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2021 Trip Plans

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Picture the scene. It's some point in 2021 and you're allowed to leave your house. You might even be allowed to leave your county. Depending on how much the rest of world hates us, you might even be allowed to go abroad! And you've decided to go to some parks...


So yeah, Covid-pending, do you have any parks you'd like to get?


For me, the following feels pretty achievable...

-UK Merlin parks

-Paultons Park (for Tornado Springs)

-Phantasialand (for FLY)

-Walibi Belgium and Plopsaland (hopefully at Halloween)


I'd also like to do Hansa Park and Heide, as well as a trip to Europa; trips which were cancelled last year. But the motivation is a little less strong due to the lack of new things they have compared to the above. 


After Grona Lund announced their B&M a couple of years back, I had a big Sweden trip pencilled in for this year too, but that feels quite unlikely given the situation. 


Obviously it's impossible to plan anything at the moment given the situation. But fortunately a lot of European trips can be planned on shorter notice, so it's nice to have a few ideas on the back burner if nothing else.

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If/when travel is allowed, these are my plans 


Currently booked (free cancellations and with the flight vouchers from cancelled stuff last year)


Cedar Point/Kings Island - end of May


Disneyland/California Adventure/Magic Mountain/Knotts Berry Farm/Universal Studios Hollywood - end of september


Efteling/Walibi Holland/Toverland - mid October 


To be decided


Walibi Belgium/Plopsaland - possibly August time


Phantasialand - most likely for Winteraum


The only trip I have doubts of happening is the May Ohio outing but I am relatively confident in the rest occuring unless theres a disaster.


The beautiful thing is all of these was done with flight vouchers for flights and free cancellations/pay on arrival at the hotel so thankfully no additional money is at risk of being lost.

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For me it's pretty ambitious, and not confident I will get all done but will try... 


UK Merlin Parks


Paultons Park

Phantasialand, Toverland, Efteling and Walibi Holland as part of a road trip


Europa Park. 


I'd also like to do a trip to New York in August to combine visiting Luna Park and Six Flags Great adventure & New England. Flights currently going for £375! Although many have advised I don't book as they think the whole year is goong to be disastrous for USA. I do think that USA will be one of the last places to improve but who knows. 

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17 minutes ago, Mattgwise said:

For me it's pretty ambitious, and not confident I will get all done but will try... 


UK Merlin Parks


Paultons Park

Phantasialand, Toverland, EFTELING and Walibi Holland as part of a road trip


Europa Park. 




Alright!! Whoever the heck is hacking Wisey, get off his profile now!!


You think we would all believe the man would visit Efteling!!!??? 😮

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Nothing is safe or confirmed (even the U.K. parks), but if I’m permitted to travel anywhere besides the kitchen and garden, my 2021 itinerary might be:


The Merlin Parks

Blackpool PB




Tover Land 

Walibi Belgium 


Disneyland CA/ California Adventure 

SF Magic Mountain 

Universal Hollywood 



Plus maybe/hopefully

Flamingo Land

Plopsaland (in spite of “that burger”

Walibi Belgium 

Europa & Rutluntica 

Another European park (maybe for Christmas)


Light provision ATM, 2021 could be a crazy or crap year depending what happens with the C word person.


Carol Baskin!

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42 minutes ago, Matt Creek said:

Right given the state of the ongoing pandemic, I’ve had a bit of a rethink.


The kitchen

The Living Room

The Field

A long trip to Iceland

B&M (Bargains)

M&S Car Park


Maybe a trip to Thorpe Park!

I'm developing slight envy for your future 2021 plans. I've just about just made it to a Lidl thus far.

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Asking for advice again for a trip that may or may not happen...


Me and some mates are thinking of touring a few theme parks in Europe sometime in the summer (covid depending obviously). Currently we’re thinking Europa Park (2 days), Holiday Park, Phantasialand (2 days), Toverland and Walibi Holland (they all line up quite nicely geographically).


What’s the most effective way to get to these? How difficult is it via public transport? Is hiring a car a better/cheaper option? (Though I’ll still be 20 until late August so it’ll probably be very expensive for me.)

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Looking at those parks, you'll need a car.


Phantasialand is probably the easiest one by public transport. Walibi is doable but no idea how good the transport is.


I think Holiday Park and Toverland are dreadful for transport options. Might have improved though in recent years.


Europa is doable but even then. Takes a very long time to get there. I've taxi'd to and from airport and that takes an hour so dread to think on what public transport is.


Also no Efteling am disappoint.

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That's an interesting, quite spread out trip. I've never actually used public transport for any of those parks, because I've always been in a position that a hire car has been much more sensible. 


As Benin says, you really would need to look at a car for that trip. Toverland in particular isn't the easiest park to get to with public transport still. But a car is more valuable than just the convenience of getting to some of the more awkward parks.


If you're planning on going from Phantasialand to Toverland for example, you have to come up with a plan to travel to a convenient location between the two, which is no easy thing. Either that, or you add in non-park days, but that then ups the cost of the trip. With a car it's much easier to get to the parks and break up the travel appropriately.


But then if you hire a car in Germany, I don't know what the rule would be about returning it in Holland (you might be able to, but might be more expensive). And if you can't, that then changes the dynamic of the trip somewhat.


If you're flexible with the parks, you do have other options where you could a similar number of parks that are closer together:

-You could stick round Stuggart, maybe adding an extra day onto Europa and doing Tripsdrill as well as Holiday Park.

-Or you could take off the Dutch parks and do Movie Park Germany instead.

-Alternatively, cut Europa/Holiday Park and do Efteling and Movie Park instead.

Some of those trips might be a bit more convenient if you want to avoid hiring a car.


An out-there suggestion if you want to jump on the new-ride bandwagon would be to take your own car across the channel. You could do Plopsaland and Walibi Belgium, then also do Phantasialand and Netherlands. I've done similar trips to that before, and it's not significantly different to driving times you could potentially be looking at. You avoid the car hire/public transport issues, but obviously there's other issues that come up (insurance, how close you live to a channel crossing, etc). But something to think about if you haven't already!


Obviously depends on what you want to do park-wise, but I do think the parks you have lined up at the moment might be a bit optimistic to do effectively, whilst also not breaking the bank.

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1 hour ago, Charlesberg said:


@JoshC. didn’t you do a loop of Walibi, Phantasia and Europa a few years back?


Haven't done Europa at all sadly :(


I did do a Plopsaland-Walibi Belgium-Phantasialand-Walibi Holland trip a few years back though, yes (as well as many variations).


Trouble I've always had with Europa using own car is justifying the distance, since it's harder to create a sensible loop that went back towards Calais/Dunkirk. Though it's certainly not impossible to do.

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I can list what was a sketchy plan and as a bonus I'll even update it for you as to why its cancelled. Lucky for all.



Californias Great America

Disneyland California


Cancelled as we can't leave the country


Alternative plan is to visit Paultons for Tornado Springs and a trip to Chessington as the fiancé hasn't been for 12 years. 



Tivoli Gardens - Denmark

Wonder Island - Russia

Linnanmaki - Finland

Grona Lund - Sweden


Probably all will be cancelled because even if we got on the cruise ship, the chances of the respective ports being open for the ship to disembark from is miniscule. Annoying as we booked it a year ago, just before all this kicked off. 




Walt Disney World

Univesal Studios

Busch Gardens Tampa


All completely dependant on if we can leave the country and if we can get into the USA. 


The usual suspects will probably appear such as Alton Towers, Disneyland Paris and maybe even Thorpe Park after a two year absence. All completely dependant on so many factors. 


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We've just booked Disneyland Paris, 3 nights arriving Sunday 22nd August... we figure it's pretty likely to go ahead, and all refundable anyway.


As I understand it, w/c 23rd shouldn't be super busy but who knows anymore! We just want something to look forward to! 

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All booked for Blackpool in the summer - went a couple of years ago for the first time at Halloween so looking forward to going in (hopefully!) nicer weather. 


Was also going to go to Flamingo Land whilst up that direction but they aren’t opening thrill rides until after 21st June which is such a shame, was really looking forward to the Colossus clone!

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2021 has been a surprising year indeed.


Finally visited Legendia & Energylandia in a last minute trip. Parks were fun but travel planning even more of a faff, so make sure you know what you are doing is my advice there.


On another note, the complexity of covid travel means I probably won’t hit other overseas park until 2022. 


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