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Matt Smith is leaving at the end of the year!

About time in my opinion, what does anyone else think?


I liked Matt Smith, not as much as David Tennant because he was my favourite, but I thought it was down to the quality of storylines which were to be honest very poor, I'd rather see Steven Moffat go the him, but Matt wants a career in hollywood and quiting Doctor Who was the only way he could pursue it. As for speculation of who the 12th doctor is, I pray that they don't choose a woman, the press seem to be forcing down their throat to choose a woman, so it isn't seen as sexist. But the Doctor is a man and always should, as long as its a man with good talent that isn't american I will be more then happy.

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Had never heard of the actor till today.

Won't make any judgements till their episodes are released of course - after all, how many people had heard of Smith? - so it shall be interesting. I expect we'll see a slightly more serious 'side' of the Doctor too; I do look forward to it!

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I don't like him. Too not Matt Smith for me.

People were saying the same things when David Tennant left, I wouldn't judge the person from the moment they're announced, reserve your judgement until he's actually in an episode.

Personally I think Peter Capaldi is a fantastic choice, he's a fantastic actor who has a great acting range, I'm sure he'll be a great Doctor.

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