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Energylandia is the biggest theme park in Poland and looks to have a very exciting future ahead.


This year, it invested in a Vekoma launch coaster called Formula 1 which looks like a really wild ride! 


But, for 2018, the park will be opening a mega coaster. 2 layouts have been shortlisted and both have been released to the public. These layouts are from Vekoma and Intamin and the park are giving the public the chance to vote for which one they would like to see built.


Personally, I prefer Vekoma's design, but what do you think is the better design?


Discuss that, and anything related to Energylandia below!

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On 10/6/2016 at 9:06 PM, Benin said:

We couldn't even last ONE post before an unnecessary Merlin jibe?


The park is also getting 3 creds next year, including an Intamin water thing like DiVertical, and several other additions... Ridiculous expansion is ridiculous...

is it that surprising that on a forum dedicated to merlin parks people compare things other parks do to what merlin do




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That wasn't a comparison though, it was a negative comment about Merlin which really didn't have any relevance to the park in question...


Merlin constantly getting moaned about is not comparing them to other parks... It's, as I noted, an unnecessary jibe at them...

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I apologise if it came across as a jibe, it wasn't intended that way. I was trying to compliment the park on the way they are promoting their expansion. I used the comparison to Merlin as unfortunately that is all I know. For me it is nice to see this and I hope we see lots more in the future. Sorry to derail this thread.

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For a bit of scale to this addition - this will be the second tallest and second fastest coaster in Europe when it opens (only behind the lovely Red Giant in PA when that opens), so this thing is HUGE.


Couple of minor things have changed since the layout above, with the inclusion of a tunnel after the first drop and 4-across trains also seeming to be happening.  Could be exciting.  


Where on earth is all this money coming from for Eastern European parks to be springing out though?!



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13 hours ago, BaronC. said:


Where on earth is all this money coming from for Eastern European parks to be springing out though?!



It's being built with the money the illegal and untaxed car washers earn in supermarket carparks across the country, which they send home to their families. They were all going to club together and build a hospital,  but they decided as they can use the NHS they'd go for something fun instead. 

That's what I read in the daily mail, anyway.


It all looks rather good, especially the 'twist and dive' turn. You'd think if they're going this big anyway they'd beat PAs new record to take the kudos.

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17 hours ago, BaronC. said:

Where on earth is all this money coming from for Eastern European parks to be springing out though?!


In the case of Energylandia, the answer is "the EU"! The Park opened in 2014 having cost 73 million Polish Zloty, of which 42m Zloty (just over £8m) was provided by the European Regional Development Fund.


Sauce: http://krakow.wyborcza.pl/krakow/1,44425,16156849,W_Zatorze_powstaje_najwiekszy_park_rozrywki_w_Polsce.html.


You can see the Park's original request for tender for "supplier of equipment for the Theme Park" (jointly with the ERDF) - which eventually all went to Vekoma - here: https://energylandia.pl/files/PRZETARGI/PRZETARG3/zapytanie.pdf.


No idea whether the latest round of investments (Intamin Water Coaster for 2017 and the above Intamin Mega Coaster in 2018) have been similarly assisted by the ERDF or not, but given that the Park has had a solid first couple of years in terms of attendance, they may well be doing it alone...!


The EU has its benefits... ^_^

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That EU money, along with the Polish government's funding, is serving the park well...


Along with the above mentioned Intamin Water Coaster, the park are planning 4 more coasters by 2020, including...

-An RMC hybrid (60m high, 3 inversions, and hitting a max speed of around 70mph)

-Some form of multi launch coaster around water (presumably Mack, but I guess Intamin is possible..)

-A Mine Train

-A tilt coaster - yes, they're still a thing apparently...




The exciting sounding mega coaster for next year has gone a bit quiet, and though Intamin was announced as the 'winner' for the 2018 project, they curiously haven't confirmed it on their list of projects, which they revealed at last week's EAS...


*List attached at bottom; sourced from CF


Going completely off topic, can we just appreciate how juicy this list from Intamin looks.  All those LSMs, even a duelling set, and a 'multi dimension' coaster.  If Intamin can keep churning out Tarons, Skyrushs and Soaring with Dragons across the world, I'm sure they'll get a lot more love from enthusiasts...


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The hyper coaster has started to be marketed, and the park revealed the name to be Hyperion, and released some concept art, which appear to show it'll have standard 4-seater rows, as opposed to semi-winged seating like Skyrush and Flying Aces...







The space theme is very nice, I hope the park can pull it off!  One thing to note, however, is that - when asked - the park refused to deny that VR could in some way be apart of the ride.  Potentially an interesting way to distract guests from the fact they can see Auschwitz, which is only 10 miles away...


Ground for Hyperion has only recently just been broken, but it's being advertised for 2018.  Part of the agreement between the park and ERDF and local government is that these new investments which they are partially helping to fund is completed by a certain point - and Hyperion needs to open in 2018 as part of that.  The park's water coaster, which was meant to open in 2017 but didn't, has put the park under a bit of pressure to keep to their opening deadlines.


Still, exciting times for the park and Poland in general! 


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1 hour ago, Mega-Lite said:

Hold on..


Did I take that in properly, that beast might have non optional VR?


The park have been approached a couple of times with questions about whether VR would be part of the experience, and they've refused to give a yes or no answer.  Can't find the source where I read it though unfortunately.  Read into that as you will...


Frankly, I'd be very surprised if it did have VR in any capacity, especially as VR equipment has apparently been around the park's SLC, but yet to be offered to the public.  Nonetheless, it would be a simple way to, for lack of a better word, distract people from the possible views of Auschwitz.  I imagine a fair few people could feel uncomfortable with the prospect of being able to see it.

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