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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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I don't get this restriction of 850m track length Thorpe has, is it to do with noise (which has no real world relevance since the shortest coaster in the park is one of the noisiest)? Somebody care to explain?

In the most recent MTDP which Thorpe submitted to the council, they said that they would not plan to build coasters that "did not exceed 850m in length". There's no obvious reason for it though (unlike with say, maximum height or number of supports in the lake, where the reason they have limits introduced is rather obvious).

So no one really knows I guess. I don't know if the number had been a reoccurring one in all the MTDP or not, so it's hard to even say if this is a long term thing, or if in 2010 Thorpe simply didn't expect to introduce a particularly long coaster. But given Colossus is the longest coaster on park, at 850m, it could well be.

Of course, as we've seen with WC16, the MTDP is by no means binding, so in theory, they could have applied to build a longer coaster if they wanted. When the next MTDP appears (either this year or next), we'll no doubt see whether Thorpe have the chance to build a longer coaster. :)

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So obviously this isn'y a legitment layout, nor did I even think it through. If thorpe WERE to get a 200ft B&M Hyper, then this is what they could possibly do with it. Obviously the park does have its limitations like all parks do but this space here seems the best place a B&M Hyper could go. It could also potentially open up a new themed area with afew flats - but as I said this is only an idea of how the space could be used, it is nothing serious.c21f0e43e0feba4367e0becee23dd0fb.jpg

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What Thorpe own is in the blue boundary (quite a lot). Pink is where they're allowed to develop into. They don't and won't own the other side of Monks walk. The walk is a public path, and the other side is owned by the waterski company or group. They apparently hate the park and would never sell according a friend who went there all the time :)

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I've seen many people suggest using that pathway along the back of Inferno, Rapids and up to Loggers many times for a coaster, but I just don't think it would work.  

The pathway is used for access by staff (maintenance, engineering, landscaping, etc), so removing that means they would all have to enter the park from by Depth Charge.  That could be particularly troublesome if they need to get to the back of the park whilst the park is open.


Also, it's very close to Monks Walk, which, as has been said, is a public walkway.  What would happen if a guest had a loose belonging that flew off the ride and unfortunately hit someone who was walking down that way?  It could get very messy.  Likewise, what would happen if someone tried to sneak into the park from Monks Walk (it does happen!), and walked into the ride area?  


And don't forget, that area is actually quite narrow.  There's no reason why they couldn't put a coaster in there, but I just don't quite see the point, when they've got plenty of other spaces where it could go?  


So yeah, it's a nice idea and could possibly work, but I just can't see a coaster ever going there.

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The height restrictions imposed by Heathrow is 500ft. A compromise between the council and Thorpe is the most likely the cause for the hight restriction. Likely the noise and the sight of steel.


It's mostly sight; the noise impact of the coasters and rides (and associated screaming) is pretty minimal in the development zone.  Hence why Stealth is white for the majority of the top hat (since that's the best colour to blend in with the skyline), and Swarm's high points were carefully chosen to minimize 'sight pollution' outside the park.  


The majority of the noise concerns the park have heard have been about MoS nights (which have actually been largely unfounded) and the volume of the speakers (which has caused a few issues).  The rides themselves don't cause much problem amongst locals.  :)

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Can I ask a quick question in the early days of thorpe the land which is now the waterski was on the park map with attractions ... How did that work with monks walk ?


I believe there was a pathway from the farm area down to a bridge which went over Monks Walk, that would lead you to be able to access those attractions.  Once the two areas became separated, I think the bridge was just blocked off so no one cross over it.  It probably still exists.  :)

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Something like this might be a good idea IMO - it would be quite similar to a hyper coaster but without the need to be over the park's height restrictions, and it would appeal to families and thrillseekers alike.



(I would prefer a wooden coaster though!)


that just looks like a cheaper, bumpier & less fun intamin megalite :P

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