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To be fair, that comes down to the external contractors that have been hired to construct the ride.  It'll affect the park, especially as the person in question had Energylandia branded clothing, but it's not as bad as people might think.


The park and company will come down heavily on the person, and the company might not be allowed to work with the park again.  But the bad press will die away quick enough.

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Double post, because who cares about 2018 investments when 2020 is on the horizon...




First visuals of the RMC and multi-launch, water-based coaster, which will, unsurprisingly, be from Vekoma (putting to bed any chance of Aquatrax 2.0 or Mack).  Highlights:








This park :wub:

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So there's rumours (from a reasonably reliable source) flying around that Hyperion might not start testing until August.  Apparently Intamin want / need to test the ride in certain conditions - the plan had been to do this in March/April, but because of the delays, Intamin can't confidently sign off the ride until tests have been done in August.  Failing that, they may just wait until next year..  Personally, I think it sounds a bit far-fetched, but take it for you will.


And for any super-keen, long-term trip planners, the two next next big coasters (a huge mine train and a tilt coaster, naturally both from Vekoma) are due between 2022-2024 of all goes to plan.  So hopefully by late 2025 they'll be open...  But then they'll have said they're planning some super awesome multi launch Vekoma flyer and an insane Vekoma spinner for 2030, and the cycle will continue forevermore...

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