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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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1 hour ago, JoshC. said:


Interesting, I feel the opposite.


The image has been the key concept art image, and really drives home the height and scale of it to me. And I think 'tallest and fastest' coaster is enough of a draw in its own right.

I think I’m criticising more the way instagram displays ads more than anything.


The image is great, it’s just easy to scroll past on instagram. There’s not text or anything to grab attention.

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On 1/17/2024 at 9:56 PM, tactic said:

That's good to hear! To be honest though, I don't really understand why everyone is worried about the trims at that point of the ride. All they are there to do is slow the train down enough so that the forces are safe, if they are needed at all. I don't get why some people are acting like they are going to slow the train down to almost a complete stop...


I blame Taron for all this anti trim behaviour. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

The golden part of the lift hill is now in place!


It looks like that’s it now for gold track pieces, only some white pieces to go now.


Looking forward to seeing it at its full height. It’s already looking enormous from the M3.


Any guesses at an opening date?

I’m going to take a punt at early May.

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12 hours ago, Inferno said:

Any guesses at an opening date?



The park have recently announced that this year's Mardi Gras event will be taking place from 29th March to 14th April, as opposed to in May. They also currently have an early bird ticket offer, where if you book for a visit before 25th April by the start of March, your entrance ticket costs £29.


I'd say both of those show that it won't open in April (as it's the park's way of getting people to visit).


May still feels possible. I'd say track will completed by mid-March. Given there's already been a lot of electrical work, 2 months for testing, landscaping, styling (which has also already started) feels plausible.


So yeah, I'm saying mid-to-late May is likely the aim at the moment.

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Is there any news on the Princess Diana memorial? It would probably make sense to move it elsewhere in the park as it has no affiliation to the new area. Loggers boat 3 was part of the memorial all planted up however, it's now in a sorry state in the access road behind Rumba. I am no Royal, far from it but it's an important part of the parks history. When I worked at the park in 2010 there were some US tourists who visited just to see it! 

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I wasn't climbing before we met, now every bit of weather is a potential threat, and I'm possessive it isn't nice, you've heard me say that before May is our only chance, but now it isn't true, not other cranes are new, now all we've learned, is overturned, what can we dooooooooooo



don't go, wasting your whole budget, give us a deadline please,



crane your neck high, we want to fly, what can we doooooooooooo

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The memorial is done really well over in the garden and it’s a much better place for it now Loggers is gone. It’s good they’ve kept that up for all these years.


Jack Silkstone’s latest video shows a little room in the back corner of the loading platform.  Any ideas what this could be for?




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Interesting one that.


It's on the load side, but away from the entrance to the station, and too far in to be part of a front row queue, or where staff would stand during dispatch.


My best guest at the moment would be a storage room, either for computers which might control AV in the station or for staff uniform, if they decide to have themed/styled uniforms for the ride. Could also be used to store evac equipment, etc.


Or they're forward thinking, and they'll put the computers that run the VR in there when they chuck compulsory headsets on in Year 3 😉

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2 hours ago, Benin said:

Have they got a lift for disabled people somewhere on the plans? 


I mean, it'll end up broken and left to rot like Saw's and Inferno's but it's THERE.


Yep, the lift has been installed.


As tactic said, they've been vocal about improving accessibility, and I know behind the scenes there has been a genuine want to improve accessibility too. I know they've looked at a lot of options to making Hyperia as accessible as possible to as many different people as possible (whether some of these ideas come to fruition remains to be seen).


Also, the Inferno lift was working again last season (I don't know how long for, but it was in use for at least part of the year!)

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To note it here:


The new map has confirmed Hyperia will have a 1.3m height restriction 


The map also shows the ride shop will be called Hyporium and a sweer treat stand, Cloud Nine Treats, will also be located nearby.


The park have also confirmed that there's no backwards row in the passholder group. 



Also, looking at the new map, the queue entrance shows massive wings akin to the ride logo. That could be a pretty cool visual for the queue entrance!

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