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Time for another bumper update. 


Top 10 coasters

1/ Helix

2/ Wodan

3/ Taron

4/ Blue Fire


6/ Black Mamba 

7/ Silver Star

8/ Baron 1898

9/ Thirteen 

10/ Balder



Top 10 parks visited 

1/ Europa Park

2/ Disneyland Paris 

2/ Phantasialand 


5/ Liseberg

6/Alton Towers 

7/Blackpool Pleasure Beach

8/ Paultons Park

9/ Thorpe Park

10/ Legoland Windsor


top 10 water rides 

1/ Chiapas


3/  Flying Dutchman

4/ River Quest

5/ Fjord River Rafting 

6/  Wildwasservbahn (Europa)

7/ Liseberg Rapids

8/ Piranha Rapids

9/ Liseberg log flume 

10/ Congo River Rapids



Top 10 Dark Rides


1/ Tower Of Terror

2/ Pirates of the Caribbean DLP

3/ Hex

4/ Valhalla

5/ Fate Morgana

6/ Ratatouille

7/ Droomvlucht

8/ Maus Au Chocolate 

9/  Arthur the ride

10/ Duel


Safe ge to say a fair bit is updated. Who knows when the next update will be. 

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One little visit to Paultons Park has changed my list quite a bit.


1 - Galactica. Of course. If you don't know my love for Galactica, you must never have even seen one little bit of me on this website. :wub:


2 - Dragon's Fury. I always used to rate Vampire higher than Fury but since Summer began it's always been flipping back and forth. I've decided Fury beats it though.


3 - Flight of the Pterosaur. Vampire doesnt make it into my top 3 anymore which is quite astonishing considering how I was when it was my favourite ride. Flight would have been on the same level as Galactica and Fury had it been longer. I wasn't impressed on my first ride, but after one on the front and one on the back, and it was amazing. Nearly everything about this ride is perfect - the force, the airtime, the theming - all that let's it down is it's length.


4 - Vampire. I know right. Fourth. Speaking of fourth, it was after a ride on the fourth row of Vampire that I realised how rough this ride is. I still love it near the back row, but due to those jolts just before the second lift and tunnel I hit my head way too much. Padded seats is what it needs. Come on Merlin, I know you can!


5 - Thirteen. I like 13, but it doesn't come anywhere near my top 3. Really challenges Vampire. I'm really not sure if I'll be able to keep riding it though, the actual ride itself is great but that snapping sound before the drop is way too loud.


6 - Cobra (Paultons). Having never been on an inverting coaster Helixes are my favourite coaster elements and Cobra has plenty. Not to mention it's fair share of airtime, and I like the restraints too.


7 - Kobra (Chessie). I love Kobra. I'm putting it on my top 10 coasters because why not, but it's definetly my favourite flat ride. It's not scary, just fun (despite what my mum says), and the operator is great too.


8 - Velociraptor. I liked Velociraptor, but it lacked airtime imo. You barely get any near the back or in the middle, and there's not much force either.


9 - Spinball Whizzer. What can I say? I love Maurer spinners, and I like Spinball but it's very short and doesn't have a patch on Fury.


10 - Mias Riding Adventure. Once again, this is on my favourite coasters list because why not. I find Mias more intense than Kobra, but I find Kobra more fun.

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After a recent visit to Six Flags, I now have an updated top 15 (the top 3 from Six Flags slot right in together):

1. Shambhala

2. Kingda Ka

3. El Toro

4. Nitro

5. Manta

6. Mako

7. Cheetah Hunt

8. Sheikra

9. Silver Star

10. Space Mountain: Mission 2

11. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

12. Montu

13. OzIris

14. Stealth

15. Kraken

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Top 5 new rides of 2016


1. Taron 

2. Hyperspace Mountain

3. Alice in Wonderland

4. Grizzly River Run

5. Nemos Submarine Voyage


New shows

1. World of Color: Celebrate

2. Paint the Night parade

3. Disneyland Forever


New Characters met

1. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

2. Judy Hopp and Nick Wild from Zootropolis

3. Rapuzel

4. Captain Mickey

5. Dr Facillier

6. Louis the Alligator/Crocodile

7. Chewbacca

8. Kylo Ren


Park visit 2016 Ranking

1. California Adventure

2. Phantasialand

3. Disneyland 

4. Alton Towers

5. Thorpe Park 


My aim in 2017 is to visit way more parks. This has been a quiet year.

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With a fair few new parks on the cards for 2017, and a few that have highly rated coasters, lets see where things stand after Florida and having thought about it.


Nemesis: It looked even better this year in the dark. Always rides well. Is the only good thing about Towers atm.


Manta: It's such an elegant ride. I love the queue, the music, the ride, everything is great.


Oz'iris: Biggest surprise of the year by far, proves B&M still know how to make them (well, a few years ago at least)


Hulk:  It rides no different to how it used to, but the music is awesome and the queue is way cooler (in both ways), so while only 4th it is an improvement on old Hulk.


Tonnere De Zeuss: I love the way its rickety, it's how a woodie should be.


Mummy: Down one, it's an amazing ride but it really is showing its age and needs a good refurb.


Blue Fire: Riding this again in October just made me love it more. It's a brilliant ride with a great mix of elements. Looks fab at night too


Montu: I'm putting this back in. Yes it's a big B&M, but it still packs some force and is sooo much fun.


Stealth: Big fan of Stealth. Still gives a great thrill everytime you ride it. The playlist is solid too


Taron: It's known I didn't rave about this when I got off it, like it was good, but I didn't think much of it. But now I look back and it really was good fun, swooping through the buildings and the surroundings. It's this or Troy.


Mako is a good new ride, made me appreciate airtime coasters more but still not making it in. No pressure Shambhala :) 


Dark rides is simple:


Spider-Man: Need I say.


Tower of Terror: Again, no comment


Forbidden Journey: Great new tech


Transformers: It's just not Spider-Man


Gringotts: Really enjoyed this one and look forward to the tech being further developed


Maus Au Chocolat: So much fun, lighthearted


 Kong: It's got some issues, but the experience from entering the queue to the exit is complete. The animatronic is stunning and the queue is mildly unnerving!


Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney classic. Much fun.


Challenge of Tutankhamun: Great ride system, sets, story, intensity


Men In Black: By far my favourite shooter.

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Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I decided to update my top 10 theme parks.


1. Six Flags Great Adventure

2. PortAventura

3. Europa Park

4. Busch Gardens Tampa

5. SeaWorld Orlando

6. Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park

7. Parc Asterix

8. Disney's Hollywood Studios

9. Alton Towers

10. Thorpe Park


Honorable mentions go to Islands of Adventure, I did feel some of the excitement but Hulk not being open meant a huge part of the adventure felt missing. Also, I would like to mention mention Disney's Animal Kingdom which had an atmosphere that is well worth the visit alone, though it didn't really blow me away or anything. Another park that deserves a shout is Parque De Atracciones De Madrid, a park in an amazing location on top of a hill where crowds were minimal which allowed me to ride Abismo (Maurer SkyLoop XT 450) 8 times whilst getting many other rides done; but it was a Spanish park so there were many aspects which made me question my opinion.


The only park that is insecure on that list is Europa, it's the only park I haven't visited since I became an enthusast (I went before I was really interested in roller coasters). My opinion is basically from a GP's perspective. But I can remember many moments vividly such as screaming my head off on Silver Star to screaming on just about any drop until the feeling became normal. It is currently the park I'm most dying to go back to.

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1. Oz'iris
2. Nemesis
3. Taron
4. The Ultimate
5. Wodan
6. Blue Fire
7. Oblivion
8. Baron 1898
9. Troy
10. Goliath (Walibi Holland)

It's a bit of a mixed bag, but I still have a few big coasters to do in Europe, so that will change things... And I stand by my decision that Oz'iris is better than Nemesis, because Nemesis is great but is just missing one little thing that would make it perfect.

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1. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

2. Skull Island: Reign of Kong

3. Escape from Gringotts

4. Forbidden Journey

5. Transformers - The Ride 3D

6. Nemesis

7. Hex - The Legend of the Towers

8. The Smiler

9. Nemesis Inferno

10. Derren Brown's Ghost Train (No. I'm being serious)


So yeah. Dark rides take the top 5 for me. ;)

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1) Shambhala. No need for an explanation, most exhilarating coaster ever!

2) Nemesis. Was No. 1 before riding Shambhala.

3) Hex.... when it's open.

4) Dragon Khan. Little rough, but has a very similar feel to Nemesis which I why I like it.

5) The Smiler. Still really enjoy it, even after the accident.

6) Sheikra. Despite queueing hours for this when it has just opened in 2005, it was worth the wait for that single ride!

7) Galactica. Don't shoot me please! The theme works great for me, the VR is far better than it's *ahem*, "psychological" rival, and so's the music.

8) Megafobia. One of the most underestimated and surprisingly forceful wooden coasters I have ridden.

9) Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios). Different ride every time, scared the life out of me first time. Great!

10) Stealth. Short, simple and fast.

It must be said though, positions 1-5 might change entirely for me later this year when getting on Taron and Helix for the first time. I hope so as they both look great!

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Favourite rides (UPDATED)


1. Tower of terror (Orlando)

2. Helix

3. Taron 

4. Shambhala

5. Sheikra 

6. Black Mamba

7. Nemesis 

8. Manta

9. Amazing adventures of Spider-Man

10. Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey


to be fair, the top 4 are set in stone but 4 down could really be in any particular order.


The Tower is definately my outright favourite ride but my favourite coaster can easily be any of Helix,Shambhala and Taron. They are all that good!!



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3 minutes ago, Martin Doyle said:

Favourite rides 


1. Tower of terror (Orlando)

2. Shambhala 

3. Nemesis

4. Incredible Hulk Coaster

5. Sheikra 

6. Dragon Khan

7. Kraken 

8. Amazing adventures of Spider-Man

9. Montu 

10. Kumba


to be fair, the top 3 are set in stone but 4 down could really be in any particular order

I'm surprised El Toro didn't make the list (I'm correct in remembering you said you went to Six Flags?).


But Shambhala and TOT is no suprise. One is my number one coaster and the other is my number one dark ride.

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On 1/29/2017 at 10:36 PM, 'Airtime Falcon' said:

I'm surprised El Toro didn't make the list (I'm correct in remembering you said you went to Six Flags?).


But Shambhala and TOT is no suprise. One is my number one coaster and the other is my number one dark ride.


It was a tough list to make. On reflection I suppose I could remove Hulk for El toro (hell even Nitro) but I kind of have a soft spot for Hulk for some reason. HELL I HAD A BRAIN FREEZE AT THE TIME OF MAKING THIS LIST AND LEFT OUT HELIX WHICH IS ONE OF MY TOP 3 COASTERS!! :o

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The one you have all be waiting for TOP 10 COASTERS


10.Troy (Superb coaster but it is missing some themeing) 

9.Black Mamba (If Inferno and Nemesis had a love child) 

8.Anubis (out standing launch in my opinion and a very compact layout loved the TV show )

7. Th13teen (Fantastic Family coaster and I just love the supernatural theme)

6. Nemesis Inferno (Its me Inferno is always on my list)

5. Taron  ( The Themeing the area the intensity all works and is a marvel to gander at)

4. Dwervelwind ( I don't know what it is but I adore this coaster its cute layout  the music the magical feeling)

3. Blue Fire (Great coaster has some very smooth transitions and is a great experience)

2. Arthur (It's like a theatrical production in motion the scenes are great fun quirky)

1. Wodan ( I still have not ridden a coaster that has beaten the pure intensity of the transitions and speed it picks up so yes its my number 1)

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I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I've come to the conclusion that Silver Star cannot be on my list.


I'm not kicking it off because I think it's a bad ride, but because my opinion is very insecure. I rode it in 2011, before I was an enthusiast. It was my first ride I can remember riding to feature a drop so instead of really enjoying it, I was screaming the entire time. My opinion became based off POVs I had seen and as I had never really heard a real review of the ride, I assumed it would be one of my favourites.


The Big One isn't on my list for a very similar reason which I cannot be botherered to explain.


This has altered my top 15, and I have decided that Nemesis will take the number 15 spot. The hype from Nemesis doesn't last long on me, but I do remember preferring it to every other ride at AT and the more I think about it, the more I remember how much actually liked the ride.


My slightly altered top 15:

1. Shambhala

2. Kingda Ka

3. El Toro

4. Nitro

5. Manta

6. Mako

7. Cheetah Hunt

8. Sheikra

9. Space Mountain: Mission 2

10. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

11. Montu

12. OzIris

13. Stealth

14. Kraken

15. Nemesis


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Mine would be:-


1, Baron 1898 (Efteling)

2, Mystery Castle (Phantasialand)

3, Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

4, Flying Dutchman (Efteling) 

5, Arthur (Europa) 

6, Taron (Phantasialand)

7, Winjas force and fear (Phantasialand) 

9, th13teen (Alton) 

10 Silver star (Europa) 

11, Blue fire (Europa) 

12, Troy (Toverland)

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Having ridden 4 B&M hypers (3 of which I remember riding vividly), airtime isn't the only thing I look for in them


I enjoy the feeling of constantly falling after each hill that was what scared the life out of me on Silver Star back in 2011. I also enjoy being high up in and going very far away from the station which gives a sense of exploration.


I think if I were to ride Silver Star again, I'm not sure I'd love it as much as I claimed I did. But knowing me, I will enjoy Silver Star and I guarantee it would make my top 15 because surely everyone has realised by now that I'm (a little) obsessed with B&M hypers <_<

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Having ridden silver star around 20 times in 2016 in various different positions and seating configurations... its a ride that can vary so differently.  Sometimes its ejector seat madness thats amazing and others it just doesnt hit the spot ..... 


Its a marmite coaster because it doesnt deliver a constant  or comparative experience from one day to the next regardless if your sitting in the same seat .....

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Silver Star is a very hit and miss coaster indeed. My first ride was great, my second was amazing and my final ride being rather inadequate in comparison, which is surprising because it was towards thr back in the rain.


Silver Star ranks my tops purely as one of just two hyper coasters  I have done (The Big One being the other). Whether it will remain in my Tops list after Shambhala is currently not yet known.


Regardless, the attraction has many plus points, from its impressive height, racing hall queue exhibits (which change seasonally) and it's one of the highest throughout coasters in Europe (around 1700 PPH). It would never get a two hour queue if all line extensions were open.

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