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Colossus Standing?


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As Colossus is one of the old rollercoasters in the park that was the first 10 looping coaster in the world and was opened to public March 22nd 2002.

Well I was thinking that THORPE PARK RESORT and Merlin Entertainments should upgrade Colossus by getting rid of the loud noise of the chain lift

and repainting the whole track and making Colossus be a stand-up rollercoaster, this means you would have a bit more leg room and it will be the 

first 10-looping stand-up rollercoaster. This is just my opinion, you might not agree with me at all but this is just my opinion on what THORPE PARK

RESORT & Merlin Entertainments should do to improve Colossus.



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No no and no ..... New lapbar trains / floorless trains would sort out headbanging ..... And possibly mean they can remarket it


But stand up are you mad?  they are so uncomfortable maybe a chance with a supersmooth B&M and even then I'm sceptical 

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