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Lightwater Valley

Josh R

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...but not run; they only have two days for what should be an absolute moneyspinner....doh!
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Had no idea where to post this, but may as well post it here:

This was recently posted on Lightwater's Twitter account: "A few laps on The Ultimate is usually sufficient! #GetCorrected"

Niceuse of that hashtag there to perhaps get people following the 'getcorrected' hashtag to look at other theme parks? Seriously love LWV's marketing / social media usage!

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A worldwide phenomenon is catapulting into the North of England this spring, as Lightwater Valley Theme Park, North Yorkshire, confirms that it will be home to the UK’s latest Angry Birds Activity Park, opening late Spring 2013.

As the first Angry Birds Activity Park in the North of England, the site will cover over 30,000 square feet and represents a total investment of over £1.0 million.

The Angry Birds Activity Park will combine the digital world of the game with the physical world, through activity-based play, which will encourage visitors to move around and be active.

The Activity Park will be complemented by an Angry Birds retail store selling a wide range of Angry Birds official merchandise from pencils to back-packs to plush toys.

The Angry Birds Activity Park has been designed and manufactured by Lappset UK. A leading provider of play equipment, the Kettering-based company launched the Angry Birds concept last year which creates a new healthy way for the whole family to experience the Angry Birds theme.

The attraction is aimed at the whole family, allowing toddlers, children and adults to play together.

Mark Bainbridge, General Manager, at Lightwater Valley, comments:

‘We are delighted that the global phenomenon that is Angry Birds has landed at Lightwater. We feel that the new activity park is a really good fit for us as a leading family attraction – and what we really like is it will get children and adults alike active whilst having fun together. Its opening will mark the start of an exciting programme of developments, which will improve and diversify the theme park’s offer and reinforce our commitment to providing quality leisure experiences for the whole family.’

Lightwater Valley is committed to working in partnership with local businesses and organisations to support the growth and value of Yorkshire’s visitor economy.

Angry Birds has been downloaded over 1 billion times across the world, and last year it was the most popular paid-for app on Apple’s App Store. The game, now also available across different platforms, played by millions of people every day.

Further detail on the Angry Birds Activity Park will be released after Easter.


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Shame really. Can't imagine many people coming.. for an Adventure Park. The entrance fees have risen too sharply for what they actually have on offer also.

Plus Angry Birds just feels like it's on it's way out.. not many people play it anymore, so that area will feel ridiculously outdated soon enough, surely way before the 1m investment is returned.

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For a small family leisure park like Sundown this is the perfect addition, not what you'd expect from one of the more well known UK theme parks.

I think we all could think of better ways to spend a million quid, it's like Lightwater are trying to become another Wicksteed Park :P

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It's always a shame when smaller regional parks make huge losses like this http://riderater.co.uk/2014/lightwater-valley-losses-increase-near-tenfold/

Lightwater being one of the better smaller parks as well IMO, hopefully they'll start making a profit again this season...

tbh Oakwood had a 40% increase of customers last year so, I think its a case of adding more attractions to bring in the people although it will be hard if their profit margins are dropping.

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It's a great shame Lightwater have had another poor season, after the rather poor one in 2012. Although rival park Flamingo land had a profit of 1.4 million, it was still lower than the previous years.

I'm fairly concerned that if this park continues to have poor seasons and losses like this, it will suffer a tragic fate like Camelot and Loudoun Castle. The park may not have a lot to offer apart from The Ultimate and Raptor, but it would be a great shame if it went especially as we haven't really received any major new parks in the uk since Legoland.

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