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Here's the definitive list of all the European B&Ms you've all been waiting for!


1 - Nemesis
2 - Katun
3 - Oz'Iris
4 - Shambhala
5 - Dragon Khan
6 - Oblivion
7 - Raptor
8 - Silver Star
9 - Superman la Atraccion de Acero
10 - Batman La Fuga

11 - Air
12 - Krake
13 - Swarm
14 - Black Mamba
15 - Nemesis Inferno
16 - Monster

17 - Daemonen
18 - Flug der Damonen


Quite amusing how I've rated half of the B&M Inverts at the top AND the bottom of the list, with only the Demon themed rides being dead last...


Of course, just being bottom of the B&M list doesn't mean the coaster is bad...

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Here's the definitive list of all the European B&Ms you've all been waiting for!


1 - Nemesis

2 - Katun

3 - Oz'Iris

4 - Shambhala

5 - Dragon Khan

6 - Oblivion

7 - Raptor

8 - Silver Star

9 - Superman la Atraccion de Acero

10 - Batman La Fuga

11 - Air

12 - Krake

13 - Swarm

14 - Black Mamba

15 - Nemesis Inferno

16 - Monster

17 - Daemonen

18 - Flug der Damonen


Quite amusing how I've rated half of the B&M Inverts at the top AND the bottom of the list, with only the Demon themed rides being dead last...


Of course, just being bottom of the B&M list doesn't mean the coaster is bad...


Agree with the top five, such a fantastic group of rides (even if I am partial to a bit of Superman de Acero myself). After them, the rides are solid but not outstanding and yet perfectly acceptable.

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That's a pretty big difference between Swarm and Flug. Lower than Daemonen was well?! What are the main reasons?


Because it's the worst Wing-Rider (primarily because it bounces throughout the entire course in every row/side/seat), is pretty rubbish from a theming aspect as a result the cool looking layout is just made pretty redundant... Also it's so, so slow and cumbersome to boot...


Plus Daemonen is so cute and adorable :wub:

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Barely ridden any of these but B&M is my favourite company, it is always so smooth and I don't know B&M coasters are always great :wub:

From what I have ridden my list goes like this:

1. Shambhala

2. The Swarm

3. Nemesis inferno

4. Dragon Khan

Unforunately these are the only ones I've ridden but hope to ride more in the future, I did enjoy dragon khan but just enjoyed the other B&Ms a bit more :P. Shambhala and the swarm beat inferno and khan by a long way in my opinion though :o

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Oh go on then, my B&M list, although it isn't limited to Europe (as I am yet to ride them all)


1. Nemesis

2. Superman de Acero

3. Katun

4. Oz'Iris

5. Tatsu

6. Shambhala

7. Kumba

8. Dragon Khan

9. Medusa

10. Manta

11. Scream

12. Sheikra

13. Oblivion

14. Black Mamba

15. Raptor

16. The Swarm

17. Riddlers Revenge

18. Batman The Ride (Backwards at MM)

19. Silver Star

20. Kraken

21. Montu

22. Nemesis Inferno

23. Chinese Fireball

24. Air

25. The Incredible Hulk

26. Dæmonen

27. Hungarian Hungtail

28. Silver Bullet

29. Batman La Fuga

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Only done five B&M's (unsurprisingly all from uk Merlin parks) but here goes anyway

1/ Nemesis

2/ The Swarm

3/ Air

4/ Oblivion

5/ Nemesis Inferno

Whilst inferno gets to the bottom of the list, it's proved greatly in the last couple of seasons.

Doubt I'll get another new B&M cred anytime soon, especially this year unless we get another for 2015, I win the lottery or find a genie.

2015 could be promising though

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Mine for B&M is:

1. Nemesis

2. Silver Star

3. Kraken (I went 4 years before Manta opened so I havent had chance to try it)

4. Nemesis Inferno

5. Oblivion

6. The Swarm

7. Air


Although I will be trying out 2 new ones soon so I'm excited to see where they place themselves.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's that time of year again, where after getting lots of new coasters up in Blackpool, it's time to update my top 10's

10/ Nemesis Inferno- most improved ride in 10 years

9/ Oblivion- it's a one trick pony but that drop is amazing

8/ Thirteen- the second half is fantastic

7/ Air- much better than I expected

6/ Speed- best euro fighter lay outin the uk

5/ Big Dipper- amazing ride, it may be 90 but it packs a big punch

4/ The Swarm- amazing drop, theming and inversions, plus this ride has improved so much already

3/ Grand National- what's better than a woodie? A racing woodie, not to mention amazing layout

2/ Megafobia- the thrilling layout and air time still makes this my top woodie

1/ Nemesis, to describe this ride as amazing is still an understatement

Things to mention/

Smiler loses its place altogether due to how rough I is for a supposedly new coaster (notably the 2nd half)

Did Air after not done it for a couple years and was surprised how good the ride actually was, really enjoyed it,

Dragon just loses out on its place although its probably still in my top 20

Inferno stays there for improving so much and being a B&M in Thorpe alone.

Big one was good but apart from the drop, the ride didn't blow me away and make me go wow!

Avalanche is good but just to short

Now, time for dome new top 10's water end dark rides-

Dark rides

10/ TombBlaster- great ride- but needs a lot of refurbishing

9/ X- Thorpe park, pretty decent dark coaster- uk needs more roller coaster dark rides

8/ Sub a Terra- not bad for a shipping container drop tower

7/ Spirit Of London- great Wardley ride, this summarises the London story so well.

6/ The Dragon- debatable whether to class it as one, but the dark ride section us just so good on here

5/ Bubbleworks- I know it's not as good as it was, but this ride is just so fun and pleasant to go on

4/ Duel- great fun ride, really enjoy shooting at the models whilst hearing the amazing soundtrack

3/ Wallace & Gromit' ride always been a great fan of Wallace and Gromit and this ride tells the story well, plus high equality models

2/ Valhalla- truly amazing ride, the effects are unbelievable plus it gets you soaking wet too!

1/ Hex- the story, the theme tune, the atmosphere, this ride is a masterpiece

Water Rides

10/ The Flume- it's alright but gets a little boring unless your in a fun group

9/ Traitor- boat ride- short but sweet, just needs more effects and everything here

8/ Dragon Falls- this ride could be potentially higher if it was more extensively themed

7/ Tidal Wave- excellent theming subs everything, just a bit too wet for me at most times

6/ Pirate Falls- a simple ride layout greatly improved by interactive models and story

5/ Viking River Splash- Great paced rapids, easily the wildest in the uk

4/ Loggers Leap- great double drop, only ruined by the tunnel being removed and lake water

3/ Drenched- the drop is brilliant, very wet but more bearable than tidal wave

2/ Congo River Rapids- very fun, long length moderately wet rapids ride

1/ Valhalla- see top 10 dark rides

With the possible exception of winter wonderland (which won't change anything), it's very unlikely that this list will get an update until somepoint in 2015 where should everything go to plan, I could find quite a few bits of new credits appearing (fingers crossed).

New coaster creds so far 2014

Avalanche, Big Dipper, Big One, Blue Flyer, Grand National, Infusion, Nicklodeon Streak, Revolution, Rita, Runaway Mine Train, Steeplechase, Sonic Spinball, Wild Mouse.

New dark ride creds so far,

Spirit Of London, Traitor boat ride, Extremis London mk2,, Duel, Sub-Terra, Wallace & Gromit, Valhalla, Ghost Train, Impossible, Alice In Wonderland, Coral Island indoor monorail, Extremis Blackpool

New water ride creds 2014 so far,

Congo River Rapids, The Flume, Traitor boat ride, Valhalla, South Pier Log flume

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Keeping Her place at Number 1 we have 




surprisingly another B&M at number 2 and A gerstlaure? 


2.The Swarm/Saw The ride


 At number 3 we have the worlds first B&M Dive machine yes you guesed it 




Another Worlds first coming in at number 4?




 my number 5 is?




Coming in at Number 6 The Power of 10


6. Colossus


Number 7 another Gerstlaure has made it onto the list


7.The Smiler 


3,2,1 Go Go Go




Number 9 it is Europes First Inverted Coaster




And at Number 10 we have 


Thorpe Parks Flat Rides  :D


1.Nemesis Inferno

2.The Swarm/Saw The Ride


4.Grand National


6.The Big Dipper

7.The Smiler



10. Steeplechase/Wildmouse

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Guess I better take the challenge and list my top 10 coasters that AREN'T just B&M! :P


1. SheiKra: A stupidly exhilarating coaster with TONS of G-force! Absolutely love it! :wub:

2. Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain: An absolutely brilliant coaster with stunning themeing, a great storyline...and a heart-pounding face-to-face Yeti encounter!

3. Furius Baco: Definitely a much loved coaster! Launch, inline twist, themeing, storyline, preshow...SOUNDTRACK ( :wub:) - LOVE IT! :D

4. Manta: A fantastic experience with some great moments of G-force! Love the water effect and the close encounter with the waterfall also!

5. Montu: An intense coaster experience with the perfect combination of inversions, G-force and themeing!

6. The Incredible Hulk Coaster: Love the launch...and not forgetting the rest of the ride itself and the punch it packs! :D

7. Nemesis: Nowhere near as intense as Montu, but it's still a brilliantly themed coaster with a decent amount of G-force! But one of the things that get me most about it is its roar... :)

8. The Smiler: Though it isn't heavily themed, it still looks as amazing as it is riding it! Never forget my first time on it! :D

9. Oblivion: Though the drop itself is incredible, I still prefer the whole buildup in the queue...which all leads up to the moment you're on that precipice!

10. Air: Nowhere near as amazing as Manta, but it's still good for the experience of free-flight!

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This is My Top 10 Coasters -not gonna add reasons why because they will all pretty much have the same reason (I like this coaster a lot) stuff.


10. Air

9.  Colossus - Very good ride in August, didn't feel much roughness at all!

8. Th13teen

7. Yarmouth Scenic Railway - No inversions but still great fun - amazing how well this is being maintained thumbs up to them! 

6. Saw The Ride

5. Oblivion 

4. SWARM - Since my ride in August I now love this ride :D

3. Nemesis Inferno

2. Stealth

1. Nemesis

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With 2013 nearly behind us and my trip to Florida completed a week ago, time for a top 10.



  1. Nemesis
  2. The Hulk
  3. Manta.
  4. The Mummy (USF)
  5. Montu
  6. Kumba
  7. Expedition Everest
  8. The Swarm
  9. Cheetah Hunt
  10. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Non Coasters

  1. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
  2. Hollywood Tower of Terror
  3. Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls
  4. Forbidden Journey
  5. Transformers
  6. Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island
  7. Duel
  8. The Simpsons
  9. E.T.
  10. Slammer


Lets take a revised look at this then.


1. Nemesis: It's not moving. Yet.

2. Manta: Manta and Hulk are two I'm never sure on which one I prefer so this time round Manta can take it!

3. Hulk: Adore this ride. Was one of my first major accomplishments and it's abroad.

4: The Mummy: Dark ride coaster bliss. 

5: Everest: Must be the highest rated Vekoma in the world.

6: Kumba: I think it should be ahead of Montu majority of the time, depends how both of them are being trimmed.

7: Montu: It's good.

8: White Lightning: Must have forgotten about this last year. It's brilliant!

9: Swarm/Inferno: Depends which one is running best. Stealth is sometimes in the mix too.

10: The Ultimate: Yeah I'm quite shocked too but it's amazingly relentless and just terrifying fun!


Non Coasters


1. Spiderman: This will probably never change (I'd put this as my favourite ride of all time, well ahead of Nemesis).

2. Tower of Terror: Again, won't move probably.

3: Forbidden Journey: I don't like getting soaked so this can go above Dudley.

4. Dudley: It's great.

5. Valhalla: How I forgot this last time and ended up with Slammer in the top 10 I don't know. 

6. Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island: Now it's closed I'm tempted to make it number 1.

7: Transformers: Didn't enjoy it as much as Spiderman.

8. Duel/Hex: Love them both.

9. E.T. It's fun and happy! 

10. Time Machine: CRAZY!

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1. Valhalla

Absolutely amazing ride.  The effects are stunning, the drops are thrilling, it has a brilliant soundtrack and has been my favourite ride since I was 6 years old!  It's phenomenal that we have something of this scale in the UK.

2. The Big One

I know some people don't like it but personally I love The Big One!  The first drop is out of this world, and the rest of the layout is still great fun IMO, with the bumpiness adding to the fun.  Also, I have got airtime on several of the hills on a non - windy day so it does provide airtime!

3. Wild Mouse

I just love this coaster!  Insane from start to finish, when running at it's best it's probably the most intense ride experience on Earth.  Much better than any modern "thrill" coaster.  Also the generous restraint allows for fantastic airtime!

4. Grand National

Intense, airtime filled, fantastic layout, hidden drops, head-choppers; this coaster has it all and more.  Also the racing element is just fab!

5. Megafobia

Continuing the long line of wooden coasters is Megafobia.  Brilliant intense coaster, although only really gets good after it's been running for a few hours.  Airtime, bizarre yet brilliant turns, and amazing ejector airtime on the first drop in the back!

6. Nemesis

After riding Nemesis a lot more this year (22 times in a day via SRQ back in August, plus various other times throughout the season), I have truly come to appreciate just how good it is.  Intense, forceful, relentless, it truly lives up to it's name!

7. The Smiler

As a fan of intense coasters that throw you around, the roughness on The Smiler makes it all the more enjoyable for me!  The two airtime hills are good, a few of the inversions stand out as spectacular and it's just an overall fun ride!  Also, the theme music...  :D 

8. Big Dipper

If this was on it's absolute top form more often I would place it above The Smiler.  It's a really fun ride, and it is truly amazing to think that generations of people have been enjoying it for 91 years!

9. Speed

Fantastic coaster from start to finish.  Quite intense, creative layout and possibly the best single moment of airtime I have ever experienced on a coaster!

10. The Swarm

Whilst I am not usually a fan of smooth coasters, The Swarm just has something that keeps me coming back for more.  It's different, unique, fun, and starting to get quite forceful despite only being a few years old.  Hopefully this will continue over the years!  Also the theming is fantastic.  If it didn't have the backwards rows I would probably place it above Speed, but I don't feel as if I can truly appreciate it by riding it properly in the back rows (since 2012 when it wasn't as forceful).


A notable mention goes to the Revolution at BPB, as it's a coaster I really like but it didn't quite make it to my top 10.

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No new cred on the cards for me for this year, so my Top 5s:


Top 5 Coasters


1)  The Swarm (Forwards) - Sheer perfection in my eyes.  Absolutely love it, mixes elegance and force into one ride, with near misses which vary from in your face to subtle.  I never want to give it a perfect rating, but just can't justify not... 10/10


2)  Nemesis - Still sitting strongly at Number 2.  Fantastic ride with a unique position.  But, unfortunately, I find my ride experience varies, from 'a bit forceless' to 'woah, that was a bit too forceful it was uncomfortable at points'.  9/10


2.5) The Swarm (Backwards- I'm unsure whether to stick this in my Top 5 or not.  It is a different experience and, in my honest view, a really different ride than when you ride it forwards.  So, I'll stick it here for comparison purposes, but won't properly treat it in my Top 5.  8.5/10


3)  X (TP) - A new addition to my Top 5.  My first ride on the new X was disappointing and the ride felt awkward.  Since the breaks were removed and a couple of things improved, I've grown to seriously love the ride, and I'm so glad the decision to turn the trains forward was made.  I get a feeling that my rating of the ride is higher than it should be because it's a much more 'fun' ride compared to the rest of the park's offerings, and that it will lose it's place sometime in the near future.  But for the time being, it's here.  8/10


4)  Nemesis Inferno - 10 years old, and Inferno's brought it's game face on.  Loving the ride more than ever now.  8/10


5)  Th13teen - I didn't get a chance to ride it yesterday as it was closed all day.  And I really feel like I need to, as it's one of those rides where I only realise how much I enjoy shortly after I've ridden it.  It's certainly in threat of losing it's spot on my Top 5 though... 7.5/10


Honorary Mentions)  The Antelope, as ever, gets my Honorary Mention here, for reasons I've explained a few times now. :P  A shout out to Saw as well, which has narrowly lost it's place in my Top 5, despite ranking 3rd towards the end of last year.  Ranks 3, 4, 5 and 6 are extremely close, and will no doubt change very regularly.  Had I ridden Th13teen yesterday, I'd have been able to give a concrete answer, but alas, I cannot.


No new cred for the rest of the year, so may as well follow the crowd and do another Top 5 coaster list:


1)  The Swarm (forwards) - I don't think I need to explain how much I love it... 10/10


2)  Nemesis - Again, don't think I need to explain why it's here.  Same reason as before for the rating... 9/10


2.5)  The Swarm (backwards) - As I've said before, I think I'd love Swarm whether you were facing forwards, backwards, sidewards or whateverwaywards.  Of course, the loss of the 'near miss' theming brings it down.  Again, feels like a cheat giving it its own entry in my Top 5, so I'll just slot it here for comparative purposes.  8.5/10


3)  X - Okay, so it's a junior coaster in the dark, with some flashing lights and loud music.  Big woop.  But I still love X.  As ever, the ride is no doubt over-rated by me because, compared to other coasters at the park, it is more 'relaxing' and has a more 'fun' theme to enjoy; it is totally different to the rest.  The rides below it are probably 'better', but meh, I still enjoy this more.  8/10

3)  Nemesis Inferno - Okay, there's a tie for third place.  Inferno is getting better with age.  The first half of the ride is brilliant and gives exactly what you want.  The second half dies away a bit and feels a bit meh, yet I find myself not caring since the first half makes up for it.  8/10


5)  Saw - The Ride - I sit in the camp of few people who actually like ride.  It missed out on my Top 5 last year, but after being able to ride Th13teen again, and ride Saw a few times again, Saw sneaks into fifth.  I like the indoor section, the outdoor section is intense and pacey.  It has so many ingredients to be a great ride, but then falls short a lot...  I do like it, but it could be so much more.  7.5/10


Honourable Mention)  Ben 10:  Ultimate Mission - I had to think about this for a second.  Did a junior Vekoma boomerang, with little exciting things in its layout, themed around a kids TV show that I've never watched, deserve to be mentioned in my Top 5?  Probably not.  But it was so darn fun and I found myself with a smile on my face every time I got off the ride; what more could you ask for from a ride?  


However, when I ask myself what I would rather ride if I had to choose one, I found all of the above winning out.  No doubt, this is another ride suffering from the X-case, whereby the fact it's the only complete ride at Drayton makes it seem better than what it is.  So yeah, it misses out on a place on my Top 5, but it's worthy of a special mention.


Th13teen has dropped out of the Top 5 - the outdoor section just kills the ride for me.  The indoor section is so much fun, yet it's the only highlight of a ride which could have been so, so much better.


Are there any rides which have narrowly missed out of the list?  Well, that's the reason why I'm only doing a Top 5 - there aren't!  Okay, I haven't done many coasters, but the main 5 I've got here are the ones I truly enjoy; everything else is just 'okay' for me at best.  There's too many rides which I rate too close together too. But these 5-6 rides are ones that I would put at the top of my list any day...



It's quite a similar list to last year, so will it change any time soon?  With my plans to break into Europe next year, hopefully!

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^Which Bizarro, I'm guessing New England's Intamin effort...



I'm bored, have a top 10 theme parks list:


10 - Djurs Sommarland - With plenty of playgrounds, some really fun attractions and some decent theming dotted around, this Danish park was a lovely surprise last year.


9 - Port Aventura - Beautiful theming abound, with two great coasters whilst the others let the park down considerably, plus the Spanish operations/queue-jumping.


8 - Liseberg - Another beautiful park, which in some areas is surprisingly beautiful beyond the hillside. Helix will hopefully boost the park up further, and with a great supporting cast to boot.


7 - Alton Towers - The best UK park, whilst it's been up and down like most of them recently, it still has the best coaster line-up in the country, and the atmosphere/location is still one of the best around. Also Nemesis.


6 - Tivoli Gardens - Lacking in rides, but a gorgeous place to visit, amazing given the location in the middle of Copenhagen. With Rusty Banana being the stand-out ride here, well worth the expense.


5 - Parc Asterix - Probably a surprising entry, but Asterix is a lovely park. It has great theming, and Oz'Iris and Tonne of Air are both fantastic coasters, whilst the Stunt Show is one of the best I've ever seen. Shame it can't deal with crowds though.


4 - Dollywood - The only American park on the list, this place is full of charm and beauty. The location in the Smokey Mountains helps that, but the general atmosphere added in with some solid rides adds up to something really enjoyable. Also Dolly Parton.


3 - Phantasialand - Again, well themed and a great ride line-up put this park near the top. Two fantastic water rides support the likes of Black Mamba and Winjas, whilst there's plenty of other areas to explore and take in.


2 - Efteling - What it might lack in rides it makes up for in charm and atmosphere. With two of the best dark rides in the world, and the Fairytale Forest, it goes to show that a good park isn't just about having the 'best' ride line-up.


1 - Europa Park - How to run a theme park 101. With so much to see and do, fantastic theming and operations to blow your mind. Everything is done right at Europa.

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No more new roller coasters to be ridden this year so the top ten;


1. Superman la/Attaccion de Acero. I've found new favour with floor less rides, for this reason my memory sparked of my love for the Spanish ride. Back in 1st place after a few seasons in second.

2. Katun. My favourite B&M inverter by not very much to be honest. Proove that an American style ride can work wonders in Europe.

3. Nemesis. How could this not be in the top five. A superb roller coaster that to this day continues to be a revolution. Truly on the world stage.

4. Expedition Everest. I think this was excelled to the top thanks to its theming and throughput more then its ride quality. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic roller coaster.

5. Blue Fire. One of the best rides in the world. Fun more then thrilling and absolute Europa Park perfection. 

6. Helix. Between this and Blue Fire was the closest of my top ten. Can't help feeling that six is too low for this ride but I can't see it being higher then the rest.

7. Juvelen. How can a family ride like this be so high? Easy, I think its perfect. During my rides it bought me so much joy and has helped numb my Intamin dislike which has allowed me to enjoy rides like Green Lantern and Kanonen in ways I wouldn't have previously.

8. Oz'Iris. Need to ride this more. Fantastically themed Inverter which has fallen through the ranks slightly.

9. Tatsu. Wonderful flying coaster. The only one I've ridden so far that does the flying coaster justice.

10. Kumba. The trend setter for dozens of similar layouts. The finale helix is a great ending to a superb ride.


Just outside the top ten lies Scream, Medusa, Wodan, Black Mamba and Grand National. Falling out the top ten was Manta and Shambhala.


My bottom five remains the same with Tornado, Furius Baco, Sequioa Adventure, Shamu Express and Primevil Whirl taking worst ride ever honours.

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1. Millenium force - Really is a fantastic ride. Plenty of air time and amazing high G's on the first turn, but the first drop is just amazing.

2. Top Thrill dragster - Love launch coasters, the height the speed, the set up and of course the lap bars provide so much freedom.

3. Mean Streak - Couldn't get enough of the ride, everything about it was great and I feel its under rated in the world of coasters. 

4. Maverick - its maverick, it talks for itself

5. Nitro - Great Airtime

6. Bizzaro (SFGA) - It was the only ride to surprise me for years. The elements and they way the flow is great. Don't see the point in no floor though. 

7. el torro - Great airtime however a bit too smooth for what I want from a wooden coaster

8. kingda ka - Great like TTD but the set up/ theme is just wrong, and the through put is dire

9. Nemesis - Still the best invert coaster I have been on

10. gatekeeper - Best wing rider I have found but like all wing riders its a bit slow.


Mantis and green lantern would be in there if you could get comfortable every time but there were rides where it was just pain.

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1. Blue Fire - The most perfect rollercoaster I’ve encountered so far. It’s got the launch, zippy inversions, pops of airtime, near-misses, the soundtrack, the efficiency... the one I wish I could ride every day.

2. Nemesis - Phwoar eh. Still (just) the best invert I’ve been on, its unique intensity is hard-matched by anything else.

3. Wodan - My first major woodie and what relentless fun it is. I can see why other GCI’s might be better but as this is the only representative I have I’m happy to keep it near the top.  

4. Oz’Iris - Oooh aaah eeeh... I wasn’t prepared for how good this ride would be, it really knocked me sideways. Right from the first drop to the final zero-g and helix, it’s a really sublime layout supplemented by a fantastic queue line and Europa Park-esque operations going on in the station - I’ll be back for more as soon as I can.

5. Shambhala - Floaty B&M fun that never gets old.

6. Big Thunder Mountain - In one of the most beautiful parks this is the lynchpin of their attack. It gets the longest queues for a reason - it’s a wonderful attraction that everyone can enjoy. And at night it becomes another beast entirely...

7. Oblivion - The waiting and the waiting and the waiting that... also never gets old. Love the drama of the whole thing.

8. Tonnerre de Zeus - Only had one chance to form an opinion on it so it’s hard to rank, but I do know that my high expectations weren’t disappointed. Somehow the first drop was utterly terrifying... the second half of the ride is airtime joy.

9. Space Mountain: Mission 2 - Staggeringly underrated Vekoma awesomeness. Plays mind-tricks on you...

10. Dragon Kahn - Big and brash inversions in the first half, face-moulding intensity in the second. One of the ‘classic’ B&M’s, apparently...




1. Europa Park - Perfect at everything.

2. Parc Disneyland (DLRP) - Missing maybe one more headline attraction and wish they had more on the food front, but probably one of the most beautiful parks there is. I could not ride a single ride all day and still absolutely love it.

3. Alton Towers - Easily the UK’s leading park, several great rollercoasters and dark rides living in unique surroundings.

4. Phantasialand - Might be a spot higher if I manage to visit again as it’s been a long time now, but you’ve all seen the pictures...

5. Parc Asterix - Has a slight identity crisis in places, but Asterix has a really good thing going on. Some fantastic attractions and great operations, rivals Europa for the best queue lines award as well.  

6. Port Aventura - It’s a great looking place and might rival parks higher up the list if it weren’t run by the Spanish. And visited by the Spanish.

7. Walt Disney Studios (DLRP) - It’s quite clearly a mess of a Disney park and needs desperate help DCA style. But it has Tower and Ratatouille and a few unassuming yet charming shows to break up the day. But mostly Tower and Ratatouille...  


Couldn't be bothered with 7, 8 etc as they aren't really worth it. 

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Ok, might as well do my top 10 themepatk list.

1/ Alton Towers- an amazing with lots of history, world class rides such Nemy, Hex & Smiler plus beautiful grounds and surroundings.

2/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach- Whilst it's a bit of a mish mash of bit and miss parks, this place also includes a lot of history and some amazing rides including Grand National, Valhalla, Steeplechase & Wallace & Gromit.

3/ Thorpe Park- my local park had to be somewhere in the high rankings as it's home to two decent B&M's, pretty good intamin a and manyflat rides. It may need some TLC in quite a few of the older areas but it's a great fun park not to mention some of the best themepark events in the uk, MOS, Summer Nights Fright Nights etc.

4/ Chessington- in recent years the park has been taking a bit of a decline and downward spiral (see 2013). However this year, the park has taken a pretty big turnaround where some of the life and soul has returned following revitalised old rides, areas, enclosures and a second highly themed hotel. It's still got quite a way before it returns to its greatness but now it's much better than recent years.

5/ Oakwood- home to a fantastic woodie, euro fighter & water ride, the park is a little gem. It's a shame most of the other rides at the park aren't the best, it's miles away in the middle of nowhere and operations there seem to make even Chessington's look like Europa parks.

6/ Adventure Island- I only visited here briefly for an express school visit in 2009 but remember it being a pleasant little park. Rage was a good little coaster and over the hill was a decent dark ride. Need to visit there again.

7/ Legoland Windsor- home to some good themed rides Dragon, Viking Rapids, Fairy Tale Brook etc. but struggles with crowds, throughputs and is pretty much development jammed with planning restrictions, clogged traffic and resident haters.

8/ Tivoli World- a rather standard park which sadly lacks some decent major attractions, although comes to life at night, includes lots of shows and in a beautiful hillside location.

9/ Wicksteed Park- pleasant country park with a historical water chute ride and decent railway. It doesn't really include many other must do rides over that, but it's a nice little park.

10/ Boudwijan sea park, small little park in Belgium with a whale themed Zierer coaster and other numerous rides. Not a must do patk but it has not a bad selection of rides.

10 parks I want to visit

1/ Europa Park- everything apparently is perfect

2/ Disney Land Paris- charming Disney park

3/ Univerdal Florida- Wizarding world of Harry potter

4/ Walt Disney World- Everest, seven dwarfs mine & many others

5/ Port Aventura- Shambhala looks amazing

6/ Liseberg- Helix, Balder & Lisebergan look fantastic coasters

7/ Phantasialand- wonderful looking park

8/ Efteling- dark rides and fairytales plus soon a B&M dive coaster

9/ Busch a Gardens Tampa- So many greatly themed B&M's

10/ Heide Park/ a Gardaland,

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