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  1. or clogging up the Fastrack queue making it longer than the main queue and then getting upset when they aren't allowed to reride without queueing
  2. the new middle section I actually quite enjoyed. if they put some actors in it could be much better though but of course they won't do this unless for special events like Fright Nights
  3. Big One was only on one train due to the other two still in Maintenance and wouldnt be ready for another 4 weeks (well 3 now)!
  4. I can't make it sorry and I won't be coming to any future events. sorry yall.
  5. I think that Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the best park in the UK
  6. Adventureville is very strange but its an awesome little family ride Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  7. Regarding Gladiator I would say try to go on a day where its quiet so you get a longer cycle. On busy days the cycle usually only lasts about a minute or two minutes. Also I highly recommend trying the Haunted Mansion ride thats insane very good and also Hangover is a great drop tower. Not too forceful but the drop really gets you Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
  8. Maybe replacing SAW:Alive or the area where Cabin usually is with a year round horror maze run by an outside company(if its not run by Merlin then it might work better). When I worked at Thorpe I got asked at least 5+ more times a day if SAW alive was open so it shows there is a demand for a maze to be open all year. maybe not have it open from park start maybe open only from 1-5/11:30-4/12-6 and then at fright nights They could bring in more actors or Thorpe could suggest ideas to ramp up the experience
  9. yep you can use anything I use my phone with just a wrist strap on. its pretty much a funfair thats just glorified. (I'm not slating the place I love it but thats what it is)
  10. I'll do all the Merlin stuff with you guys but will probably nip off to Piccadilly for a little bit when you go for Lunch and then will probably meet up at Hyde Park
  11. Here is a behind the scenes look at the old London attraction
  12. Pasaje Del Terror is a Horror maze franchise which started back in 1988. there are many in Europe and South America. there is one in the UK at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and there used to be one in London at Piccadilly. There used to be one in the USA called Terror on Church Street. the original creator of Pasaje was a man named Fernando Quenard and the very first Pasaje was located in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The Thompsons bought the Pasaje franchise in around 1993-1998 and has been running for about 20 years now(the Blackpool attraction). the Pasaje usually lasts about 10-15 minutes and has many famous horror movie characters which try to scare you during the journey. it is most famous for the Blackpool one where people come running out into a bar.
  13. Hello my name is Kyle. many of you probably know me as GladiatorFanKyle. I had to make a new account as I forgot the password to my old one and couldnt get it back haha. as you can tell I am an avid fan of Pasaje Del Terror haha. I am also a very avid fan of the Dungeons
  14. Wouldn't surprise me. OL is all built up now also and only has the station and a few theming pieces to go. also the ride will be called Munich Looping instead of Olympia. this is due to rules on not being able to use Olympic theming in the UK so you won't see barely any Olympic theming on the ride at WW
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