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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    The press event for the ride will be on the evening of Thursday 29th March, so presumably the ride will be opening on Friday 30th in time for the Easter holidays. I have mixed feelings about this ride. I am intrigued to see what the ride is going to be like and whether it will be good or not. I do hope that it is actually scary. I don't mind The Walking Dead theme but I hope that this wasn't a last minute, rushed project like Sanctum clearly was. I also think it was a bad decision to remove X. It was the perfect ride for the younger thrill-seekers who don't want to go on the kid rides, but aren't tall enough to go on the major thrill rides. There isn't much for them to do anymore...
  2. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Depth Charge (5)Detonator: Bombs Away (3)Flying Fish (5)King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5)Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5)Nemesis Inferno (5)Quantum (5)Rocky Express (5)Rumba Rapids (5)Rush (7)Samurai (5)Stealth (5)Storm In A Teacup (5)The Swarm (5)Tidal Wave (5)X (5) Rush + X -
  3. Thorpe Park Ride Game 2017

    Depth Charge (4)Detonator: Bombs Away (5)Flying Fish (5)King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5)Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5)Nemesis Inferno (5)Quantum (5)Rocky Express (5)Rumba Rapids (5)Rush (5)Samurai (6)Stealth (5)Storm In A Teacup (5)The Swarm (5)Tidal Wave (5)X (5) Samurai + Depth Charge -
  4. Park Music

    The Big Top sounds AMAZING!!! All this waiting and we finally got a release
  5. Park Operations

    I’m liking the look of those 10pm closing times in the summer 😍 There are a lot more closer dates throughout the year however, especially in May and September. Also, there’s no September weekend for Fright Nights anymore
  6. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Every single other Walking Dead attraction across the globe became a permanent addition and I don't see this being any different. It's not a wise choice imo, scare attractions all year round do not work in the UK as we have seen before. The end of the "Goodbye 2017" video implied something horror related coming next year and the quote "See you at the safe zone" is very Walking Dead-ish. One of the mazes will be open all year, and if Thorpe have any sense whatsoever it will be Living Nightmare, not Sanctum... Also, how are people seriously believing that X could be rethemed to TWD. That is never going to happen. It underwent a refurbishment mid-season to spruce the ride up a little bit: The removal of the entrance is most likely a continuation of that surely? Not to mention that X is a fairly popular family coaster that does get long queues on busy days. It really does not seem plausible for them to give it a horror theme.
  7. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    "Meet you at the safe zone in 2018"... I'm intrigued as to what this means. One of the Walking Dead mazes becoming permanent? Containment related? Or something completely different..
  8. Scarefest

    I went to Scarefest on Monday, and to be honest I felt that this year wasn't so good compared to previous. Sub Species was okay. I had a bad run I think. There weren't many actors, I ended up going the shortest route through the maze and the chainsaw guy did nothing. There was one actor who completely abused me though! Altonville Mines was nowhere near as good as last year, but still great! The theming is still outstanding, but there were not enough actors, there were LOTS of dead spots. Terror of the Towers was pretty good. It's exactly the same but it made me jump loads! I loved The Welcoming though. It wasn't overly scary, but as an experience it was excellently put together. Definitely could have done with a better ending however..
  9. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    This year's Fright Nights has really impressed me! I didn't find any of the mazes bad at all last night, although there is room for improvement! Big Top - 9/10 - I didn't think that last year could get any better, but I was so wrong! The strobe maze was so disorientating, I got lost on all of my runs in it! I love all of the new rooms that they've got this year too! The actors were excellent too! Definitely the best attraction of the night! Saw Alive - 8/10 - I've never seen Saw as good as it was yesterday. Yes, it is essentially the same, but a fantastic cast makes this maze one of the best! Platform 15 - 7/10 - Wow! What an improvement on last year! Ignoring the black tunnel, this maze is 1000x better! The village scene in the middle is beautiful and the definite highlight of the maze! Living Nightmare - 7/10 - There is potential for a great maze here. The theming is immaculate, but the whole thing is over within about 2 and a half minutes. Definitely needs more actors in the first half too! Sanctum - 6/10 - The weakest maze of the night by far. It's a real shame that you don't go inside the shipping containers; a couple of indoor sections would've been nice. As with LN, it's too short, but I did still enjoy it.
  10. Fright Nights 2017

    There's even more footage here! It contains FULL POV'S of BOTH Walking Dead attractions according to the description so don't watch it unless you want to see what's in store. I haven't watched it and have no intentions to. I want to keep everything a surprise!
  11. Fright nights annual pass night

    Thorpe have been telling people on Twitter that the event is running from 4 until 10?
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    Well we can't exactly see what's inside the tunnel so we have no idea whether it'll be the same or not. Hopefully they make some big changes to everything that is past the train scene, as I actually quite liked that section of the maze. The rest was awful.
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    Yeah opening Sunday last year was very quiet, the longest queue I saw for any of the mazes was Big Top at an hour, but that went down very quickly. Everything was walk on by the end of the night too. The first two Friday's and Sundays I expect will be fairly quiet, then it will start getting busy.
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    That is just hideous. You can go to Shocktoberfest on a peak night and get 8 quality mazes for less than this... you'll probably wait half the time to get in the mazes at Shocktober too, as they will no doubt oversell them as per usual. The thing is, people are going to pay it...
  15. Fright Nights 2017

    I noticed that too. Presumably it won't be happening anymore?