiculous. Thorpe Park advertise as opening for the main season on 14th March 2009. You would assume by this, that everything would be ready by that date. I just don't think it is acceptable to have rides not complete (winter maintenance), and general areas not ready to open on opening day. If things arn't ready, they should delay the opening day, and make sure that everything is OPEN on opening day. :) . On the other hand though, I do appreciate that the winter maintenance on some rides does take longer than others, and that this can't be completed during the winter months.
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I have yet to ride on stealth, and this is the reason why.. theres always something wrong with it whenever I go. what part do you think they are waiting for? the track or the cars..

I think we'd be able to tell if there was a piece of track missing ;).
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