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Thorpe Park Merchandise


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This is weird that no one has talked about this coz it is a seriousl cool bit of merch.


It is so cool, as it has 3D models of all the big 5 exept the swarm, which I thought was strange. It was reduced to £6 and the font on the box was the 2010-2013 font. So maybe it was an old bit of merch and they are selling the last few. But heck they are awesome.

Also the epic grenade mugs at the swarm have slightly different logos from the mug I have. It is a plain logo, rather than one which has all the white haze around it. Does not look as good. :mellow:

Sorry for rabbiting in but Yay, first post! :lol:

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I thought the Saw syringe pens were a great idea and loved the way they put them in big tubs to look just like the pit from the movie. Well done Merlin, you can be really innovative when you're trying.

Would be sensible if they did them in Buy The Smiler! :P

Really do love those syringe pens! Whenever I walk past that tub, I always thrust my hand in and start stirring it around violently to make it seem realistic! Would be pretty awesome if they hid something beneath them, like in the films with the key involved! :D

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5 hours ago, Themeparkwizard said:

Does Anyone Have Pictures Of Those Adrenaline Dolls They Sell? I'm Looking To Buy These And I Know They Have A Rush And Samurai Adrenaline Doll :)


Do you mean the doll keyrings or something else?  I have a Samurai doll keyring thing- 




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