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Walibi Holland

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3 minutes ago, Hethetheth said:

I've done solo trips to Efteling, Europa Park, Disneyland Paris, Heide Park and Gardaland solo before (The latter two I've only ever done solo) and it can be quite liberating. I did those trips because I couldn't organise friends to join me and I still wanted to go regardless.


It can feel a bit odd at times, but as long as you're relatively comfortable with your own company and  travelling in general you'll be fine. 



- You can do whatever you want without having to agree with others. This is the biggest benefit.

- Single rider queues are useful

- If it's a choice between going alone or not going at all I know what I'd pick!



- Eating alone at dinner can feel a bit weird (I generally take a book).

- Whilst rollercoasters are fine, riding rapids and log flumes alone can get your weird looks from strangers. You have to be confident in ignoring that.


If you can afford to do so I would totally get a fast track (or equivalent) as well, as long queues alone can get boring.

Thanks! I go to concerts alone sometimes when I can't find anyone to drag along and they often end up being my favourites so I'm hoping the same will apply here! Travelling around The Netherlands is an absolute doddle so no concerns there. I've done Winter Wonderland alone a couple of times purely to ride Olympia Looping over and over and never felt out of place but feel like it might be a different story in an actual theme park. 


I've wanted to visit Walibi Holland ever since I started playing RCT2 as a kid so I absolutely feel like going alone would be better than not going at all! 

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Have an update from Walibi, highlighting the 270 double inverting corner stall (which I can't help by abbreviate to 270dics from now on...) in all its glory:



And one from RMC, showing some nice upsideness:



Still on track to open July 1st this is...

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To me, it really serves home-made backyard coaster. They look like utter ****e but they are fun, can't deny. When they have versions is when they look particularly bad with the disgusting metal box supports but I guess it's necessary. Hope they find a way in the future to make them look more aesthetically pleasing because they're ugly as sin still.

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I think some of the Six Flags ones look kinda bad like TC or Joker but I think besides those examples they look pretty fine.

Wildfire and Goliath actually look better aesthetically than some B&M's IMO, Goliath's stall under its lift hill looks amazing.

Remember too these things ride really well and are fairly cheap (Wildfire was no more than 9 Million)..

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Latest Making of video:


Track is now finished (with a random ceremony including fire to celebrate, cos why not), with a train on the track ready for testing from June 1st.


It confirms the 4th (out of 5) inversions will be a 140 degree stall, and there will be a single rider queue.

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